In Which Jenn Runs Slow (& It’s GREAT)

Ocean City

I was in Ocean City, MD last week. I KNOW. Look, I’m not saying it was a good idea. Largely we went so that we could be the buffer between the world and an immunocompromised family member who was going. We wore masks any time we stepped outside, but you wouldn’t BELIEVE how many people on the boardwalk didn’t. It’s a mess and if you were thinking about going, maybe don’t?

Anyway. Personal choices aside. I was there, and I was able to get in some boardwalk runs. Don’t worry, I got up early and knocked them out before the crowds rolled in.

I had planned to keep it pretty chill, just a series of 30 minute jaunts. Of course, the boardwalk is such a delightfully straight, flat running path, I couldn’t help clocking some unintentionally fast miles.

But then one particular morning, I had been asked to swing by the post office to drop a card in the adjacent mailbox; since this was off the boardwalk and I’d need to pay attention to a new route and the hazards therein contained, I decided to take the run extra easy.

Holy guacamole, guys, it was AWESOME. I just cruised all 3 miles. It felt almost effortless. I hardly even knew what to do with myself but I knew I was enjoying the hell out of it. I may do this all month.

Runners tend to be goal-oriented with a need for gains, in both speed and mileage. But if you haven’t tried a short and gentle jog in awhile, I would highly encourage it. Finishing your run with a jaunty step and a smile on your face will make you that much more excited for your next hard slog. After all, isn’t running easy and fun? 😜

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