In Which Jenn’s Dream-Dad Is Super Confused About The WDW Marathon Course

Goofy Challenge

I’ve told you about my runDisney stress dreams before. They come in a variety of guises, but the gist usually boils down to this: SOMETHING HAS GONE WRONG!

Dream me has missed her flight. Dream me has slept through her alarm. Dream me has forgotten to pick up her bib and also somehow taken a nap in the middle of the race. Dream me even registered herself in a Disney triathlon that does not exist and Brad Pitt was PISSED.

But don’t worry, my subconscious is still innovating. Last night’s marathon stress dream got really far off property.

So dream me is running the WDW Marathon, like I do. I’ve made it to the Magic Kingdom, always a good place for a bathroom break. But I somehow take my bathroom break… at my parents’ house?

I’m furiously attempting to do weird extra stuff like change my socks and apply Vaseline when I realize that it’s already 7am. This is actually perfectly acceptable as far as timing goes; you could easily still be in the Magic Kindom at 7am, depending on your corral placement.

Unfortunately I realize with a start that while I previously arranged for my dad to drop my back along the course so I can continue my race, we did not predetermine where that spot would be.

And there are road blockages. Lots of ’em. My dad points them out on a map. He says – he really says this, in my dream – “I could drop you off at Islands of Adventure.” Which some of you may realize is a park in Universal Studios.

Dream me is skeptical but tentatively rolling with it. “Is that near the course? Could I walk there from the dropoff point?” I ask.

“Yeah,” my dad replies. But I realize I need to get back to the Magic Kingdom, because that’s where I left the course and if I don’t start up again there I’m a cheater. My subconscious is dominated by my superego, I guess.

Then my dad drops the bombshell: “I have a friend who’s a security guard at the Magic Kingdom and he offered to let me in via the back way of it’s a small world,” he says. “BUT I TOLD HIM NO.”

Dream me was just about to throw a screaming fit when my alarm went off, so I got up and went for my run.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at here is: happy stress dreaming season, everyone!

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