The Fairest Trip Report Of All: The Disney Massage Experience

Continuing my trip report for my January 2019 WDW trip. See all the posts in this report here. Onward!

Once again I did something for the very first time at Walt Disney World: I got a real massage! (Another thing I did for the first time in WDW is a tequila shot but that’s a different story.)

Although the point of not buying any park tickets for this trip was to save money, I figured I might as well spend a bit of time and moolah on non-park experiences while I was at it. So I made an appointment at the Zahanati spa and fitness center for the morning after the marathon.

I began by checking in at the desk, which is unassumingly tucked in a corner of the gym by the door. An attendant brought me to a back hallway waiting area – so far not very posh! I was offered a robe and time in the steam room, but as it was almost my appointment time and I was new to the whole business I declined.

Promptly at 9am, my massage therapist collected me and brought me into one of the private treatment rooms. Much like the waiting area, it wasn’t especially lux or plush, but it was neat and clean. 

My therapist described the course my treatment would take – back of body, turn over, front of body but no front torso work – and explained that the massage would begin with a hot towel scent treatment. She gave me two scent options and I went with lavender; if I remember correctly the other option was something in the citrus family.

She then left the room while I undressed to my level of comfort. Once I was safely ensconced under my sheet, she re-entered and got to work. It went pretty much exactly as initially described – first my back, then my neck and shoulders a bit, then my legs and feet. At that point I flipped and she did my shoulders and arms plus my legs and feet again. The massage was over at exactly 10am, so, impressive timing on her part.

Before the massage started my therapist had asked me if I had any particular areas I wanted her to focus on. I noted that I had run the marathon the day before, so she suggested particular leg attention. In the moment it didn’t particularly feel like she focused on my legs more than anything else, but as this was my first massage I don’t have a basis of comparison. In retrospect I wish I’d asked her to pay the most attention to my feet as they were sore from the race, and OH MY GOD did it feel good when she rubbed them. I would gladly pay for an hour of that, I don’t even care if it makes me sound like Quentin Tarantino.

Also speaking to the post-race massage topic – I was booked for a custom massage, and my therapist used gentle but firm pressure. It felt good. It did not, however, really get in there with my muscles as I think might be beneficial to athletes. Something to keep in mind if you’re looking to put the emphasis on therapy in massage therapy.

At the end of my appointment my therapist left the room so I could dress, then walked me to the desk. She gave me a piece of chocolate for some unknown reason, and also told me to drink a lot of water as it’s apparently common for massages to trigger headaches in newbies. Go figure.

Then it was just a matter of settling up at the desk. I got a 15% discount for using my Disney Visa, but they also added an automatic 20% gratuity. Ah well; at least that meant tip was taken care of for me.

Is a massage worth skipping the parks for? I’d say no. It’s a nice experience but I wasn’t absolutely blown away. I was also a bit disappointed in the overall appointment of the spa, which was pretty plain. Perhaps spas in other Disney resorts are more upscale.

That being said, if you’ve got a little money and time to burn at Disney, you could certainly do worse. Everything’s worth trying once, right?

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The Fairest Week In Review: 1/30

And so we enter the Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul (copyright Douglas Adams, 1988). 

I don’t know if this ever happens to you, but lately my GPS has been acting a little haywire? Which is frustrating. And it’s been really cold and unhelpful lately, weather-wise (it’s sleeting as I type this). And I’ve been researching wedding venues and I can’t find anything because as it turns out I don’t like mansions or barns and it’s like ALLLL mansion and barns for, like, a million dollars and anyway they’re booked solid for the next millenium. And I don’t know when my next runDisney trip will be, although it’s probably the marathon again because I have resolved to NEVER miss the marathon, but I’d like to do another one but things are kinda up in the air and I just don’t KNOW and anyway blah.

So I’m a little cranky right now. That’s okay, I know how to cheer myself up.

There. That’s better.

Workout recap:

Sunday | ran 5.2 miles outside in 55 minutes
First post-marathon run.

Monday | ran 5.18 miles outside in 55 minutes; 55 minute ballet class

Tuesday | walked 2.09 miles outside in 35 minutes

Wednesday | ran 5.36 miles outside in 55 minutes

Thursday | walked 2 miles outside in 35 minutes
I should’ve gone to ballet too but I had a weird day and decided to just go home and chill.

