Wine & Dine Half Marathon

In Which Jenn Politely Declines Lumiere

It is done. Because of course of it. All rants aside, how could I not? It’s part of the plan. The bottom line is, I always enjoy a runDisney race. I’m still wildly disappointed as to the removal of the nighttime element – I DUN WANNA GET UP AT 3AM AGAIN I RUN BETTER AT NIGHT WAAAAH – but it’ll still be a ton of fun. And I guess it’ll be nice to be fresh and clean for the after party, even if it does only go until 1am (LAME). You’ll notice, however, that I did not sign up...

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Moana Maui tattoo

In Which Jenn Is A Sailor ‘Cause A Sailor’s Been Tattooed

Mitzi Gaynor and Ethel Merman would never lie to me. Certainly not with Donald O’Connor watching. Forgive me as I go on a brief tangent, but I simply must show off my first tattoo. I know, I know; how could I go a non-Disney route? But The Phantom Tollbooth is one of my favorite books EVER, and once I settled on this illustration of Tock the watchdog I knew I was ready to take the plunge. I’m really happy with how it turned out! Also, I thought this was funny: “You have perfect skin for tattooing. It’s like it’s never...

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Marine Corps Marathon

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/24

JENN: Happy Marine Corps Marathon Lottery Entry Opening Day! May we all make it! In less potentially fun news… MOON: My boyfriend was placed in a hospital (as a doctor, not a patient, at least) so I’m moving to Boston. ;-; JENN: Which is sad because WHAT WILL I DO WITHOUT CLOSE MOON PROXIMITY? But then of course I hear Boston’s pretty cool. They have that marathon that’s supposed to be good. MOON: I’m sorry, but all positive things about the city are out of my reach right now. I’m bummed. Super bummed. JENN: You won’t be that far! I’ll visit you! MOON: I only live...

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Mickey camera

Photographic Memory: Pre-Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2014

  JENN: We haven’t done a Photographic Memory in forever, so let’s do a really good one now. I LOVE THIS PICTURE. MOON: The good days! JENN: This is us waiting around in corral B for the 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon in Disneyland, back before they moved it to May. January weather in Anaheim! MOON: Why May? o_O JENN: I dunno. It’s Mother’s Day Weekend or some such. They have a Star Wars Half in January now. MOON: Star Wars?! Oh, barf. Oh, wait, that’s a Disney thing now, right? JENN: Yup, they own it! I don’t think most people were pleased with the change, but...

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Navy-Air Force Half Marathon

In Which Jenn Was Just Kidding About That Race Schedule

Yeah, sorry, I’m changing it up AGAIN. I was so pleased when I put together my race schedule for the year. Everything was going to work out so nicely! Then: DISASTER. No, wait, sorry; Disaster is that former Universal Studios attraction with a holographic Christopher Walken. I’m kinda gonna miss it. This is not a disaster, but rather an alteration. Walk with me. My boyfriend likes to rent a house at the end of August in the Outer Banks for surfing purposes. Naturally and I and bunch of friends tag along because duh, week in the Outer Banks. Unfortunately this year...

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Data laughing

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/16

JENN: What many wonderful things are going down in the world of Moon Running? (It’s like moonwalking, but faster.) MOON: Usually faster. JENN: Invariably! MOON: Moon Running has been average. Nothing befitting a real title or anything. How’s Jenn Running? JENN: Like gin-running, only… actually, I don’t know at what speeds one generally runs gin. I’m going to let this pun pass. (Reluctantly.) MOON: I don’t understand the pun if that’s any comfort. JENN: Rum-running is a thing; I figured gin-running must be too. I could be wrong. Jenn Running was outside last week due to the unseasonably warm weather, but with the return of March chill...

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Mary Blair

In Which Jenn Wants to Wear Mary Blair

Boys, go go. Girls, let’s rumba. … If by rumba you mean check out this AMAZING collection of clothing items for WDW ladies. Oh, shoot. Someone tell the crossdressing guys to come back; they’ll want to see this too. I like to online window shop and I like ’40s and ’50s retro, so when I stumbled upon Pinup Girls Clothing I immediately started to browse. I saw most of what I expected – vintage-inspired items in retro cuts, exactly like it says on the label. It all fell in line with my preferred aesthetic but nothing was earth-shattering. And...

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Music notes

In Which Jenn Listens To ALL The Music Live

I feel like we haven’t talked about music lately, so here’s a whole bunch of it. Do you guys get inspired to listen to a particular artist when you know you’re going to see them live soon? I do! It’s a great way to zone out when I’m running: imagining I’m at the concert and not pounding away at the treadmill. Lucky for me, I have tickets to three great concerts coming up over the next couple months. Or that just happened; I originally wrote this post last week but it got punted from its planned Friday slot in...

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Jenn running

In Which Jenn Does Not Like These Wine & Dine Half Changes

Last week the internet exploded with the knowledge that the Wine & Dine Half Marathon has been completely revamped. Gone is the night race and the immediately following after party until 4am, replaced with your standard issue 5:30am half, a new 10K, and with that a new (EXPENSIVE) challenge. Seems like many people are cool with this change. NOT ME. Here’s why: The loss of the night race: While no big deal for some, this really bums me out. There is the novelty, yes. But more importantly for me, as a night person, I am a BETTER runner in...

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