The Fairest Gift Of All: An Epcot-Inspired Trip Report Addendum


My January trip report has a coda!

If you read that report (and you totally should if you’ve got several hours to spare; I like to use every word I know every time), you’ll recall I spent some time browsing the Mitsukoshi department store in the Japan pavilion.

And although my November trip report doesn’t mention it explicitly, I ducked into Mitsukoshi on that trip too.

These two instances have something in common. Of the myriad items I would love to own someday, I zeroed in on these SUPER squishy Shibu Inu stuffed animals. They were crazy dense and pillow-like, not to mention freaking ADORABLE. Sadly I did not think to take a photo, but the Mitsukoshi Facebook page highlighted them a couple years ago:

Trip report addendum - shibas from Mitsukoshi

Highly huggable, no?

EDIT: I have since taken my own photo!

Upon my return in January, I was delighted to see not only are they still in stock, they’ve added a few new species to the plush menagerie, my favorite of which was a snuggly polar bear.

I distinctly remember standing there on the last day of my trip, smushing the polar bear, thinking sadly about my absolutely 100% maxed out luggage space. In the pantheon of Stereotypical Girl Gifts, stuffed animals get me every time. But I had already bought myself two pairs of Minnie ears, and I’m not completely irresponsible. (Yet.)

Fast-forward 7 hours or so. I arrived home to very happy kitties and also I think Pat likes me okay, so he was reasonably pleased to see me as well.

“Your late Christmas present was finally delivered,” he told me. “Do you want it now?”

I think we all know where this is going… but Pat took it one step further.

Shiba Inu plush from Mitsukoshi

Yes, he remembered me loving the Shiba Inu stuffed animals last November. Yes, he special-ordered one just for me.

But did you know they come in PINK??? Pink as in my favorite color?! Mitsukoshi should definitely start stocking the pink ones because mine is straight up irresistible.

… Although so are the brown ones. And the black ones. And the polar bear. Maybe I should just get them all? I mean, who expects to live to retirement age at this point anyway?

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