Julie Andrews

In Which Jenn Sees Julie Andrews In Person

I have been working for a performing arts center for over three years. Never in those three years have I been as excited as I was when this very special booking came through: JULIE. ANDREWS. THAT’S RIGHT – last weekend I saw Julie Andrews speak. Like, actual, legit Julie Andrews. Like, Mary Poppins Maria Von Trapp Cinderella Victor Victoria ONE MAN’S DREAM REMEMBER DREAMS COMES TRUE JULIE ANDREWS. Are you listening to me??? JULIE! ANDREWS!!!! Tragically, restrictions on the number of people backstage made it impossible to meet her personally. But I did take a seat in the orchestra...

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Diabetes Action Team

In Which Jenn Is Running MCM After All – Will You Help?

I didn’t think I was gonna do it this year. I didn’t feel like going through the training process. So I didn’t enter the lottery. HA. First I saw blog posts from a bunch of my friends who had signed up… and felt pangs of jealousy. Then I had a long discussion with Moon about marathon possibilities. And before I knew it, I was scouring the internet for charity bibs. All of this to say: I am proud to be running the 40th Annual Marine Corps Marathon as part of the Diabetes Action Team. I considered other charities, some...

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The Fairest Week In Review: 4/28

JENN: How was your week in running? MOON: The week was good running-wise. Yesterday I experienced extreme hunger and the only culprit could be maybe too much running and/or too little caloric intake. Has that ever happened to you? JENN: I’m often super hungry the day after a big run, yeah. After all, you’ve got muscles to build up! MOON: It felt like being sick! I’m can’t seem to be sated. I mean, I’m even eating a bowl of granola as we speak. JENN: Granola is pretty delicious. MOON: Well, yes. It IS ginger granola, after all. And it is delicious. How was your...

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Baltimore Marathon

In Which Jenn & Moon Try To Choose A Marathon

Hi there! Jenn here. The following is a conversation Moon and I had a couple days ago wherein we attempted to pare down our choices for Moon’s first marathon. We did not originally write it as a blog post, but I thought it might be an interesting insight into the factors that affect the decision – finances, timing, course, etc. JENN: Any marathon-y thoughts lately? MOON: I’ve been leaning towards the Baltimore Marathon. Because it occurs around my birthday, I though maybe asking my parents to help with the fees as a present. JENN: So how hilly is this thing?...

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Mickey camera

Photographic Memory: The Inappropriate Puppets of Dinoland U.S.A.

JENN: Photographic Memory time! Did you see the pics I want to use? MOON: Ah, yes. The dinosaur puppets! JENN: Here we have Moon helpfully modeling dinosaur puppets from the big gift shop in Dinoland U.S.A. – I believe it’s called Chester and Hester’s Souvenirs of Extinction or something like that? These pictures are from December 2008, so the details for me are fuzzy, but my caption in the Facebook album says something about pterodactyl porn…? The implication is that it’s an inside joke for you that I don’t understand. We are probing the dark, seedy underbelly of Disney excursions, clearly. MOON: Haha, you...

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An Ode to Winnie the Pooh

A couple weeks ago I chose Piglet & Pooh as my Marry for Kill/Refurb/Marry: Disney Partners. Naturally I had to go plumb the depths of YouTube for the perfect video to illustrate why. Shockingly, I did NOT get sucked into the YouTube vortex at that time – but my brain was ready to pick up the slack itself. But the time I went to bed that night, I was singing a rotating medley of both the movie Pooh theme: And the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh theme: And that made me remember the weird live-action Pooh show I have...

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Running wild

The Fairest Week In Review: 4/21

JENN: How was your post-Cherry Blossom week? Do any running? MOON: It was oooookay. I ran maybe 20-25 miles? I had a nice run yesterday in Druid Hill Park. Too bad the zoo was not open. :/ How was your week? JENN: It was okay. I actually ended up taking Tuesday off from running. I just wasn’t feeling it and I think every once and awhile that’s okay. MOON: Sure, of course you can take a day off. 😉 JENN: I made up for it on Thursday with my first outdoor training run of the year! It was… fine. I was a little faster...

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Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

In Which Moon Recaps The Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

Let me preface with: for the past three years I’ve been going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in hopes of seeing some BOSS cherry blossoms. Because we’ve had long and stupid winters, however, I’ve been coming out of the experience seeing bare trees. A week before the race I hear news that the cherry blossoms should be in their peak blossoming stage (is that a thing?), so I was pretty pumped! And then: The sore throat. I think I posted about it in the weekly review. At first, I thought it was a cold. Two days pass by and...

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Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

In Which Jenn Recaps The Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

So… that was not my favorite race. Don’t get me wrong – the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler has a lot of things going for it. Mark one: from the moment I left my apartment to the moment I arrived at the race start, only an hour had passed. This includes about 15 minutes spent waiting around for the Metro train to show up, which is a matter of timing. Pretty good! Got to sleep until 5am and everything; it was awesome. Unfortunately from there it was a slow downward slide – a study in gentle but real disorganization: nothing...

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Doctor Who run

The Fairest Week In Review: 4/15

JENN: So how was your week? I know you did some pre-Cherry Blossom Ten Miler training runs. MOON: I did! I think, all in all, I did three trial runs. Each trial was better than the last, but Saturday and Sunday is another story. How was your week? JENN: Eh. My practice runs weren’t very good but what’re ya gonna do. It’s been that weird in-between inching-toward-spring weather and I think every time it swings back to rainy and chilly my body freaks out a little. MOON: My morale definitely suffers from stupid weather. :/ JENN: We’ll talk more about the Cherry Blossom Ten...

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