Friday | ran 5.15 miles outside in 35 minutes

Saturday | rest
Went bowling for a friend’s birthday party, except I don’t like bowling so I just drank cheap beer instead.


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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Fireworks At The California Grill

Continuing my trip report for my January 2019 WDW trip. See all the posts in this report here. Onward!

I bolted out of my Jiko dinner with one objective in mind: sneaking into the California Grill to watch the Happily Ever After fireworks. With that goal in my sights, I hopped a bus to the Magic Kingdom from AKL and then walked over to the Contemporary. 

Surprisingly, I was not the only hopeful solo patron hanging around the check-in desk hoping to be granted access to this exclusive establishment. But they let me onto the elevator within about 5 minutes and I had a seat at the bar 10 minutes after that.

With 45 minutes to spare before the fireworks, I ordered a glass of Malbec and settled in. My seatmate was wearing a Dopey jacket and subsequent medals, and we ended striking up that sort of very specific whirlwind mini-friendship one often finds in the Walt Disney World/runDisney community. Or is that just me? Am I hella intense?! DO I MAKE PEOPLE TALK TO ME???

Anyway. The fireworks were early that night – 8pm – and with the assurance that I could keep my seat at the bar I scooched out onto the observation deck to take it all in. Honestly, the view isn’t all that great, and depending the winds they fireworks can be super skewed by comparison to the castle, as they were this night. But it really didn’t matter; it was the music and the proximity that made me feel happy.

I wouldn’t be shocked if every night the fireworks are the unofficial signal to clear out of the CA Grill, and things settled down significantly back at the bar. Our bartender was able to slow down enough to chat a bit with us, and even took unsolicited photos of us with the castle.

Here I am demonstrating the face a bunny makes.

Right before the last call, some random businessmen showed up and bought me a glass of wine, which I’d heard of being a thing that can happen but not generally encountered personally in real life let alone WDW. Rare occurrence or not, that extra glass of wine led me to basically shut down the bar!

I’m so glad I decided to spend my evening this way. The fireworks are always lovely and something about the magic of WDW makes everyone a friend. Single individuals seem to be accommodated pretty easily, too. Solo WDW is the best!

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Dinner At Jiko

Continuing my trip report for my January 2019 WDW trip. See all the posts in this report here. Onward!

Oh, but I was stiff after the marathon! I did make a quick lap around the merch tent in the finisher’s area, but that was about as far as it went. I hopped aboard a bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge, got off at the Kidani stop, herded myself into the shower, and proceeded to take a nap.

But I had to drag myself out of bed shortly after, because I had reservations at Jiko! Thing was, I had reservations for Jiko an hour later than it was. But I had a whole complicated plan for the evening that required I get into dinner early, so I headed down to the podium like the optimist that I am.

Turns out Jiko was pretty empty, and not only was I immediately admitted I was given my choice of seats – regular table or show kitchen? Being a solo dinner this struck me as an excellent time for the show kitchen, so I selected a seat at the end of the counter there. It was a good choice; the chefs were bent on their work, of course, but they occasionally chatted with me and I was able to watch some of my orders being assembled.

My server was Audrey, who was very warm and knowledgeable and didn’t seem thrown off by a solo diner at all. She walked me through drinks first, and while I was waffling among my choices she talked me into the African MoTEAto, which included mint tea. I like mint tea and carbonation is my JAM, so this felt like a good choice. As it turned out it was a little bland for my tastes (I wish the tea were punchier), but still refreshing.

The meal began with a bit of that same tea, minus the alocohol, of course – everyone gets that. Audrey went over appetizers, and we mutually agreed that the Jiko salad would be my selection. I love it when restaurants serve food from Epcot’s gardens!

This turned out to be a great call. The vegetables were very fresh as you might imagine, but the real winners were the goat cheese and – wait for it – the CURRIED PUMPKIN SEEDS. I frickin’ love curry! Best salad ever. Also the chef made it right in front of me and handed it to me personally, which was a nice touch.

One thing Jiko does not have is great lighting.

For my main course I decided on the elk flatbread, as I don’t run into elk on many menus in my regular, non-Disney life. This is normally served with olives but Audrey said she usually orders without because she finds them too briny an addition. This made sense to me and anyway I was ready to let Audrey run my entire life by this point, so I ordered it the same.

