Eddie Izzard running

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/31

JENN: How was your week? Did you run at all? MOON: Ja! I had two pretty good runs and yesterday I experienced a slow, excruciating run. JENN: Oh, those are always good times. Outside or on the treadmill? MOON: Ha, treadmill. The weather still plays with us. JENN: So it does. I demand 60 degrees morning minimum or nice outdoor dice. MOON: If the weather is still stupid by Cherry Blossom Run, I will be the saddest runner there. I mean, it SNOWED on Saturday. JENN: Did it? Missed that. But it was certainly cold. It can’t possibly be worse than the WDW 5K – it...

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In Which Elizabeth Remembers WDW As Best She Can

JENN: Hi guys! Please welcome once again my frequent partner-in-crime Elizabeth! I wanted to bring her in because it occurred to me that it might be interesting to find out what INfrequent WDW visitors remember from their trips. As it’s been awhile since Elizabeth was there, she’s a perfect candidate. I believe the last time I dragged you down was January of 2012, correct? ELIZABETH: That sounds right. JENN: I’m curious as to what sticks in your mind. From any trip, really. Basically, free associate! ELIZABETH: Well, the most distinctive thing from the last visit was definitely Captain EO! I think we saw...

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Mickey running

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/25

MOON: How was your weeeeeeek?! JENN: Not baaaaad. BAAAAAA! MOON: (I love typing with hyperbole!) JENN: Haha, good. How was Florida? MOON: Florida was nice, but my goodness was I reminded of the treacherous humid conditions JENN: That sounds lovely. We haven’t even broken 70 degrees here yet (fingers crossed for Thursday!). Did you get a run in? MOON: I did! We ran three times! Besides almost being run over a few times, it was a nice place to run! JENN: Haha, where were you running? MOON: Sarasota, a main drag somewhereee. JENN: So like a road? No beach? MOON: The beach a little, but I always get shoes full...

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In Which Jenn Discusses Dopey Takeaways

And now here we are, at the finish line, as it were. My final Dopey trip post. Only took me two and half months to get there! Not that there is, sadly, much more to say on the subject, but I did want to do a quick rundown of my takeaways from the whole Dopey Challenge experience. For those who are new to the runDisney table, the Dopey Challenge is a part of the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend where you do ALL the races. The 5K. The 10K. The half. The full. One a day, one right after...

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La Cava del Tequila

The Fairest Trip Report of All: La Cava del Tequila Review

The trip report is over, but I still have a couple of posts left in me! In particular, food reviews. If you want to catch up on my Dopey experience, you can read all the posts in this particular trip report here. Ready? Let’s go! And now we come to my final food review from our Dopey trip. Sigh. Don’t worry, though; I saved a good one for the finale! Today we’re talking about that shining beacon of Epcot: La Cava del Tequila. Furnisher of my first ever tequila shot, this comparatively new restaurant holds a special place in my...

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Wine & Dine Half Marathon

In Which Jenn Registers For The Wine & Dine Half

Yeah baby yeah! Wait, 12:01AM start time? The time for agonizing was over. All that remained was registration. Which I did. Step one complete! Woo! And it’s a good thing I was on top of it – the race sold out in under an hour. God forbid I had a meeting or something at noon. (And I think it’s cute that they note a price increase if you register after March 31.) It’s up in the air now who will be going with me – initially it was my mother, and then Pat said he MIGHT come too, ask...

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Riker runs

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/17

JENN: HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! (And Wine & Dine registration day!) MOON: Yay for the Patron Saint of Ireland! JENN: Unfortunately, the holiday does mean I’ll probably fall short of my running goals this week as I won’t be able to block out large enough chunks of time for my usual long runs. On the positive side, the reason for this is twofold: my boyfriend is playing bass in the St. Patty’s Day celebration bar band, and then on Friday I’m going to a party where they have a dog. So, good times, at least! MOON: Oh, that’s nice!! I’ll be on my...

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Mulan Makeup

In Which Jenn Curles Her Lashes With Kickstarter

Would you guys forgive me if I did an endorsement post? It’s not even a REAL endorsement post. Nobody sent me anything free and nobody’s paying me. I’ve applied my own money to a Kickstarter project and as the deadline approaches I want to make sure more people are aware. It just might be worth your attention! I should note that this is not, strictly speaking, related to running. Or Walt Disney World. Or nutrition. Or body image. Or anything else we usually talk about. But it’s a beauty product and a pretty nifty one at that, and as...

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The Fairest Trip Report of All: Fairfax Fare & Studio Catering Co. Reviews

The trip report is over, but I still have a couple of posts left in me! In particular, food reviews. If you want to catch up on my Dopey experience, you can read all the posts in this particular trip report here. Ready? Let’s go! Let’s talk about counter service! More specifically, let’s talk about my least favorite counter service. Most specifically, let’s talk about my least favorite counter service in my least favorite park. Awww, I’m sorry, Hollywood Studios. It’s not that I don’t love you! It’s just that I don’t love you as much as the other parks....

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