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The Fairest Week In Review: 10/31

Whew. Okay. Big week, guys, big week. Today is Halloween, so good tidings and felicitations and all that. A mere handful of days ago I completed my fourth Marine Corps Marathon. And on Friday morning, I’m heading to… WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!! for my fourth Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend. In a word: YES. I DEMAND DARKWING DUCK MAKE A REPEAT APPEARANCE. But currently I reside in tapertown/post-marathon-nothingnesstown. Workout log, roll tape: Sunday | rest Well, sort of. We went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and according to my phone walked about 7 miles. Monday | walked 2.12 miles outside in 35 minutes;...

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Marine Corps Marathon start

In Which Jenn Recaps The 2018 Marine Corps Marathon (FIREBALL!!!)

I believe this marathon was what NASA might refer to as a successful failure. After a fitful night’s sleep, I rose before my 5:30am alarm, taped up, dressed, and rolled out the door to catch the first Metro train of the morning. Despite that it took several billion years to make it to the start line as 30,000 people do not move quickly in a herd. Some pro tips: 1) don’t bring a bag as the bagcheck lines are lengthy; 2) ignore the monstrous lines for port-a-potties in the staging areas and proceed all the way to the start line for...

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Marine Corps Marathon

In Which Jenn Confronts Her Eleventh Marathon

I have now run 10 marathons. When you’ve done 10 marathons, you’ve done a lot of different kinds of marathons. There’s the cold marathon… … and then the even colder marathon. There’s the marathon with the PR you never saw coming… ..,and the marathon where you thought you’d PR – but you don’t. There’s the marathon where a previous injury is vanquished…  …and the marathon where a previous injury takes you down. There’s your first marathon… …your last marathon… And of course, always and against your better judgment… your next marathon. My next marathon – my eleventh marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon – is next Sunday. I have had a...

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The Fairest Week In Review: 10/24

We have reached the time of the year where I had to wear long pants, gloves, AND a vest to run in the morning. Naturally I passed a guy running in a t-shirt and shorts at the same time, but I know what I need.  NOT ALL THIS GEAR, that’s for sure. I’ve been so spoiled the last few years – all my fall marathons were in unseasonably warm weather. Mind you, that didn’t always work out, but where I come from (WDW) overwarm is preferable to cold. Maybe it means a cold-induced PR is in the works? Or I...

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Busch Gardens

In Which Jenn Goes To Busch Gardens With Her Eyeliner On Fleek

Pat and I took our annual pilgrimage to Busch Gardens last Sunday, and it was… something. Unfortunately the experience was not quite what it’s been in past years. This is mostly not Busch Gardens’ fault: they can’t control the weather, after all. Sunday’s predicted high of 60 degrees never came to fruition, and while it was pleasant enough in the sun the park is largely designed to protect from summer’s heat, ie, there’s a lot of shade. I wore a thermal under a light jacket and a hat and I was still cold (also my hat wouldn’t stay on on the coasters;...

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In Which Jenn Has ALLLLLLLL THE AKL ADRs!!!!

I know Wine & Dine Half weekend is coming up first, but I can’t help but peek ahead just a bit to my next WDW trip – the one in January for the Walt Disney World Marathon. Despite not planning on any park time, I’m super excited to stay at Kidani Village. Only deluxe accommodations for me this time around! Outside the race itself I plan to take time to relax – check out the savanna observation areas, hang by the pool, book a massage and chill in the spa area… and EAT ALL THE FOOD?????? It started with an innocent Sanaa...

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Marine Corps Marathon

The Fairest Week In Review: 10/17

The fall race season is upon us – and I have a lot coming up. The Marine Corps Marathon is less than two weeks away, followed immediately by (WEEEEE!!!!!) the Two Course Challenge at WDW. I’m easing through Taper Town, trying not to chillax too hard or push too much. It’s a fine row to hoe, whatever the hell that means.  Workout recap ahead: Sunday | ran 13.24 miles outside in 2:20 Last v. long run of the training cycle! Monday | rest Columbus Day off! I took the opportunity to chill. Tuesday | ran 5.3 miles outside in...

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Wine & Dine Half Marathon

In Which Jenn Reveals Her Upcoming Race Costumes

I am unlikely to ever be one of those really elaborately costumed runDisney people. Don’t get me wrong – more power to those guys! I am very impressed with your work! But the physical and monetary demands are too much for me to pursue excellent race costumes at this time. However, my Figment-y dip into modest costuming has made me hungry for personalized shout-outs from spectators. My Minnie ears are not enough because half the people on the course are Minnie Mouse. But if I can make it clear I’m channeling a character and put enough distance between me and the next Cheshire cat...

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In Which Jenn Digs Up New WDW Background Music Loops

As is by this point well documented, I suffer a pathological inability to get through a workday without listening to Walt Disney World background music of some kind. It’s soothing and it cheers me up!   I have lots of favorites, but sometimes after the 17th round of Innoventions area music I get the urge to branch out. And so I went on a bit of a musical YouTube walkabout the other day, wherein I discovered… not all WDW background music is created equal when it comes to porting some of the magic home.  First I tried out the Pinocchio...

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Marine Corps Marathon hoodie

The Fairest Week In Review: 10/10

Hello humans! I am pleased to announce that I finished up a long run on Sunday and that’s the last one of the training cycle. We’re tapering our way to the Marine Corps Marathon, baby!  Workout log is go: Sunday | National Capital 20 Miler, official time of 3:27:52 Monday | 55 minute ballet class A lil’ bit of knee pain popped up, but not nearly as bad as last time. Tuesday | walked 2.1 miles outside in 35 minutes Wednesday | walked 2.11 miles outside in 35 minutes Thursday | walked 2.34 miles outside in 40 minutes; 55 minute...

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