In Which Jenn Was Just Kidding About That Race Schedule

Navy-Air Force Half Marathon

Yeah, sorry, I’m changing it up AGAIN.

I was so pleased when I put together my race schedule for the year. Everything was going to work out so nicely! Then: DISASTER.

No, wait, sorry; Disaster is that former Universal Studios attraction with a holographic Christopher Walken. I’m kinda gonna miss it. This is not a disaster, but rather an alteration. Walk with me.

My boyfriend likes to rent a house at the end of August in the Outer Banks for surfing purposes. Naturally and I and bunch of friends tag along because duh, week in the Outer Banks. Unfortunately this year the house he wanted to rent was already taken for that week. Luckily the week after was free, and for $500 less! Score! Unluckily, these dates will now be September 4 -11.

The Parks Half Marathon, home of my half PR, is on September 11.


Not so many curses, mind you, as to skip the trip. “Hell no” is I think the accepted phrase here. But it did mean I needed to find a new race, so I very hastily signed up for the Navy-Air Force Half, which is run the week later on September 18.

It’s not quite as convenient as the Parks Half, which is performed practically in my backyard, but a National Mall start and finish is pretty darned easy too; especially since they open the Metro early to accommodate racers.

Feedback from friends who have run this race is mixed, but I think it’ll be all right. As long as it’s 13.1 miles and doesn’t suddenly move the location to the middle of VA or something it should be a good experience. Anchors aweigh!

Is anyone else running the Navy-Air Force Half this year? Have you run it in the past? How did you feel about it?

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