In Which Jenn Is Sick & Also An Idiot

PSA: When you are sick, you may think to yourself, “I planned to run today, but I don’t think I can.” This is correct. If you don’t think you can run, you shouldn’t; training schedule or no training schedule, you could just make yourself sicker. Don’t run. Good.

Okay, now that we have that established: COROLLARY REMARK. Do NOT follow this thought up with “But I can go for a walk!” when you feel nauseated and weak. Okay? Just… don’t do it. I know you use calorie burn as a kind of disordered eating crutch and that’s much better than a lot of alternatives, but you’re NAUSEATED and CAN’T EAT and BASICALLY WHAT I’M SAYING HERE is BE SMARTER THAN I AM, OKAY?

Also on the body dysmorphia tip: has anyone ever spent 24 hours not eating for whatever reason and thought to themselves, “hey, at least I look skinny”? This is not the voice in your head that merits your attention. Let us all remember that.

The good news here is that I THINK I just accidentally dosed myself with a mild allergen. I’m feeling better already and hope to run back at full speed next week. Happy weekend, everyone!

Jenn is running the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon for the Diabetes Action Team. Will you help her earn her bib while fighting diabetes? Click here to make your tax-deductible donation.

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