In Which Jenn Registers For The Wine & Dine Half

Wine & Dine Half Marathon

Yeah baby yeah!

Wait, 12:01AM start time?

The time for agonizing was over. All that remained was registration. Which I did. Step one complete! Woo! And it’s a good thing I was on top of it – the race sold out in under an hour. God forbid I had a meeting or something at noon. (And I think it’s cute that they note a price increase if you register after March 31.)

It’s up in the air now who will be going with me – initially it was my mother, and then Pat said he MIGHT come too, ask him about that later, and then my mom was like, oh, he doesn’t want to hang out with me, if he comes I won’t, and I was just like SOMEBODY COME WITH ME AHHH. But I’m sure someone will. All I need to do is figure out if I can buy a plane ticket for one of them and then switch the name later if necessary… Oh, and I want Pop Century this time!

Anyway. Wine & Dine! I didn’t think I’d do it this year and yet here I am. Here I am, thinking how fun it would be to run the WDW Marathon again. But NO. Unless someone wants to hand me a fistful of large bills (and please don’t let me stop you), I am sticking to W&D for now. And possibly Princess. And/or the Disneyland Paris Half. Maybe. Only Pat and I want to go to Morocco too – the real one, not the Epcot one. TRAVEL WHY ARE YOU SO EXPENSIVE.

So! Enough of that. Who will be at Wine & Dine with me?

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  1. I'll be there for the 3rd year in a row! Registration this year was by far the most stressful. I'm in for the 1/2 and 5k and both my parents got the 5k!

  2. Me!!! ***jumping up and down, raising hand excitedly*** This will be my 2nd runDisney event after I did the VERY Frozen 5K last month and my FIRST HALF!!! Eeeek! That scares me a wee bit as my BRF did not get to sign up before the sell-out yesterday. But I figure, this is Disney, how bad can it be, right???

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