Ariel dress

In Which Jenn Pumps Herself Up

I have been much skinnier. But I have never been stronger. I have weighed less. When I could do less. I am not always happy when I look in the mirror. But I am always happy when I look at my bibs and medals. Sometimes it’s kind of like this, starting at 1:37. (I mean, minus the sex-narcolepsy angle.) It can be hard, when that ten seconds is up. But those ten seconds have been earned. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make it to eleven. In the meantime, when all else fails… Pump yourself up! How are you awesome? What makes...

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In Which Jenn Tosses Her Food Journal

Yesterday I did a thing. I threw away my food journal. This may seem like a poor choice. Food journals are good. They help us think about the choices we are making. They help us stay accountable. They help us take a hard look at what we’re putting in our bodies. The thing is… I don’t want to any more. I no longer wish to think that hard about food.  I do not want it to have that power over me. I don’t want to agonize over what I eat. Sure, writing in a food journal sans any kind...

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Sick kitty

In Which Jenn Is Sick & Also An Idiot

PSA: When you are sick, you may think to yourself, “I planned to run today, but I don’t think I can.” This is correct. If you don’t think you can run, you shouldn’t; training schedule or no training schedule, you could just make yourself sicker. Don’t run. Good. Okay, now that we have that established: COROLLARY REMARK. Do NOT follow this thought up with “But I can go for a walk!” when you feel nauseated and weak. Okay? Just… don’t do it. I know you use calorie burn as a kind of disordered eating crutch and that’s much better...

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