And I’m glad I did, because while I bet the saltiness of the olives cuts some of the richness of the cheese and meat, I think the brine would’ve distracted from the elk. It was good; I would describe it as halfway between steak and duck, with a mild gaminess that made the cheese an afterthought. I liked it but I’d probably try something else if I went back.

I skipped dessert as I was ready to execute Step Two of my Plan, but I hear there are some good ones. Overall I would definitely recommend Jiko for those with a slightly adventurous palette, especially the show kitchen seats. Dinner and entertainment!

Incidentally, what was Step Two of my Plan? Tune in next week to find out!

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The Fairest Week In Review: 1/23

Oh, post-marathon week off from running, I hardly new ye.

Workout recap, go:

Sunday | The Walt Disney World Marathon, 26.2 miles around WDW in 5:05:47
Not as good as last year’s, but that race was so magnificent I could hardly expect such a thing to happen every time. As it was this year’s race was pretty damn magical.

Monday | gallivanted about WDW
More trip reporting to come!

Tuesday | 55 minute ballet class
Home. Boo. I wanted to go for a walk but was busy at work and didn’t have time.

Wednesday | rest
But I did have a meeting downtown so I did a fair bit of walking.

Thursday | walked 2.1 miles outside in 35 minutes

Friday | walked 2.41 miles outside in 40 minutes

Saturday | 60 minute ballet class

Next week it’s back to the running grind, although with slightly less mileage than usual. Gotta ease in, right?

I thought so. Now ease into this roundup:

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: The WDW Marathon

Continuing my trip report for my January 2019 WDW trip. See all the posts in this report here. Onward!

The last two years have seen unseasonably chilly temperatures for Florida during the Walt Disney World Marathon. This year, I bolted upright in bed at 2:35am in the morning as always, but to a very different world. It was already 60 degrees; indeed, I dressed in my Figment best for the race and then topped it off with a single thin long-sleeve shirt as a throwaway. Fancy that – a WDW Marathon where I wasn’t freezing to death.

Under the cover of darkness that is characteristic of such ungodly hours, I slinked over to the bus stop to… no line at all. I got on the bus and it didn’t even fill before leaving. Life in the deluxe resorts sure is spacious.

The bus dropped us off at the staging area a little after 3:30am. I busied myself with my usual pre-race ritual: wandering around aimlessly. There were character photo opportunities but the lines were long and already gotten Mickey yesterday, so, eh. 

There wasn’t even a crazy dance party to watch – even the DJ seemed uncharacteristically subdued. He was spinning tunes but you could tell his heart wasn’t in it. Eventually the usual runDisney announcer gang showed up, said a few words, and released us to the long walk to the corrals.

The race got started promptly at 5:30am and they really hustled the corrals through; I was in C and I was crossing the start line a mere 7 minutes later, even sooner than last year. As is annoyingly often the case, I almost immediately needed to pee, but other than that I felt good enough as I began the long run.

A merely three miles or so later I came to a screeching halt, for my holy grail of character stops had appeared: DARKWING DUCK! He was paired with Launchpad McQuack as he was the last and only other time I have ever seen him, but for some reason they were only playing the Duck Tales theme song, not DW’s. I tried to even the score but running at Darkwing with my arms flung open and he mimed being dutifully flattered, but then I bet he acts that way with all the goslings. Drake Mallard pulls, y’all.

And then I stopped to pee at the TTA, which I mention mostly because I totally forgot there was a real bathroom at the TTA so file that information away if you think it might ever prove useful.

The next truly notable instance was entering the Magic Kingdom and running up Main Street, which is always a delight, especially with the incredible crowd support. A kind Cast Member took my picture with the lit up castle before I took the hard right into Tomorrowland…

… and into Fantasyland, where a short wait compelled me to hop in a photo queue, feeling sure that they must be

Most of the other photo opps in Fantasyland and Frontierland tempted me insufficiently in proportion to line length, but I had to stop for Cinderella when I saw she was accompanied by the Fairy Godmother. They sounded kinda weird, though – verrrry calm. Like, maybe on downers calm. I dunno. I’m a little afraid of face characters, to be honest.

