Disney Christmas

In Which Jenn Shares Another Favorite WDW Christmas Music Loop

Ah, the official start of the Christmas season! Last year I marked the occasion with a brief love letter to my favorite WDW Christmas music loop, and this year I am excited to carry on that tradition! Funny thing is, I may seem to contradict myself here – when I declared my (strong, continuing!) love for the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Christmas music loop in 2018, I provided as part of my reasoning its uniqueness. In the process I noted that a lot of holiday loops can sound a little generic, being familiar renditions of carols and all that....

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Goofy Challenge

In Which Jenn’s Dream-Dad Is Super Confused About The WDW Marathon Course

I’ve told you about my runDisney stress dreams before. They come in a variety of guises, but the gist usually boils down to this: SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONG! Dream me has missed her flight. Dream me has slept through her alarm. Dream me has forgotten to pick up her bib and also somehow taken a nap in the middle of the race. Dream me even registered herself in a Disney triathlon that does not exist¬†and Brad Pitt was PISSED. But don’t worry, my subconscious is still innovating. Last night’s marathon stress dream got really¬†far off property. So dream me...

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