In Which Jenn Wants Running Shorts With POCKETS (& No Chafing)

Okay. Okay. I shouldn’t even be telling you about my new running shorts. I’m only ruining it for myself. But I just can’t help myself – they’re so goooood!* * And, to be clear, totally unsponsored.  I’ve historically been a capris girl, even in the summer. I have Thighs and a Butt and I don’t like Chafing. But it’s so freaking hot in the Puerto Rico summer that I just had to break down and buy some running shorts. I had an old pair from Target’s C9 line, but they were sort of flimsy and didn’t have any pockets. I...

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In Which Jenn Likes Yoga Because Of Disney, Obviously

Since I moved to Puerto Rico I don’t have as many cross-training opportunities as I once did. Well, I say that – all I ever used to do was ballet. I’ve actually been doing some weight training and resistance exercises in addition to running, so you could argue that I’m doing more cross-training, maybe? But I miss ballet. Not to say there isn’t ballet in PR. Obviously there totally is. But we’re sharing a car now and there are no dance studios in easy distance of me. Boo. Yet when we first arrived and lived in temporary quarters, for a...

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Goofy Challenge

How To Add On A runDisney Challenge After You’ve Already Registered

I’ve seen the question pop up many a time in the runDisney fan Facebook groups: “I’m registered for just the half marathon, but I want to go Goofy! I’m registered for Goofy, but I want to be Dopey! Can I upgrade to a race challenge?” Well, I lived that very tale, and I’m here to tell you that it’s both doable and doable easily – for a price. My first step was to email I laid out my dilemma – I was registered for the full but wanted to switch to Goofy – and requested information as to how...

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