In Which Marathon Time Is Upon Jenn Once Again

Baltimore Marathon

Last week I dreamed that for some reason I thought the Baltimore Marathon was a virtual race I could complete on the treadmill. But then I was in the city and people were running a real course! I thought if I changed into my running gear really fast I could make it to the start line, but I kept getting sidetracked and then I heard an announcement that the start was now closed and then I woke up.

So it must be marathon time!

Yes, marathon #8 is upon us – this Saturday I will run the Baltimore Marathon. I’m not sure how it’s going to go. On the one hand I completed strong 15-, 17-, and 20-mile training runs. On the other, I have recent knee issues, I haven’t run in almost two weeks because of said knee issues, and I hear the course gets hilly in spots.

Oh well! Nothing I can do except show up for the race and see what happens. At least without training runs to worry about I’ve been able to really concentrate on the other aspects of preparation: sleep, hydration, carbohydrates, the works.

Honestly, as long as I finish in a minimally pained state I’ll be happy. (The nice thing about going into a race with low expectations is that the odds of being disappointed decrease significantly.*)

Anyway. Round 8. I’ve got my fuel, I’ve got my tape, I’ve got my throwaway clothes. Time to do the thing. Wish me luck!


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