Cinderella Castle

In Which Jenn Goes To Walt Disney World In 1990

My mom recently sent me an email informing me that she had found an old photo of us together at Walt Disney World in 1990. Naturally I immediately requested a scan. Apparently 4 year old me wasn’t that impressed? I certainly don’t look too thrilled. Dig my mom’s stylin’ Mozart t-shirt, though. I think we can all agree that this was taken in the Magic Kingdom, probably somewhere in Fantasyland – I’m thinking near the back entrance of the castle but I wouldn’t swear to it. Any more specific theories out there? Don’t forget, you can follow FRoA on Twitter...

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IT Crowd more normal

In Which Jenn Passes & Is Passed

Does anyone else find passing people… awkward? I don’t mean in races – passing is perfectly normal in races. So is being passed. Generally speaking in a race it’s happening so constantly that you become numb to it in either case. But I find it weird when on an outdoor training run. Actually, being passed doesn’t bother me that much. I long ago accepted that by comparison to many people I am just not that fast. So what? I have serious endurance. I’m plugging away at ten miles here and it’s not even 8AM yet. You wanna pass me?...

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WDW Marathon

The Fairest Week In Review: 5/27

JENN: So, just saying: the WDW Marathon is still only 72% sold. No pressure! Merely stating a fact, in case anyone is interested. MOON: Ha, point taken! If I were definitely training for a marathon right now then I would be failing miserably… This week I went for… ONE run? It’s been very busy! Too many graduations, parties, first-world problems. JENN: Hey, one run is better than no run! Registration for the Princess Half doesn’t open for a couple weeks yet, so there’s still time to ponder our next runDisney adventure. MOON: Haha, have you had any luck persuading...

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Splash Mountain

In Which Jenn & Elizabeth Are Splash Mountain Virgins

JENN: And now we welcome once again one of my favorite traveling companions, Elizabeth. So! Splash Mountain! What do you recollect? A constant refrain when going through my WDW photos: “Who’s that guy?” ELIZABETH: Well let me see, I remember enjoying the ride! It was slightly strange because I never saw Song of the South, so the characters weren’t familiar like they were on all the other rides. Compared to water rides i was used to as a ride at amusement parks and such, it was waaay longer because of the dark ride elements you go through first, which...

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Running wild

In Which Jenn Runs In Place(s)

Last week, I ran four times. Each was in an entirely different place. IT MAY NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. 1. Toms River, NJ My family went to my grandmother’s house for Mother’s Day. I figured since I had a little time I might as well fit a run in. I remembered to bring everything I needed – except my headphones. FAIL. Luckily I hadn’t run in that neighborhood for YEARS, and I was kept reasonably entertained exploring various side streets. Afternoon runs are hot, though. Is this what Richard Adams meant about the primroses being over? 2. Bethesda Trolley Trail...

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Mickey running

The Fairest Week In Review: 5/19

JENN: Here’s a fun fact: the WDW Marathon is still only at 70% capacity. The Goofy Challenge is at 97% but I dunno if you wanted to do that one anyway. MOON: Ha, thanks for the update! I’m still in decision limbo. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe? JENN: Well, there’s clearly still time to think. Have you signed up for the Baltimore Marathon? MOON: Can’t quite yet. But if I can, I am. Well, when I can. JENN: Sounds awesome. How’s your training going? MOON: This past week wasn’t the best, but I still got in two runs. How was yours? JENN: I ran four times and each...

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Bath puppies

In Which Jenn Laments A Sudsy Disney Injustice

I have stayed at Disney’s value resorts many, many times. I have stayed in a moderate and a deluxe resort once each. Naturally the former have a great many amenities to recommend themselves over the cheap option, but since I’m not a high-powered executive I tend to stay at good ol’ Pop Century anyway. For the most part, I don’t miss much – sure, the nicer rooms, more impressive lobbies, and more extensive food choices are nice, but I’m mostly in the room to sleep. Who cares? And yet there is one thing Disney skimps on at value resorts...

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Birbiglia future

In Which Jenn Preps For An Outdoor Run

Dear Future Jenn, So you’re going running outside tomorrow morning. Good for you! I know you love your treadmill, but running outside is good for your body and good for race prep. And isn’t it nice when your run is out of the way early and you can do whatever you want after work? It is! It is nice! I want you to remember that when your alarm goes off before 6AM, because unless it’s raining you GET UP and you GO RUN. NO DO NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP IT IS VERBOTEN. You only have a finite amount...

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Eddie Izzard running

The Fairest Week In Review: 5/12

JENN: Tell me about your week in running! MOON: This week for running was a good establishment of Baseline Ability. My mileage was about 23 miles, I think? Lower than it has been of late, but I am doing 5-7 mile runs and trying to never run slower than 6.5mph. This week was a success. Last night I ran 6 miles; 4 at 7mph and 2 at 6.5mph. Speed-wise, that’s pretty good for me! When I’m pretty much dead or tired my baseline speed is usually 5.5-6mph. My goal is to slowly increase my BL speed before I add on any...

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