In Which Jenn Has A Race Tomorrow

Marine Corps 17.75K

Whew. They made me drive all the way into Virginia to get it, but I have my bib for the Marine Corps 17.75K. I’m kinda nervous; my runs have not been great lately, and the course is described as having “rolling hills.” Goody. But this is my only way into the Marine Corps Marathon if I want to do that (I do want to do that, right? Right??? I have to decide by April 14! Tell me if I want to do it!).

The magnificent Nicole gifted me some KT Tape, so I’m gonna slap some of that on my touchy knee tomorrow, plus I’m making myself some whole-grain pasta for lunch. Preparedness!

Less preparedness: I’m not sure what to eat for dinner or breakfast before the race – I’m experiencing too-much-research paralysis, if you know what I mean. I was thinking a fruit + coconut water smoothie and a couple slices of buttered toast for the night before, and then for pre-race…? What are your go-to meals leading up to a run?

Anyway, if you happen to be awake at 5AM, think of me.

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  1. Um YES you want to run Marine Corps. Not that I've done Dopey before but I personally wouldn't want my v. first marathon on the fourth consecutive day of increasingly intense running in humid Florida weather! Plus everyone I know who has done MCM has loved the course, and it's so convenient to you! And people seem to get really good times on that course (unlike, say, at WDW).

    I usually eat a medium-sized dinner with meat and either bread or pasta and a salad the night before a race. Not religiously, but mostly. And the morning of, I get all nervous and don't eat too much … Powerade and dry cereal or a Kind bar. Everyone's different though! Good luck!

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