Parks and Rec move

The Fairest Week In Review: 6/30

JENN: Did you get any runs in last week? MOON: Nope. But this is my LAST week of no running. Next Sunday I’ll be a gym member again. Super excited. How were your runs this week? JENN: They were perfectly okay but nothing inspiring. I got done what I wanted done – including a 4+ miles speed run on Friday – but there was none of the proverbial pep in my step. Ah well – status quo is better than nothing at all! MOON: Mmhmm! Doing better than me. XD JENN: Awww. Well, you’re doing exciting life things! MOON: Haha, I supposeeeeee. I miss running, though. Ah,...

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Sharks vs dolphins

The Sharks of WDW: Toy Story Midway Mania

Have I ever mentioned my favorite animal here? Well, it’s the humble shark. Because sharks are AWESOME. So whenever I see them in WDW, I combine two loves in one place and become super excited. Sure, there are the obvious places – The Seas with Nemo and Friends has a whole play section dedicated to Anchor, Chum, and Bruce. And they get their own song in Finding Nemo: The Musical, so there’s that. Plus the Coral Reef, of course, and I hear you can swim with them in Typhoon Lagoon, although I think they might have closed that attraction?...

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Toy Story boxes

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: 6/25

JENN: Happy six months to Christmas! So how was your week in running? MOON: If you had asked, “So how was your week in PACKING?” my answer would have been “Wonderful!!!” I met my box-a-day quota twofold. It’s been crazy-hot outside and I don’t belong to a gym at present, so running has been taking a lower placement on my list of priorities. Although, July should see me up and going again. I actually really miss it. When I come home from work I think, “I wish I could go for a run…” JENN: Yeah, it’s pretty brutal out there. You...

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In Which Jenn’s Disney Loyalties Are Tested

The rather mundane element is this: I am going to a conference in August. This is my fourth year attending said conference, and while it is not without elements of fun (or not; I’m looking at you, San Francisco), the trip is not in and of itself something to get all worked up over. Only the exciting element is this: this year it’s in… wait for it… ORLANDO, FLORIDA. I’m not so lucky that the conference is on Disney property, and I’ll of course spend most of my time at, y’know, the actual conference, but still – there will...

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Marine Corps Marathon

In Which Jenn’s Marine Corps Marathon Training Is Practically Done For Her

Hey, so, know how I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon for the Diabetes Action Team? That’s ’cause I didn’t make the lottery, and that’s ’cause… I didn’t enter it. See, I looked back over my training for last year’s MCM and found a sticking point in the 20 mile run. I just… didn’t feel like going through that training cycle. I did my 20 miler on the treadmill, which was actually fine for me. But I’m at a new gym now that would require restarting the treadmill like three times to get my mileage, and while that distinction is arbitrary...

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Sleepy Cinderella

In Which Jenn Has Another runDisney Dream

It has begun. I’ve mentioned before that my runDisney nightmares tend to begin months in advance of my races. Oh, yes, I said nightmares – not once have I had a dream where I won the race. No, it’s always something like this: So I’ve started the race – I’m pretty sure in this case it was supposed to be the WDW Marathon – and I’m plugging away when for some reason I have to stop. I think I was futzing around with my shoes or something, but when I look up, everyone else is gone. I start running the...

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Uncertain weather

The Fairest Week In Review: 6/16

JENN: How was running last week? Getting anything in? MOON: Ha, absolutely not! Did you? JENN: Ha, absolutely not much! As I mentioned last week, I was WAAAAAY sick Tuesday. I took a walk anyway but I really shouldn’t have. I was less sick on Wednesday but still not in great shape; I took another walk. Thursday I tried to run and did but only 3.5 miles and sloooooowly. So Friday I walked again. In conclusion: blerg. MOON: I’m sure you were probably dehydrated. JENN: Oh, yeah, definitely. MOON: Sickness and so many things to dooooo. JENN: And summer always seems so promising! The good news is, I...

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Sick kitty

In Which Jenn Is Sick & Also An Idiot

PSA: When you are sick, you may think to yourself, “I planned to run today, but I don’t think I can.” This is correct. If you don’t think you can run, you shouldn’t; training schedule or no training schedule, you could just make yourself sicker. Don’t run. Good. Okay, now that we have that established: COROLLARY REMARK. Do NOT follow this thought up with “But I can go for a walk!” when you feel nauseated and weak. Okay? Just… don’t do it. I know you use calorie burn as a kind of disordered eating crutch and that’s much better...

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Psych Gus

The Fairest Week In Review: 6/11

JENN: How was your training last week? MOON: Again, terrible. I’ve had so much work to do lately, it’s kind of crazy. JENN: Well, that’s probably keeping your heart rate up, at least! MOON: Nothing like stress to keep you going. XD Also, being sick always makes long weeks even longer. How was your training? JENN: Last week was fine. Two long runs and a short speed run. I’d intended to do the same this week but so far I haven’t run a step; I’m sick too. But hey, at least it’s happening when we don’t have any big runs coming up! MOON: Haha, however, from...

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This area is being refurbished

Kill/Refurb/Marry: Extinct Attractions

It’s Kill/Refurb/Marry time again! I found this installment of the monthly blog hop particularly fertile. This time around we’re talking about extinct attractions. Strap in! Kill: American Idol: The Experience Man, an embarrassment of riches with this one. Body Wars is a decided no thank you on my part, but since I never rode it I can’t speak to it knowledgeably (although I can viscerally, and my viscera say: NO GOING INSIDE PEOPLE I’M LOOKING AT YOU MAGIC SCHOOL BUS). I came THISCLOSE to killing Superstar Limo, too. Since I made it to California Adventure during the extremely brief period the...

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