In Which Jenn Sees Julie Andrews In Person

Julie Andrews

I have been working for a performing arts center for over three years. Never in those three years have I been as excited as I was when this very special booking came through:


THAT’S RIGHT – last weekend I saw Julie Andrews speak. Like, actual, legit Julie Andrews. Like, Mary Poppins Maria Von Trapp Cinderella Victor Victoria ONE MAN’S DREAM REMEMBER DREAMS COMES TRUE JULIE ANDREWS.

Are you listening to me??? JULIE! ANDREWS!!!!

Tragically, restrictions on the number of people backstage made it impossible to meet her personally. But I did take a seat in the orchestra tier – a mere few hundred feet away from JULIE ANDREWS IN THE FLESH – and listened to her real voice for realsies.

She told lots of great stories about her life, but of course it’s the Mary Poppins stuff I want to talk about here.

  • When Disney was first wooing Julie for the part of Mary Poppins, he wined and dined her and her then-husband Tony Walton sumptuously. One of their activities was hitting the local race course and betting on the ponies. Walt was excited to see a horse in the lineup named Little Walt, and although he was a longshot he put a bunch of money on him for the win. Julie felt like they needed to do the same, so they too put everything they had on Little Walt – and he won!

  • Walt also gave them a personal tour of Disneyland, much like Travers got in Saving Mr. Banks. And while she didn’t mention it during the event, we all know she has her own official carousel horse!

  • P.L. Travers personally called Julie… in the hospital… the day after she gave birth… to give her opinion on whether the actress was right for the role. “Well, you’re much too pretty,” said Travers, “but you have the nose for it.”

  • A theater tech in charge of rigging nearly dropped her on her head while filming one of the float-y scenes. The story suggests his name is Joe. Let’s find him and destroy him!

  • When asked to pick between leading men Christopher Plummer and Dick Van Dyke, Julie channeled her reputation for sweetness and declared she simply couldn’t choose.

Obviously, if you EVER have the chance to see Julie Andrews speak in person, JUMP ON IT. She doesn’t tour a lot and it’s 100% worth the cost. She remains one of my personal heroes – and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get to meet her properly next time!

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