The Fairest Week In Review: 8/11


JENN: How was your running last week?

MOON: Running was good!

JENN: Have a route in your new neighborhood?

MOON: If by “route” you mean the fact that I get in the elevator and go to floor 7 where the gym is, then… a resounding yes!

JENN: Haha, any plans to venture outside or too much Orioles traffic?

MOON: Hmmm, sooooo. I would love to run outside because I could go from my apartment building down to the Inner Harbor, through Harbor East (if I can manage to dodge all the fancy valets and such…), to Fells and then back. I’ve done it once and it’s actually really refreshing if the Chesapeake isn’t in a particularly stinky mood.  However. It’s totally not cool to be a lady and to run in the downtown area after dusk. This limits my time.

JENN: Ah, yes, that’s very wise.Perhaps in the fall when daytime temperatures allow for it.

MOON: I’m hoping ☺I need to get used to running the crazy roads of Baltimore, after all.

JENN: Yes! Signed up for the Baltimore Marathon yet?

MOON: I am going to this week. ☺

JENN: Awesome! Keep me posted.

MOON: How was your week? Have you been running outside?

JENN: I have! It kinda sucks sometimes but I’m definitely faster than I was last year. Last week was my first full training week with my new sneakers and so far so good! No knee pain, thank God; I’m always a little worried whenever I switch shoes but I’m fine so far.

MOON: What does your training schedule look like?

JENN: It’s pretty straightforward for the next couple months: tapering for the Parks Half will begin at the end of August, and then two weeks later is the National Capital 20 Miler. After that it’s more tapering until the Marine Corps Marathon, and then two weeks later the Wine and Dine Half. Once I get into mid-November, though – no idea! Anyone have suggestions?

MOON: My goodness. That’s quite the ambitious schedule.  Good luck!

JENN: Thanks! Maybe we can find something in the winter or spring to do together.

MOON: Yes, of course! That would be great. Maybe you can do the MMRF run with me in… November? It’ll be short, only a 5k, but it benefits Multiple Myeloma Research.

JENN: Sure, send me the info and if the date works out I’m in.

MOON: Great! I do, though, have a question about training. In my perfect world I always imagined that I would do the marathon with a year to really train for it. But, seeing as I have approximately two  months, would you suggest aiming for endurance or speed? Originally I wanted to do speed, but at this point I’m running the race to finish it.

JENN: Psh, you don’t need a whole year if you’re already a runner. You’ll be fine. ☺ But I’d say endurance, yes. First one is to do it. The rest are to have fun and/or speed it up!

MOON: My plan right now is to train by doing intervals of running, walking for a little bit, then starting up again until I can do 15 miles easy.I have to be honest, I am dreading the hills. I hear it’s very hilly.

JENN: You’ll kill it, no question!

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