In Which Jenn Is Sick & Also An Idiot

Sick kitty

PSA: When you are sick, you may think to yourself, “I planned to run today, but I don’t think I can.” This is correct. If you don’t think you can run, you shouldn’t; training schedule or no training schedule, you could just make yourself sicker. Don’t run. Good.

Okay, now that we have that established: COROLLARY REMARK. Do NOT follow this thought up with “But I can go for a walk!” when you feel nauseated and weak. Okay? Just… don’t do it. I know you use calorie burn as a kind of disordered eating crutch and that’s much better than a lot of alternatives, but you’re NAUSEATED and CAN’T EAT and BASICALLY WHAT I’M SAYING HERE is BE SMARTER THAN I AM, OKAY?

Also on the body dysmorphia tip: has anyone ever spent 24 hours not eating for whatever reason and thought to themselves, “hey, at least I look skinny”? This is not the voice in your head that merits your attention. Let us all remember that.

The good news here is that I THINK I just accidentally dosed myself with a mild allergen. I’m feeling better already and hope to run back at full speed next week. Happy weekend, everyone!

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