In Which Jenn Wants to Pretend to runDisney

In the immortal words of Catherine, Called Birdy: I have an inspired notion! Okay, probably other people have already had this notion and this notion may even exist somewhere out there in the universe, but I’m going to talk about it anyway. While I was in Dallas my hotel gym had some of those fancypants treadmills with iPod hookups and TV and – see below – virtual outdoor courses. I figured I might as well select a course and see if it was at all distracting. Despite my general disdain for San Francisco (WARM UP OR SHUT UP), I...

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Doctor Who run

In Which Jenn Runs A Conference 5K

Hello from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport and my honking ginormous work laptop! (Seriously. It’s HUGE.) As I mentioned earlier this week, I’ve been at a conference the past couple days. And there was a conference 5K! Features include your very own bib and a waiver acknowledging that if you run, you could die. I’m actually kind of excited about this post, because this is why we blog, right? I woke up the morning of the 5K and I was all NO5:20AMDONOTWANTICOULDDOTHISONATREADMILLLATER but then I thought GETUPYOUMORONTHERE’SABLOGPOSTINTHIS. It was not my first run of the trip – I’d already made good...

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Scrubs dreamer

The Fairest Week In Review: 8/19

JENN: First thing first! I’m dying to hear about this new Disney dream. MOON: So… we were doing a 5K. But first! The setting: There was a city that was made into a Disney city of sorts. Forgive the vagueness. Dreams don’t make sense all the time. Certainly not mine. We had Elizabeth with us. We were supposed to do this run, but there was another event happening in the city that day so it was pretty chaotic. There were so many people running that there were multiple running routes. Liz and I were supposed to start on the same...

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Mulan bath

In Which Jenn Cleans Her Face With Disneyness

There are the standard, expected Disney souvenirs – t-shirts and sweatshirts and picture frames and magnets and all manner of things shaped like Mickey Mouse and emblazoned with the Disney logo. These things are awesome and I have lots. They cheer me up immeasurably when I am away from WDW and I love that. But then, too, there are other things from WDW that are less expected. I use them all the time and they remind me in quieter, subtler ways of better days. Here I am thinking specifically of the subject of this particular still life: I used...

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Spanish Buzz Lightyear

In Which Jenn’s Language App Makes Subversive Suggestions

There’s a decent chance I’ll vacationing in Puerto Rico this December, so I’ve decided that just in case I should brush up on my Spanish. My roommate tipped me off to this app called Duolingo that puts you through your language paces; I’ve downloaded it and have spent the last week furiously working through the sections. I’ve noticed something, though – the sentences the have you translate can be weird. It started innocently enough – “El gato come la manzana.” I have never offered an apple to either of my cats but it does not strike me as something...

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Broken headphones

The Fairest Week In Review: 8/12

JENN: So how was the training this week? MOON: Very good! I remain consistent with mileage and daily activity. How was yours? JENN: Ha – it was pretty terrible. That minor cough I was talking about last week? Yeah, it wasn’t quite done with me. I was sooooo slooooooow all week and even suffered some lung capacity reduction on Monday. But I ultimately got my mileage in, one way or another, so I guess it worked out. I just didn’t enjoy it overly. MOON: Did you still run outside? JENN: Largely, yeah.So I’m scarcely blazingly speedy as it is. But I’m working on...

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In Which Jenn Has Crazy runDisney Dreams

I know it’s wildly common for people to have that dream, the night before a race, that they have slept through their alarm. This image also helpfully doubles as a metaphor for running itself. OH GOD NOT GOING FAST ENOUGH (source) I am WAY AHEAD OF YOU. Sure, I’ve had that dream. I’ve had it the night before the race. I’ve also had it three months before the race and sooner, and I’ve had it weirder. Take the Wine & Dine Half. That’s not until November. And yet a couple weeks ago I had my first OH GOD RUNDISNEY...

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Mickey running

The Fairest Week In Review: 8/05

JENN: How did your training go this week? MOON: It was a good week for running! JENN: Yay! MOON: I’m looking forward to having this week go just as well 😀 JENN: Any new distances or pace records? MOON: Hahaha, no. But there’s something to be said for consistency. JENN: Absolutely! MOON: How was your week? JENN: Surprisingly decent considering I developed a mild cold by the end of it. Silly boss and her GERMS. Tuesday morning was unseasonably cool and my run was accordingly decent by outdoor standards. And on Thursday I went for a run in DC with Nicole. I was draaaaagging but she did manage...

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