After running through the castle we exited the Magic Kingdom in pretty short order. Usually this is where you can pick up a photo with the steampunk Maleficent dragon and her creepy stiltwalkers, but this year she was replaced by a collection of villains. The Imaginners are still working on her firebreathing apparatus, I guess. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Frollo or Jafar out and about, though, so that was at least interesting.

Then I ran away from them and entered my least favorite part of the race: the stretch between the Magic Kingdom and DAK. I know that’s early in the race to start getting cranky, but the roads are mostly boring and there’s that one obnoxious out-and-back and the sewage processing area that smells bad and there are SO. MANY. MILES. LEFT, you guys. Why do we do this again?

(Shoutout to Megan at Elbowglitter for cheering for me by the Grand Floridian sign! It gave me 30 seconds of distraction I sorely needed.)

At one point I was so demoralized I stopped for a picture with Clarabelle Cow and whoever this horse is, just to have something to do. Seriously, I thought the horse was Hortensia?? Is it actually Hortense??? What is the truth?????

But universe always snaps back into alignment as we approach Disney’s Animal Kingdom. For one thing, I got my ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY photo with the Festival of Lion King stiltwalkers. Not that I’m complaining, but it is CRIMINAL that they never have a line.

Then there’s the cute animal section! “Anyone need a bunny break?” these CMs asked, and, like, who doesn’t?

And then I liked the bunny break so much I took a goat break too.

Then we ran into DAK proper, where I stopped to pee again because apparently my bladder thought I was making much too good time. But after that everything was lovely. The DAK Cast Members are always out in full force to cheer, and there are usually some good photo stops too. 

I stopped for a picture with a ballet ostrich from Fantasia, but in that case the CMs were TOO efficient, taking my photo before I was ready and hustling me out. It was almost enough to make me stop for a beer, but I resisted.

It was too early to wait around for Everest to open up, so I ran on through Dinoland USA and reluctantly exited the park. More boring roads awaited me for some time, but at least now I could remind myself I was over halfway done. Plus Disney provided an extra gravedigger this year, and who isn’t cheered by that?

Finally, gloriously, the course wound into the ESPN Wide World of Sports, which I used to freakin’ HATE but have developed a strange fondness for. I think it’s because as you enter you’re closing in on mile 18 and starting to get a little loopy. My IT Band was bugging me, which was annoying because that was a 2017 injury I thought I’d put to rest, but I was getting there! I was closer to the finish than I wasn’t! Minnie says put on a happy face!

Maui says: you’re welcome.

At the entrance/exit to the WWoS there was an announcer repeatedly telling those coming in they were at approximately mile 17.5, which, boo. BUT then we you left, he was telling you you were at mile 20.8, yay! I reminded myself to keep running tall to keep the pressure off my IT Band and kept the pace, even running all the way up the Green Army Man hill. Incredible, right?

Yes, The Incredibles were but one of the harbingers of the Hollywood Studios. And at this point, guys, I’m not gonna lie – my morale was getting a little low. My IT Band was bothering me and I was tired. I was counting on the Studios, and its many many spectators, to boost me up the way it did last year. I expected zooming energy. But it wasn’t coming. What was wrong?

I trudged down the path out of the Studios and over to the Boardwalk, which was once again full of a spectacular number of cheering spectators, offering candy, beverages, and support. I kept my chin up but I still wondered where the magic was. Where was my runDisney-induced runner’s high? It had usually kicked in by now!

And then I ran into the World Showcase and BAM: it happened. The Disney music was playing, the Cast Members were waving their flags, the finish line was in sight, and I filled up with joy. IT Band? Never heard of it! My pain melted away and I sped past countries, kicking it, passing people left and right. 

I definitely wasn’t about to set any PRs, though, so I figured there was no harm in stopping for photos. I tried to explain to Alice that I did my thesis on her books, but she stayed firmly in character pretending she had no idea what a thesis was. 

Then I hopped in with Jasmine because I had just finished singing along to “Friend Like Me.”

And then I got one in with Snow White because it’s THE FAIREST RUN OF ALL, kids.

And then I ran down the bridge to Tomorrowland, gazed up at Spaceship Earth while choking back tears, waved to Megan who had moved locations and was sweetly cheering for me even though I was a choked up sweaty weirdo, grinned stupidly at the gospel choir and SPRINTED FOR THE FINISH!!!!

