In Which Moon Recaps The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation 5K Run/Walk


There’s nothing like a crisp and chilly morning by the National Harbor waters to get the blood stirring in the morning… Especially when your name is Christian and you’re wearing shorts (more on this later).

November 16: Friends and family gathered to show their support of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation by running or walking. I invited some of my closest friends and family to run/walk with me. I’m eternally grateful for those who were able to come and participate. All the love to Christian, Elizabeth, Amanda, Clift, and Dad.

Weather is general has a reputation for being unreliable and spotty. We Marylanders were experiencing a rather warm beginning to winter. Earlier in the week the temperatures were solidly between 50-60. However, evening arrived and decided to bring with it cold air and SNOW.

We missed much of the precipitation, but it was indeed very cold. Christian did not have long running pants (and unfortunately we were banking on it staying unreasonably warm). So, enjoy some of our pre-run pictures of the group together. We all look cold (except for Clift and Dad who wore many layers).

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation 5KMultiple Myeloma Research Foundation 5K

Just to throw it out there: I went back to my car after a half hour of standing around to search for my ONE MITTEN I thought might be hiding somewhere in the glove box (no pun intended, although a glove box full of gloves would have been appropriate. Hmph).

Unfortunately, the walkers and runners did not have the same course. Amanda reports back that my dad is quite the fast walker. He is also possesses terrible estimate skills. When I found him at the end we had this conversation:

Me: There you are! I was wondering when you would all get back.

Dad: It was nothing. We went three miles, I’m surprised it took you so long.

Me: What do you mean? I’ve been waiting here for a half hour for you guys?

Dad: We went three miles in about… eh, probably 22 minutes.

Me: …If you walk at 3 MPH each mile will be 20 minutes.

Dad: We were going pretty fast.

Turns out the walkers did a shorter course, although Clift and Amanda attest to Dad’s pants indeed being on fire.

As for the runners! Liz, Christian, and I ran. Christian and I stayed together for the most part. The track took us up a hill and over a bridge and a half. The course was a bit lack-luster, but this is only because we ran halfway then turned around and ran back the same way.

The cold kept me moving, though. Note to future self: NO WINTER RUNS UGH.

Christian and I made good time and Liz kept a solid pace throughout! Yay, team! Can’t wait to do the next one. Jenn will have to join and kick our butts.

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  1. You definitely looked cold in those photos. I had to laugh about your Dad's comment and his pants being on fire. I find cold weather running much more difficult than hot because you need so much more fuel to stay warm.

  2. I agree about the cold weather! My lungs always feel like they are (ironically) on fire.

    Someday I'll get dad to run. Then he will know it's pretty hard to do three miles in 22 minutes :p!

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