WDW Trip Report - Wine & Dine After Party

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Wine & Dine After Party Recap

It’s time for my all-time favorite type of post: the trip report! See all the posts in my 2022 Wine & Dine Half Marathon trip report. Onward! When we last left, uh… me & co, we were taking a pre-After Party siesta. Thus fortified by a little rest and a quick costume change, we jumped back onto the Skyliner and sauntered into Epcot via the International Gateway, the way all the cool kids do it. Commence snacking! It being Sunday night, the Food & Wine Festival lines were a little nutty, but that’s just the way of it –...

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Wine & Dine Half Marathon - Finish line

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: 2022 Wine & Dine Half Marathon Race Recap

It’s time for my all-time favorite type of post: the trip report! See all the posts in my 2022 Wine & Dine Half Marathon trip report. Onward! Would you like to know how much sleep I got the night before the 2022 Wine & Dine Half Marathon? According to my GPS watch, it was over 6 hours! New record! World record! With that auspicious start to the morning, I rolled out of bed around 2:30am and started preparations. Becky and Erika followed shortly after me, and we left our room for the buses right on the dot of our...

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runDisney sign

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: 11/4/22

It’s time for my all-time favorite type of post: the trip report! See all the posts in my 2022 Wine & Dine Half Marathon trip report. Onward! I did it! I did it! Why, I took a bad headspace and turned it into the best trip ever, just like I said I would! Okay, well, “best trip ever” would be difficult to qualify/define, but it was certainly up there. And I’m excited to tell you all about it, so let’s get started. I had a direct flight and it went smoothly, landing just about right on time. I don’t...

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Jenn and Erika with WDW Wine & Dine Two Course Challenge sign


This WILL be a GOOD WDW TRIP. I demand it! Okay, so my Achilles has been bothering me a bit. Not great for the Wine & Dine Half. And for some reason half my face decided breaking out would be a wonderful way to celebrate Halloween. Not great for race pictures. And I don’t have an Annual Pass. Not great for park time. And this year’s Wine & Dine Half course cuts out Disney’s Animal Kingdom AND the World Showcase finish. Not great… just not great. BUT. It’s Walt Disney World, okay?! If ever there was a location with...

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Race Schedule: The Next Generation

I haven’t enumerated my race schedule since October, so I’d say we’re well past due for an update! I mean, not that you can really trust me – the race schedule I plunk down on paper blog post doesn’t always jive with what actually comes to pass. But you’re not above engaging with some wild speculation with me, are you? Still, let’s start with what I do know for sure – a framework to build the speculation around, if you will… OFFICIALLY ON MY RACE SCHEDULE I’m all registered for these! FREEDOM 5K, JULY 2022 – Believe it or...

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Wine & Dine Half Marathon

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Wine & Dine Half Marathon Recap

It’s trip report time again! Read all posts in this trip report here. Well, you ask, how was the Wine & Dine Half Marathon this year? How was the first in-person runDisney event since February of 2020? Well. Let me tell you. To start, and I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion, I wish the race didn’t occur during a time change. The extra hour of sleep is great in theory, but it just makes me anxious that something will go wrong with the tech and I’ll oversleep. Yes, I recognize I am a crazed paranoiac, but here we...

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Runners only beyond this point

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: The Wine & Dine Half Marathon

Trip report time! See all the posts in this report. And now for my very favorite runDisney half: the Wine & Dine Half Marathon! Despite my standard issue paranoia and compounding exhaustion, I woke right up with my alarm for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. Once again my phone tried to fake me out by not reflecting the time change, but this time I knew to simply restart it and there it was: 2:15am. Perfect. I taped up and dressed before rousing Erika, and once she was ready we headed out to the bus line and hopped on the second one out....

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Cinderella Castle

The Fairest Week In Review: 11/14

Another season, another training cycle. My rest weeks post-MCM and Wine & Dine are coming to a close, but the training cycle for my next WDW Marathon is just now revving up! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Workout recap, put a bow on it: Sunday | Wine & Dine Half Marathon, 13.42 miles in 2:18 according to my GPS watch Also a bit of walking around WDW after, but we had a pretty chill day post-race so not as much as usual. Monday | walked around Disney’s Animal Kingdom And then left WDW that night. Blerg.  ...

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Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend

In Which Jenn Pens A Polite Apology To Lumiere

Hey, remember a couple years ago when the Wine & Dine Half was made into a morning race? And runDisney introduced the Two Course Challenge and I was like, pssssh, AS IF. And then I punched Lumiere DIRECTLY IN THE FACE. Well, I owe Lumiere an apology, because this just happened:   I know! I’m surprised too. But – and prepare for a real shocker – it wasn’t my idea.  See, the week after I got back from the Walt Disney World Marathon, I was in the dressing room at ballet chatting to a friend about my race. Another friend, Erika, piped...

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Snow White pie

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/14

I had planned to begin this post with a joyous “I’M REGISTERED FOR WINE & DINE!!!” but alas, it is not to be – if you haven’t already heard, registration has been delayed. Unknown as to why, but supposedly more information will be released later this week. In my heart of hearts, I want it to be because they’re changing it back into a night race… but I doubt it. All I can do is keep an eye out for the new registration date. Happy Pi Day or whatever. Week in review! Sunday | ran 9.21 miles outside in...

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