And then came to a stop because ow. Whew. Probably one of the harder efforts I’ve given. The heat and humidity didn’t help. But it happened! I was happy!

But also sad. Because I knew it would be an ENTIRE YEAR before I got to do it again. 🙁 🙁 🙁

WDW 2020, anybody?

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The Fairest Trip Report Of All: Kidani Village & The Race Expo

I’m gonna split this trip report up a little differently than usual – rather than go strictly one day at a time, I’m going to separate out the posts by individual activity. That being said, day 1 was very chill, so I’ll be pretty comprehensive with this first foray. Onward with the trip report!

This tale of Walt Disney World begins as they always do: with a trip to the airport at an ungodly hour. Despite not planning to check a bag, I left extra early in case the government shutdown was causing a bad backup at airport security. It wasn’t, but it never hurts to be prepared!

My flight was delayed by faulty wiring, but we made up the time in the air and landed just about as scheduled. I hightailed it over to the Magic Express stop, where I hopped aboard a bus with my fellow travelers. I wound up being the only person headed to Kidani Village – by the time we arrived, I had the bus to myself!

I hadn’t received a text from Disney that my room was ready, so I found an out of the way bathroom, changed, got tarted up a bit, and headed over to the expo. Once again, I was the only person on the bus! Kidani sure is tiny to a girl used to value and moderate resorts.

The bib pickup area was pretty quiet with only the marathoners still to go, and I had my bib in no time flat. From there I headed over to the exhibitor hall to grab my race shirt and check out the vendors. I did a quick lap to get the lay of the land and picked up some Clif Shots (mocha, natch) at Track Shack before settling into the KT Tape line.

Which took foreeeeeever. Last time I got taped up you had to buy a roll to qualify and the line was practically nonexistent. Well, not only did they revert to making it free for anyone, they were taping multiple body parts (it used to be only one) and explaining how to do it as they went along.

Which is all well and good from the standpoint of generosity, but the end result was that it took over an hour before it was my turn. And then when it was my turn, I had a very nice and personable lady who didn’t tape my knees to my liking. I wound up ripping it all off and redoing it myself later that day. Oh well – it’s not like I had anywhere to be!

You know who would make me feel better and lives around there?

Mickey pantomimed he liked my dressed and requested I do a spin! And then I curtseyed because spinning is a ballet thing and autopilot kicked in.

It was lunch time by that point, but first I wanted to investigate the official merch, which is now housed in a separate building. I gazed longingly at the runDisney puffer jackets, but the $90 price tag gave me pause. There was still plenty of inventory, so I decided if it was meant to be it’d be in the merch tent after the race. (It wasn’t and I was sad, but that’s $90 I didn’t spend. Maybe next time?)

That about wrapped up my expo to-dos, so I picked up a bus back to Animal Kingdom Lodge, getting off at Jambo House for lunch. I got a little lost trying to find The Mara – it’s a bit of a labyrinthine route. But once I was there I was able to pick up a falafel platter and enjoy lunch outside. (The Mara review coming later on!)

By that point my room was ready, and I took a quick spin around the savanna observation before walking back to Kidani and taking a look.

This was my first time staying for any real length of time in a deluxe-tier resort, and it was a definite upgrade. I had a balcony, for crying out loud! The themeing was rich but also classy, with a sitting space alongside the web. The bathroom was much bigger than what I was used to, and offered individual tubes of H2O products rather than the dispensers in the value resorts. I rented DVC points for the room, so it was also set up with a very bare-bones kitchenette with a microwave, toaster, and coffee maker plus real glasses and mugs.

I scooted back out of the room to go pick up my checked bag, although I took a very meandering route that included a look at this side of the savanna before getting to bell services.

I hauled my bag back to the room and turned on some dumb hotel TV, which is a strange but well-loved activity of mine. Something about watching TV in a hotel feels good. Anyway, I was in luck – a soothing marathon of Say Yes to the Dress was on TLC, and I basked in the glow of the idiot’s box while I prepped for my actual, physical marathon.

Around 6:30pm I headed down to the Palace Libary off the lobby, which is a sort of cozy community space and I loooove it. There’s even a fire going 24/7! I caught the tail end of a drum circle in there before joining a small group for what the activity calendar promised would be a presentation on an African country from a Cast Member.

