Halloween run

In Which Jenn Goes On A Halloween Run

Happy Halloween! In honor of this festive holiday, I did the only thing I could: I slapped on a pair of Minnie ears and went for a Halloween run.  It was my first run since the marathon and I was sooooooooo slow, but my IT Band held up okay so I’m calling it a win. But none of the other runners I passed were wearing any costumes. What a bunch of ADULTS.  Anyway. As I ran along with great dignity and refinement, I had an idea: what if someone put together a haunted run? I’m not talking about a...

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Busch Gardens

In Which Jenn Kills A Bug With Her Face At Busch Gardens Williamsburg

 After the physical difficulty of the Baltimore Marathon, my quads and Achilles were shot. Naturally I chose to spend my Sunday traipsing all over Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  WORTH IT.  Honestly it was probably good for me to keep myself moving and stretch out my muscles, and anyway we had an awesome time. And with a half price Groupon, why not? BGW, for those unfamiliar, is themed to the various countries of Europe (mostly; New France, how’d you get here, eh?). The entry area is England (the “Main Street USA” if you will) followed by a Scotland hub. It was...

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OK Tape

The Fairest Week In Review: 10/25

Needless to say this week was not my greatest triumph. Oh well; next week is rest week too and then after that hopefully I can start getting back to normal.  Sunday | rest  Monday | 40 minute abs and arms sequence  Tuesday | rest I decided, in anticipation of the marathon, to do NONE of my regular exercise this week. No training runs, no walks, no ballet, the idea being this would allow my IT Band to heal. Wednesday | 40 minute abs and arms sequence Thursday | rest Friday | 40 minute abs and arms sequence This was...

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Baltimore Marathon Domino sugar

In Which Jenn Recaps The Baltimore Marathon

I ran the Baltimore Marathon with my heart. I want to be absolutely clear that when I say this I mean it metaphorically, because “I ran this race with my heart” is just a nicer way of saying “my physical body failed me.” And with that cheery start, let’s dive into a recap of the Baltimore Marathon! My morning began with my dad very kindly dropping me off at Camden Yards, the site of the race start. (Always encourage your parents to live near airports and large race events.) I was uncertain what times the roads would close so...

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Baltimore Marathon

In Which Marathon Time Is Upon Jenn Once Again

Last week I dreamed that for some reason I thought the Baltimore Marathon was a virtual race I could complete on the treadmill. But then I was in the city and people were running a real course! I thought if I changed into my running gear really fast I could make it to the start line, but I kept getting sidetracked and then I heard an announcement that the start was now closed and then I woke up. So it must be marathon time! Yes, marathon #8 is upon us – this Saturday I will run the Baltimore Marathon....

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Parks and Rec everything hurts

The Fairest Week In Review: 10/18

Hey, remember that time when my knee started bothering me and I wrote this whole post about how I took some unscheduled rest days and sometimes you have to do that and then you’re all better yay? Hahahahaha PSYCH. Oh, man, guys. This isn’t good. I have a marathon THIS SATURDAY and while this is self-diagnosed I am 97% sure I’m having IT Band issues. The good news is that I’ve at least been smart enough to rest it and with the judicious application of some KT Tape sent by angels I have improved the situation considerably. The bad news is...

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In Which Jenn Unscrambles Disney Trivia

I got an amazing text from Elizabeth a couple weeks ago. In case you can’t see the image, here’s the gist: Elizabeth’s trivia team was the only one to correctly answer a Disney-themed bonus round answer. It was an anagram that contained the name of the Disney movie AND the name of a character in that movie. Obviously I immediately demanded that she tell me the clue, just as I’m sure you, too, are screaming that at your screen. Far be it for me to deny you. Behold! DEALT LEG THONG Go ahead, think about it. I’ll wait. (Don’t look...

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The bar is open

In Which Jenn Selects Her Favorite WDW Bars

My cousin’s wife, by some great fortune, is a Disney parks nut. Whenever I hang out with my dad’s side of the family, we inevitably end up talking shop. That’s awesome. What’s less awesome: my cousin himself is not that into it. Oh, he goes on the trips, of course, but while his wife and I are chatting about which resort they’re staying at and FastPass+ strategy, he’s in the background, grumbling. “All I’m saying,” is his refrain, “is if I didn’t have kids, it’s not the vacation I would choose.” Fine. Not everything is for everyone. I have a...

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The Fairest Week In Review: 10/11

As I mentioned yesterday, I developed a minor injury last week that’s put a serious cramp in my training style. I’m tapering for the Baltimore Marathon anyway, but I’ve had to skip more runs than I’d like all the same. Still, if it takes not running at all to not have a miserable marathon, then that’s what I’ll do. Training log, go: Sunday | ran 7.26 miles outside in 1:15 This is where the trouble started. Nothing actually happened; just all the sudden the side of my knee started bothering me. So naturally I… Monday | ran 5.51 miles outside...

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The Office injury

In Which Jenn Doesn’t Hurt Herself Worse For Once

During my run last week I experienced some mild knee discomfort, on the side. Just a sort of stiffness, really. It mostly subsided afterward, so like an idiot I just taped it up and ran again the next day. Thankfully this didn’t create a firestorm of pain, but the twinginess definitely did not subside. And so, when my next scheduled run rolled around, I was forced to make a tough decision: do I run or do I take… God forbid… an UNSCHEDULED REST DAY??? Pros: I have a marathon coming up and I don’t want to turn a minor issue into...

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