In Which Jenn Lets The People Dress Her For WDW

Disney wardrobe

Well, I asked, and you answered: what should I wear? One Twitter poll later, I am proud to announce my 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend wardrobe!

  • First, my race outfit for the marathon. I toyed with the idea of building a new one, but in the interest of saving money I decided to reuse last year’s Figment ensemble. I don’t think anything in this outfit is currently purchasable, unfortunately, but you could probably find the ears on eBay for those exorbitant eBay prices. The tank and pants were both from Target, C9 and JoyLab respectively. (I snapped those pants up expressly for the Figment-style color blocks!)

  • Next, the overwhelming winner of the Twitter poll: my Peter Pan icons dress. It’s super cute and has pockets, so I’m not complaining. You can’t get this dress anymore, but here are some other Pan dresses from Hot Topic.

  • Second run up is my Ariel tattoo print dress. This was never fails to garner some compliments. You can’t get this dress anymore but here are some other Ariel dresses from Hot Topic.

  • Lastly, my personal pick: my floral Lion King dress. I heart it! You can’t get the dress anymore, but the same print is available on a sweatshirt from Hot Topic.

  • The rose gold and Dia de Muertos ears are both from WDW. You can get the rose gold pair on shopDisney. I got the DdM pair in Epcot – not sure if they’re still available or were special for the holiday.

Now that you know what I’ll be wearing, you can more easily murder me in my sleep. Or say hello. If you can’t decide, might I suggest a Twitter poll?

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