Our CM was named Elvis, which I can’t give you a backstory on because “Is that your real name???” felt suspiciously like a microaggression. Anyway, Elvis (not that Elvis) spent about 40 minutes teaching us about Zimbabwe, which I am happy to report has cracked down hard on trophy hunting. Hooray! 😀

After that I walked over to The Mara for dinner, where I was sad to see they didn’t have my favorite pre-race meal. I settled for a flatbread, which I brought back to the room to eat while watching more dumb TV.

Then it was time to attempt to sleep but not actually sleep because I will never not be nervous about waking up on time. That is my gift and my curse.

Up next: The marathon! (Assuming I got up in time.)

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The Fairest Week In Review: 1/16

Once again, it’s all behind me.

I can’t believe I have to wait another year to run the Walt Disney World Marathon. A year! A WHOLE YEAR! How am I supposed to enjoy life when I know that I could be enjoying it much more if only I were limping through the ESPN Wide World Of Sports?!

On a more serious note, I touched on this a bit via Twitter, but I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to the TSA and air traffic controllers for working for no pay during the furlough. My little heart longs for the WDW Marathon, and if I couldn’t go, I would be crushed. Thanks to the TSA, I was able to fly there and back and all my dreams came true. A sincere thank you to all of you! I hope you get some frickin’ money already.

And on a less serious note, here’s the workout log:

Sunday | ran 7.16 miles outside in 1:10

Monday | walked 2.16 miles outside in 35 minutes; 60 minute ballet class

Tuesday | ran 5.16 miles outside in 55 minutes

Wednesday | ran 3.12 miles outside in 30 minutes

Thursday | walked 2.08 miles outside in 35 minutes; 55 minute ballet class

Friday | rest
Headed down to Baltimore to prep for leaving for WDW in the morning!

Saturday | rest but I walked around WDW a LOT

Trip recap to come, of course!

The roundup is as serious as you want it to be.

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In Which It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Guess where I’m going tomorrow?

I’ll give you a hint: I NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

Yes, I’m going to Walt Disney World! For my 5th Walt Disney World Marathon! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!!!!!

Weather forecast in Maryland: Low 30s. Snow.

Orlando: uppers 60s to upper 70s while I’m there. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Some other things I’m looking forward to:

  • Checking out Kidani Village’s nooks and crannies
  • Solo dinner at Jiko
  • Fireworks from California Grill if they can fit me in the bar
  • My first ever real massage!
  • Maybe some hummingbird cake at Homecomin’ in Disney Springs?

I didn’t buy a park ticket to conserve money, but that’s okay – I’m excited to try out the many non-park activities I always mean to get to but never do.

If you see me say hi! I’ll look like this:

And yes, I will respond to Figment. See you around the world!

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In Which Jenn Lets The People Dress Her For WDW

Well, I asked, and you answered: what should I wear? One Twitter poll later, I am proud to announce my 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend wardrobe!
  • First, my race outfit for the marathon. I toyed with the idea of building a new one, but in the interest of saving money I decided to reuse last year’s Figment ensemble. I don’t think anything in this outfit is currently purchasable, unfortunately, but you could probably find the ears on eBay for those exorbitant eBay prices. The tank and pants were both from Target, C9 and JoyLab respectively. (I snapped those pants up expressly for the Figment-style color blocks!)
  • Next, the overwhelming winner of the Twitter poll: my Peter Pan icons dress. It’s super cute and has pockets, so I’m not complaining. You can’t get this dress anymore, but here are some other Pan dresses from Hot Topic.
  • Second run up is my Ariel tattoo print dress. This was never fails to garner some compliments. You can’t get this dress anymore but here are some other Ariel dresses from Hot Topic.
  • Lastly, my personal pick: my floral Lion King dress. I heart it! You can’t get the dress anymore, but the same print is available on a sweatshirt from Hot Topic.
  • The rose gold and Dia de Muertos ears are both from WDW. You can get the rose gold pair on shopDisney. I got the DdM pair in Epcot – not sure if they’re still available or were special for the holiday.

Now that you know what I’ll be wearing, you can more easily murder me in my sleep. Or say hello. If you can’t decide, might I suggest a Twitter poll?

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