Race gear

In Which Jenn Gears Up For Fall Race Season

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you: Team Jenn’s Fall Race Season! Consisting of two pairs of Nike Zoom Vomero 10s and two rolls of Team USA KT Tape Pro, which I found on clearance at Target which was awwwweeeeesoooooome. Plan is as follows: wear first pair of 10s for remainder of training cycle + Navy-Air Force Half + National Capital 20 Miler; swap to other pair for last couple runs before + Marine Corps Marathon and then Wine & Dine a week later. Switch BACK to first pair for more training as they’ll still have some...

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Main Street Electrical Parade

The Fairest Week In Review: 8/30

Did anyone watch Disney’s live stream of the Main Street Electrical Parade on Sunday night? I did, and was both distressed and baffled by their decision to cut away halfway through the parade and start talking to random park visitors about, like, their favorite to snack to eat while watching the parade or whatever. I thought for sure they’d cut back to the parade where they left off but NO; they SKIPPED a whole chunk of it. WTF? I missed the donkey boys! 🙁 A truly ludicrous occurrence and I’m still kinda sad about it. First world problems aside,...

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In Which Jenn Gets Jazzed For A Long Run

Last week I came to a startling realization: I was actually excited about my planned 16 mile long run. I expressed this unexpected feeling on Twitter and received the expected response: that I was crazy, and everyone who had a long run on the docket was dreading it. And so I thought: what if I explained how I got myself this psyched up? Maybe my fellow runners could follow the same method and at least manage to downgrade outright dread to reluctant acceptance. In that spirit, try some of these on for shoe size: Get some new music. Duh. Everyone...

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Universal Studios

The Favorite Photos: Universal Studios, 2011 – 2015

My last retrospective album post focuses on Universal Studios. Here are my favorite photos from there. (See also: First Photos and Last Photos.) Once again, apologies for photo quality; 2/3 of these are really old. The year: 2011 The companion(s): Elizabeth The title of the album: CONSTANT VIGILANCE! The why: I LOVE SHARKS The year: 2012 The companion(s): My cousin and his best friend The title of the album: Mischief managed The why: David and Sandy talked to this fountain (think the late lamented Push in the Magic Kingdom or the palm tree in DAK) for like 45 minutes. There are different...

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Baymax not fast

The Fairest Week In Review: 8/23

My training is ramping up! Last week was maintenance, this week is peaking, and next week I begin tapering for the Navy-Air Force Half/National Capital 20 Miler. Let’s look at last week’s numbers: Sunday | rest Monday | 10.75 miles on the treadmill in 1:50 Too hot to run outdoors. Tuesday | walked 2.1 miles in 35 minutes Wednesday | ran 10.71 miles on the treadmill in 1:50 Planned to do this one outside, but again, too hot. Thursday | ran 4.34 miles on the treadmill in 50 minutes Friday | walked 3.17 miles in 50 minutes Switched my...

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Alice March Hare tea

In Which Jenn Misses Disney’s Partnership With Nescafe (WAIT I CAN EXPLAIN)

A lot of Disney fan discussion centers around coffee. Where to get the best coffee on property, where to get the cheapest coffee, is Starbucks in fact a gift from God or a Satan-born waste of Main Street Bakery space (yes but also yes). But the one thing just about everyone seems to agree upon is this: Thank God Joffrey replaced the glorified piss that was Nescafe. The coffee company, not the universally reviled GoT character. And not without reason. I think we can all agree that Nescafe was barely coffee, being as it is basically instant coffee powder. The...

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In Which Jenn Is Not Dopey

For the third year in a row, I am signed up for the WDW Marathon. Hooray! But you may have noticed, for the second year in a row, I am NOT signed up for Dopey. Don’t get me wrong – when I knocked out the Dopey Challenge in 2015, I LOVED it. I was SO happy: running four races, finishing my second marathon, being in Walt Disney World for a full week with my boyfriend. It was AWESOME. About as awesome as it gets. I would kill to do it again. I’d even do that exact week over again if...

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Doctor Who run

The Fairest Week In Review: 8/16

I was at a conference last Sunday afternoon through Thursday morning, so my schedule was a bit discombobulated – no lunchtime walks and in some cases unfamiliar running territory. I did do a fair amount of power-walking around the conference center, though, which added to my daily count step even if it’s not GPS official. Here’s how all the official stuff went down: Sunday | ran 14.22 miles on the treadmill in 2:25 Woke up to the exciting realization that I was getting Pat’s cold, but I had 14 miles on the schedule and BY GOD I WAS RUNNING...

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Tessitura 5K

In Which Jenn Recaps A (Literally) Sick 5K

Raise your hand if you’ve ever run a 5K while sick! Damn, there are a lot of us, aren’t there? Yes, I ran a 5K on Tuesday while nursing a cold. Well, to be fair, it was a “5Kish.” We’ll get there. The conference I annually attend hosted said 5K, which explains why I went: it was right there outside the doors of my hotel, it was super low-key, and it was a great way to get a short run in without having to think too hard about it. So when my alarm rang at 5:30am I said nuts*...

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