Seahorse costumes

In Which Jenn Is A Seahorse

As outlined yesterday, I am CRAZY BUSY this week with rehearsals and performances of my ballet studio’s spring show. You try dancing around en pointe while wearing a giant foam seahorse on your head. Yup, I’m a seahorse.* The ballet is The Fisherman. It all makes sense in context, I swear! My point here is that regular blog posting will...

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In Which Jenn Is Dopey

I have done something. I have done something unwise. (source) Thanks to the magic of early registration for Annual Passholders, I just registered for WDW Marathon Weekend’s Dopey Challenge. I have willingly signed up to do a 5K… and then get up the next morning and do a 10K… repeat, run a half marathon… repeat, RUN A FULL MARATHON....

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