In Which Jenn Saw Those Yellow Minnie Ears Coming

 Hey, guys, I’m psychic!

That’s right – I asked the universe for yellow ears and BAM! Two weeks later, Disney serves ’em up. Clearly I am a person of taste with my finger on the pulse of fashion trends. Disney Dandy powers, arise!

Anyway, there’s a new pair of ears I want. Initially I was disappointed by the lack of sequins, but I’m really coming around on the velvet.

Hmmm. Let’s see if I can pull this off again, shall we? What’ll be the next color trends to emerge from the hit-and-miss minds of Disney merchandising execs? Let’s do a trifecta horse race betting style, so as to give myself better odds of winning at least some, I don’t know, internet clout or whatever:

  1. Royal blue
  2. Lime green
  3. Periwinkle (we haven’t done that one yet, have we?)

Brb, just gonna run down to the Haunted Mansion to consult with Madame Leota on this one…

What do you predict will be Disney’s next quote-unquote color trend? 

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In Which Jenn’s Disney Wardrobe Will Work Out Fine

I was all worked up about my Disney wardrobe for my upcoming trip – and it turns out the weather is going to be pretty Florida-y after all!

Despite the extremely variable climate of Florida in January, it looks like it’s going to be in the high 70s and low 80s while I’m there (which could be interesting for my race costumes, but we’ll get to that tomorrow…). I have knee socks and extra layers, but I probably won’t need them.


– I’m excited to debut my Oswald dress! (I didn’t wind up wearing at at Universal because it was pouring down rain). I got it from but I don’t think it’s available anymore. Ditto my rainbow ears – Disney now makes a different version.
My Three Caballeros t-shirt is very old! I plan to pair it with some high-waisted black shorts and my Dia de Muertos ears – which Disney only seems to release around the holiday, in various forms.
– I freakin’ love my Ursula cosplay dress from my constant in Disney shopping, