WDW trip report - Potatoland

My Custom Potatoland Minnie Ears!

I have been waiting for MONTHS to show you my amazing new custom Minnie ears, and the day has finally come! After all, it’s Halloween season, and what could be more appropriate than discussion of my latest race costume? Remember when I ran into Katie of Riverbend Ear Design while in line for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure? She makes detachable ears that can be swapped off and onto one headband; very clever and versatile. Her husband happened to mention that she’ll do customs for a fee, and darned if I didn’t have a commission idea two days later. On my...

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The Disneyland Story

Thoughts While Watching: The Disneyland Story, 1954

Hello and welcome back to Thoughts While Watching, my ongoing series where I react to (mostly) retro Disney media! Some of the most interesting videos relate to the development of the theme parks, and it doesn’t get more classic than Disneyland. While it’s hard not to source ALL of my Thoughts While Watching posts from Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color*, it’s important to mix it up, no? Still, when we get to watch an episode, it’s always a good time. * Or whatever you want to call it. This week we start from the very beginning, kids! Remember...

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Hell Fest haunted house

A Horror Movie For Theme Park Fans: Hell Fest

In the pantheon of theme park Halloween events, Disney’s is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Spooky. Universal Studios is Halloween Horror Nights. Scary. Disney is trick ‘r treating. Universal is haunted houses. If you want atmospheric, family-friendly fun, go to Disney for Halloween. If you want horror, Universal is where it’s at. And so, if you are firmly and exclusively Team Disney on this point, I suggest you watch something thematically appropriate. I hear people like Halloweentown. But if you’re Team Universal, read on, because I have just the October movie for you! HELL FEST = HALLOWEEN HORROR...

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Hot Girl Run (Away)

The Hot Girl Run: An Investigation

I learned a new term this week: “Hot Girl Run.” As a runner for the better part of a decade now, I was immediately intrigued by this exciting new niche. But what exactly is a Hot Girl Run? How does it differ from a regular run? And how hot, exactly, do you have to be to qualify? WHAT IS A HOT GIRL RUN? According to this Refinery29 article, the Hot Girl Run traces its roots to the TikTok sensation Hot Girl Walk. However, unlike the lengthy commitment that apparently defines the Hot Girl Walk, the Hot Girl Run is...

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Compression socks

Compression Sock Experiment: Results (Plus How [Not] To Yank Those Suckers On)

Back in May, I started an experiment that sought to ask a very niche question: do compression socks do anything for me? Get a refresher on the whys of compression socks and the scoop on my experiments here. Or don’t, because while this is the promised follow-up post detailing my findings, they are, in a word, disappointing. I have concluded the answer is… um, probably not? I did just what I promised I’d do: I ran in compression socks. Then I compared it to runs without compression socks. I wore compression socks after runs. Then I tried to determine...

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Annual Pass

Why I Didn’t(!) Renew My WDW Annual Pass

I KNOW! I too am SO SAD. My below WDW Annual Pass, gone. Now I must buy a normal ticket and enter Walt Disney World in the Not an Annual Passholder line with the rest of the plebes. Don’t get me wrong – I am by NO means abandoning my Disney obsession. But after my whirlwind Every Single runDisney Race In A Year of 2021/2, I just… gotta back off for a minute. Not because I want to, mind you. Circumstances somewhat require. What circumstances, you ask? Well… MONEY. This is the biggest one, and I’m sure you can...

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Pat Carroll Ursula

A Tribute To Our Ursula, Pat Carroll

By now, the death of Pat Carroll is old news; she kicked the bucket at the end of July and I have missed the zeitgeist. Another Disney legend bites the dust. Still, my far away and impersonal real life encounter with her popped into my head again the other day, and I thought, why not tell it? Much like Glynis Johns, hers is a performance worth celebrating. PAT CARROLL, STAGE MANAGER… In 2002, Pat Carroll headlined as the Stage Manager in Round House Theatre’s production of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. If this Washington Post article is to be believed,...

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