In Which Jenn Is At The Beach Again

Hey, remember how I went to the beach a couple weeks ago? Well, I’M DOING IT AGAIN. This time I’m heading back to the Outer Banks, site of… well, not super awesome runs, actually. But I did run. And I plan to again. So we’ll see how that goes! While I’ve got you, I want to remind you that the Diabetes Action Team is a totally awesome charity that I am fundraising for to earn my Marine Corps Marathon bib and you can get involved! I am inching closer to my goal and every little bit helps. Pretty please...

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Diagon Alley

The Most Universal Trip Report Of All: 8/20

It’s the briefest trip report of all! While on a recent conference trip to Orlando, I carved out a bit of time to visit Universal Studios Florida. Click here to read all the entries in this report. Onward! I had purchased a three-day park hopper, but in truth I didn’t really need it; I’d pretty much knocked out the stuff that mattered to me in the previous two days. Mind you, I did NOT take a completist approach to park touring – I skipped a lot of stuff that I’d already done on previous visits. A first-timer would doubtless need more...

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Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

The Most Universal Trip Report Of All: 8/18

It’s the briefest trip report of all! While on a recent conference trip to Orlando, I carved out a bit of time to visit Universal Studios Florida. Click here to read all the entries in this report. Onward! Day two at Universal Studios was buddy-less; I was the only one who had bought a multi-day ticket. And so, after two and half days of conferencing, I gallivanted off back to the park. My cab dropped me off at the park around 4pm, and I spent the entire walk from the drop-off spot to the entrance formulating my plane. One...

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Hogwarts train

The Most Universal Trip Report Of All: 8/15

No trip to brief for a trip report, right? Last week I was in Orlando for a conference, and I figured while there I may as well schedule in a little playtime. So I headed down a day early for some Universal Studios Florida time (don’t worry, WDW, you’re next!). There was a long luggage check line at the airport, I barely made my boarding group, I had hardly eaten anything, and I was frankly exhausted by the time I made it to Orlando, but there’s nothing like the promise of a theme park to fuel the old adrenaline....

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Doctor Who run

The Fairest Week In Review: 8/25

JENN: So how’s your running been going? MOON: Steady, can’t complain. Although I need something new to listen to. I get so bored. JENN: Still enjoying the treadmill? MOON: I am, except the boredom part. JENN: You should’ve come to Orlando with me last week! I mean, the treadmill was just as boring but there was fruit-infused water every day. I mean, it was Florida so it was humid even inside the gym (and don’t even get me started about outside; the 5K was NOT cool), but that infused water was really awesome. I should start doing that. MOON: Ha, I’m not sure if you’ve heard...

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In Which Jenn Is Headed To Universal Studios Florida

Just because I have made my decision doesn’t mean I have to like it. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have a conference in Orlando next week that will include a little bit of downtime. Hardcore WDW girl that I am, I decided I’m going to spend that downtime at Universal Studios Orlando so I can check out the new Harry Potter expansion. But then of course I was listening to Main Street background music on YouTube and that made me all sad and I miss WDW and wouldn’t it be silly to go to Orlando and...

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This area is being refurbished

Kill/Refurb/Marry: Frozen Treats in the Parks

It’s Kill/Refurb/Marry time! This month’s edition of the blog hop concerns favorite frozen treats in the parks. Now, the definition of “frozen treat” may vary from person to person – does ice cream count? If so, does it have to be considered a “novelty” or is Beaches & Cream’s No Way Jose sundae eligible? Alternatively, does it only county if there’s actual ice directly involved, like a slush or smoothie? Where does the Dole Whip fall in all of this?! One could arrive at many interpretations, but where I chose to land was in the “ice cream novelties cart”...

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The Fairest Week In Review: 8/11

JENN: How was your running last week? MOON: Running was good! JENN: Have a route in your new neighborhood? MOON: If by “route” you mean the fact that I get in the elevator and go to floor 7 where the gym is, then… a resounding yes! JENN: Haha, any plans to venture outside or too much Orioles traffic? MOON: Hmmm, sooooo. I would love to run outside because I could go from my apartment building down to the Inner Harbor, through Harbor East (if I can manage to dodge all the fancy valets and such…), to Fells and then back. I’ve done it once and...

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