In Which Jenn Is Slow (& It’s GREAT)

I was in Ocean City, MD last week. I KNOW. Look, I’m not saying it was a good idea. Largely we went so that we could be the buffer between the world and an immunocompromised family member who was going. We wore masks any time we stepped outside, but you wouldn’t BELIEVE how many people on the boardwalk didn’t. It’s a mess and if you were thinking about going, maybe don’t?

Anyway. Personal choices aside. I was there, and I was able to get in some boardwalk runs. Don’t worry, I got up early and knocked them out before the crowds rolled in. 
I had planned to keep it pretty chill, just a series of 30 minute jaunts. Of course, the boardwalk is such a delightfully straight, flat running path, I couldn’t help clocking some unintentionally fast miles.
But then one particular morning, I had been asked to swing by the post office to drop a card in the adjacent mailbox; since this was off the boardwalk and I’d need to pay attention to a new route and the hazards therein contained, I decided to take the run extra easy.
Holy guacamole, guys, it was AWESOME. I just cruised all 3 miles. It felt almost effortless. I hardly even knew what to do with myself but I knew I was enjoying the hell out of it. I may do this all month.
Runners tend to be goal-oriented with a need for gains, in both speed and mileage. But if you haven’t tried a short and gentle jog in awhile, I would highly encourage it. Finishing your run with a jaunty step and a smile on your face will make you that much more excited for your next hard slog. After all, isn’t running easy and fun? 😜
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In Which Jenn Luckily Already Has A Splash Mountain Souvenir

No doubt by now you’ve heard about how Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom had a 240 minute wait yesterday- for the gift shop. People were queuing up for a legit 2-hour wait to buy endangered ride merch.

Sure, that’s kind of insane, but I do get the urge – Splash Mountain is a great ride, and as much as I’m down for the Princess & The Frog redo for a variety of reasons, I’ll miss it. It would be nice to have a memento. Alas, I’m not sure I’ll be back to WDW before it shuts down for the refurb, thus ruining my chances at both a final ride and a final shopping experience.
But wait! Thankfully I remembered I already have a Splash Mountain souvenir: a t-shirt I picked up in June 2011. If I remember correctly I grabbed it on the very last day of the trip. It’s not the most eye-catching of designs (where are the characters? Why is the color palette so muted? What is the ride name barely legible?), but the fitted crop cut is cute and – this was important as I can be cheap am frugal – it was on sale, which is probably what tipped me into “buy” mode.
Unfortunately, while I have no memory of anything ever happening while wearing it, it hasn’t aged well, which is why it hasn’t made it into a park wardrobe rotation previously. It’s got some weird discoloration on one sleeve and a tiny hole in the upper left near the collar. 
I think it might be salvageable, though, with a good steam and some minor modifications – the discoloration doesn’t bother me too much, and I think I can cover over the hole and make it cuter with an iron-on patch. I’m currently trolling Etsy for a such a find, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!
I suppose this would decrease its value as an authentic piece of Disney Parks merchandise of a bygone era, but, I mean, it isn’t in great condition as it is. What is it with me and vintage Disney t-shirts?
If my mission is successful, you may see this shirt in my next Disney Dandy post; I have a brown suede skirt that might go with it well, or some skinny jeans if the weather calls for it. In the meantime, best of luck for those trying to get your hands on a Splash souvenir of your own. Here’s hoping it stays open long enough for us to get those last rides and shopping sprees in!
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In Which Jenn Is Probably Forgetting Something

Hello! Are you a paranoiac? Are you forgetful? Are you a forgetful paranoiac? ARE YOU A PARANOIAC BECAUSE YOU’RE FORGETFUL???

I feel you. Oh, do I feel you. My anxieties seep into all aspects of my life, running included. But I adapt and manage them as I go along – and I think I’ve got my pre-race readiness paranoia licked (one down!). The solution is simple: photography!
Next time you lay out your race gear, lay it ALL out. Is your breakfast bar in the fridge? Go grab it and toss it on top of your sports bra. Have you cut your KT Tape yet? At least lay it out with some scissors. Watch? Water? Credit cards? Add EVERYTHING for race morning to the pile.
Once you’re absolutely sure every element of your race is in one place, take a picture. Afterward your race is over, evaluate. Were you missing anything? No? Great! You’ve got yourself a race prep platonic ideal!
Then, when you’re prepping for your next race, consult your photos and look over the contents. Anything missing? No problem; you’ve caught it in time!
Certainly it’s not a foolproof method; different races have different requirements. But it’s helped me cool my anxiety jets and/or saved my running bacon on more than one occasion. Can also work for long training runs. Practice while you’re waiting for races to start up again. You know how to get to Carnegie Hall, after all.
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In Which Jenn Has A Weird Running Tan

It all started at the 2020 Walt Disney World Marathon.
I don’t know if it was record-breaking heat, but it was certainly the hottest WDW Marathon I’d experience, so much so that they cut the course short for some of the slower runners
Thanks to that heat, I made the unusual choice to wear shorts. They worked out fine, but with the broiling sun I wound up with quite the shorts tan. Even weeks later I was rocking a distinct straight line across my thighs, like a farmer’s tan if farmers wore very pale bike shorts.
Oh, and a KT Tape tan too, for good measure.
Of course, not too long after that the COVID shut down came, and I wasn’t able to hang out on the beach in an effort to combat this problem. I was, however, able to continue running outside in the mornings. In my shorts. Problem: compounded.
But wait, there’s more! I’ve been running more and longer in Puerto Rico, and in the summer the heat and humidity here is pretty brutal. I sometimes come in from perfectly dry runs looking like a just slogged through a rainstorm. One way to make this problem more bearable? Ditch the shirt.
This works great! Ladies, you should all ditch the shirt! Run in just the sports bra and be free! There’s no need to be weighed down by redundant torso fabric!

But you should know: you will get a weird band of tan around your abdomen. Unfortunately I can’t show you the overall effect because I can’t quite reconcile a Disney blog with nudity, so you’re going to have a trust me. Combined with the aforementioned thigh tan it’s an… interesting look.
Then again, what isn’t… interesting these days? Lean in!
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