Cinderella Castle

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Imaginary Edition

Normally the week after a Walt Disney World trip is followed by a series of trip report blog posts. Alas, last week’s WDW sojourn didn’t happen.  But this didn’t stop me from opening up my planning spreadsheet and punctuating every single day with statements about what we should be doing at that time. I was constantly telling Pat things like “We should be in Disney Springs right now;” “Our Splash Mountain FastPass just opened up;” “Our Oga’s Cantina ADR is for 7pm tonight;” etc. I’m sure he loved it.  And then it occurred to me – what if I...

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In Which Jenn Runs The Race Her Own Darn Self

Back in January of 2017, some brave Walt Disney World Half Marathon registrants set a precedent: when your runDisney race is cancelled, you run it anyway on your own. And so last Sunday, the woulda-been date of the Star Wars Rival Run Half Marathon, I set out on the streets of San Juan to run 13.1 by myself. I wore my intended race outfit, as viewed below. You see, when it comes to the Stars, I prefer to Trek. ;P I started at 5:45am, which is probably somewhere in the general area I would’ve started the race anyway, give...

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Disney cutting board

In Which Jenn Needs A (Disney) Drink

Darn it, guys, these are not the posts I had planned for April. We were going to discuss my park wardrobe. We were gonna geek out together over my race costume. We were going to squee joyously over my trip plans. And today, I was going to drive the point home: tomorrow I go to Walt Disney World! Only I’m not. If you can imagine. Ah, well. We’re all coping as best we can. And one way I’ve been coping with missing Disney is with alcohol. Wait wait wait – not like that! Rather, I’ve been following along with...

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In Which Jenn Takes On The Virtual Parkeology Challenge

Are you familiar with the Parkeology Challenge? You can get the full lowdown here, but the gist is that you ride every single ride in the four main WDW theme parks. If it’s a ride with cars/physical movement, it counts. So, Main Street vehicles? Counts. It’s Tough To Be A Bug? That’s a show; don’t worry about it. It’s not something I’ve ever put too much thought into attempting myself, because I tend to be high enough on the anxiety scale as it is. 🤪 But when the Parkeology guys offered a virtual version in an attempt offset quarantine doldrums,...

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Running shoes

In Which Jenn Takes The Cinderella Approach To Running

Last week I got a hot tip from one of my runDisney Facebook groups – the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon store was selling their themed tie-dye Launch 5s for $25! Now a) I’ve never used the Launch and b) I’m not running a Rock ‘n Roll race this year (I did once and it was not my favorite). But for $25 bucks plus a five spot in shipping I was certainly willing to give it a shot. They came yesterday and I was surprised how much they cheered me up. I mean, obviously as a runner and a girl-type...

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