World Showcase Players

In Which Jenn Considers Some Of The Latest WDW News

As is always the case in the face of loss, the WDW community is abuzz with the announcements of more changes to our beloved parks – many of the “say goodnight, Gracie” variety.  I thought, initially, that I might add my voice to the din, because what is a Disney blogger if not an Opinion Factory? But instead…  Oh, who am I kidding. Real quick: Date-based WDW ticket pricing I tend to be all or nothing when it comes to Disney ticketing – I’m buying an Annual Pass or I’m busying myself outside the parks entirely. For the time...

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Bethesda Trolley Trail

In Which Jenn’s Runs Are Haunted By Demons Or Something?

Nobody panic, but there MIGHT be a demon-summoning cult on my running trail. Their fiendish rituals have become a fixture of my Sunday morning runs, a brief distraction around mile 3 for which I am thankful. Of course, that’s up until I get chased by a dragon or the Antichrist or something.  No, no, I kid. (Probably.) I’m pretty sure I’ve figure this out. But first, let me set the scene: My regular running route passes by, among other things, a local park. Its most distinguishing features are a playground, baseball diamond, and pavilion. Over the past couple years I’ve never...

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The Fairest Week In Review: 9/25

Annnnnnd we’re back. Despite the imminent threat that Florence might cancel our OBX vacation, we enjoyed a miracle of an easy trip down with minimal flooding, no damage to the house, and lovely weather. I hung out on the beach, did some reading, played some cornhole, drank some beer, and of course – ran! Mega workout log since we were off last week: Sunday, September 9 | ran 13.1 miles in 2:03 in the Parks Half Marathon; ran an additional 4.04 miles home from the finish line Monday, September 10 | 55 minute ballet class I was hella busy...

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In Which Jenn Is Neither Seen Nor Heard

And now I make my annual pilgrimage to the Outer Banks. None of you losers are invited (especially Florence). Nah, just kidding. You’re all invited! (Except Florence.) IF YOU CAN FIND ME. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!   Right, so anyway, in accordance with my vacation I’m taking a week off from the blog. As always, if you’re terribly bored, I highly recommend visiting the trip report and race recap pages for my arguably too-detailed descriptions of everything I’ve ever done. In the meantime, I’ll be doing a 1,000-piece Walt Disney World puzzle I bought off eBay and listening to the waves. Meet you back here in...

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Terry loves yogurt

In Which Jenn Invents Peanut Butter Yogurt, Maybe?

Say, I haven’t done a Cheater’s Recipe in a while! And this one is, like, really cheat-y. I mean, it’s not even really a recipe as such. Well, it kind of is. My point is PEANUT BUTTER YOGURT IS DELICIOUS AND YOU MUST TRY IT. To back up – I am a breakfast person. I like breakfast. I want breakfast. Ninety-five percent of the time I get out of bed ready for breakfast. But it isn’t always easy to put together a delicious, filling breakfast that can easily come to work with me and keep me full until lunch time. I’m still...

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runDisney in Magic Kingdom

In Which Jenn Was An Accidental runDisney Spectator

As you tromp along a runDisney course, soaking in the park ambiance or admiring the view of the Boardwalk, you’re surrounded by spectators. They cheer and call out your name or your outfit, wave goofy and inspiring signs and offer candy. They are vital to the experience and very prepared. But have you ever given a thought to the people who just happened to schedule a WDW vacation during a road race and have no idea what’s happening? I always do. On account of because I was once one of them. Picture it: January 2012. Elizabeth and I have gone...

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Parks Half Marathon

In Which Jenn Swims The Parks Half Marathon

“It’s a biathlon,” said man behind me to his running companion around mile 4 of the Parks Half Marathon. “We’re swimming AND running!” Indeed. Not that any of us could be surprised – the forecast had called for rain on the day of the Parks Half Marathon for at least a week. It had rained the night before. When I woke up that morning, there was a steady stream raindrops coming down – but luckily nothing torrential.  So I slapped on a ballcap and a jacket, shoved my phone in a plastic sandwich bag, and headed out into the...

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National Capital 20 Miler

The Fairest Week In Review: 9/11

Heeey! So after a largely uneventful August, September begins to ramp things up. I had a successful (if damp) half marathon last Sunday – recap coming soon of course – and this Sunday I head out for the Outer Banks (theoretically – Florence, be kind… Pat thinks you might be mean so prove him wrong). Then after that, it’s time for the National Capital 20 Miler, and after that… well, there are lots more things, but then it’s October, so they aren’t relevant to the theme of this particular paragraph. September has a canal in it and everything! Perhaps you are nodding...

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Forced laughter

Happy Friday: Now Here Is A Riddle To Guess If You Can

My theory on Hunchback is that it was pitched as a joke, but then Menken wrote the gorgeous opening number “Bells of Notre Dame” and the execs were like WE LOVE IT MAKE THE MOVIE and the writers were like “…” Or this: Don’t forget, you can follow FRoA on Twitter @fairestrunofall and on Instagram @fairestrunofall. If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment or email See ya real soon!...

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Picky about shoes

In Which Jenn Tries New Running Shoes

I read an article a couple months ago about how it’s best to have several different pairs of running shoes. As the thinking went, each inpidual shoe affects your foot strike, gait, muscle use, etc. in subtly different ways. Therefore, if you’re on a shoe cycle, you’re less likely to suffer injuries from overuse. I don’t know how much hard scientific data there is to back that theory, but I know I don’t want any more overuse injuries, so I’m trying it! The difference this time: I’m not going to store to be fitted. See, I read another article in Runner’s World stating that some...

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