Before the Walt Disney World Marathon

You’re Going To Walt Disney World AGAIN???

I know! I can’t believe it either! I’ve never done this many runDisney races in this short a time period. But I’ve been sticking to my “register for ALL the races” insurance plan, and this time it’s panning out. So back to Walt Disney World we go! This particular trip adds a fun layer of nostalgia, as I’ll be running the Princess Half Marathon. The Princess Half was not only my first runDisney race but my first ever half marathon and my first ever real race back in 2013! I’ve even dragooned Erika with doing this one with me...

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Run Oak Island Half Marathon Race Recap!

Hello and welcome to a race recap that is in know way related to runDisney. I know, I’m surprised too. The last couple years, I’ve done the Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach Marathon as part of a week visiting my parents in North Carolina. This year, though, that race is the same weekend as the Princess Half. But when I saw the Run Oak Island Half, a mere half hour away, was the weekend before Princess, I decided to loop the whole thing into my trip to Orlando. Q. Do I time my visits to my parents around area races? A. Yes....

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Snow White dress

Sartorial Divination! Packing For WDW Way In Advance

Hey, remember that time I had to pack for WDW like 3 weeks in advance? Well, it’s not quite that bad this time around, but it’s still chancy: I’m packing for Disney 2 weeks in advance. In late spring, summer, or early fall, this is all no big deal. Florida will be warm, hot, or obscenely hot. Pack summer outfits and some sweatshirts; boom, done. But things get tricky in that amorphous back area during winter and the immediately surrounding months. Florida could do anything, up to and including sweltering heat or, on the opposite end of the spectrum,...

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Running shoe rainbow

Sneakers For Sisyphus: Searching For The Perfect Running Shoe

I have been running in earnest for nearly a decade now, and I still haven’t found my elusive perfect running shoe. Oh, I’ve come close. The Nike Zoom Vomero 10 gave me the perfect-fit Cinderella feels, only to betray me as soon as the 11 hit. I’ve been using the 14s lately and they work well, but I don’t get the same bespoke sensation when I put them on. I used the Brooks Ravenna for literally years, until Brooks modified their stabilization system and it overpowered my one unstable foot. (The other foot is neutral. It’s a real treat.)...

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How to fall while running

How To Fall When Running (Here, Let Me Demonstrate)

Whelp, it finally happened: I took a fall on the boardwalk. HOW I FELL WHILE RUNNING The boardwalk in question lines a portion of my route through Piñones, part of my usual long-run route. It is not well-maintained as far as missing boards and uneven bits of wood go, but I’ve been running on it for a good two years now, I generally pay close attention to my feet anyway, and my track record up until now has been pristine. In my defense, my poor attention span my not have been wholly to blame. To be honest, I’m still...

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The Wonderful World of Disney

Thoughts While Watching: From Pirates Of The Caribbean To The World Of Tomorrow

Hey guys! It’s been a minute since I added to my Thoughts While Watching series, so here’s a quick refresher: I dig up Disney media – old and archival for preference but there are exceptions – and jot down my thoughts as I watch them in real time. It’s a fun way to skip down memory lane, even (especially?) when Memory Lane extends several decades beyond my own existence. The last couple entries have featured more recent Disney productions, but for our historic entry #10 we’re returning to our roots in an old episode of Walt Disney’s own “The...

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Parks and Rec Ron headphones

Headphone Emergency II: A Twist In Sound

Remember Headphone Emergency I, where my designated running headphones broke at a most inopportune time? I had a long run planned while away from home, and wound up scrambling to Target for some emergency JLab FitSport headphones. They worked great and all was well. Until it wasn’t – the third-ever time I went to charge my new headphones, they… didn’t. I tried a couple different plugs and sockets before absconding to the internet, where I found multiple reviews citing this exact same problem. That’s the bad news. The good news is JLab was very accommodating about replacing them. In...

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The Fairest Gift Of All: An Epcot-Inspired Trip Report Addendum

My January trip report has a coda! If you read that report (and you totally should if you’ve got several hours to spare; I like to use every word I know every time), you’ll recall I spent some time browsing the Mitsukoshi department store in the Japan pavilion. And although my November trip report doesn’t mention it explicitly, I ducked into Mitsukoshi on that trip too. These two instances have something in common. Of the myriad items I would love to own someday, I zeroed in on these SUPER squishy Shibu Inu stuffed animals. They were crazy dense and...

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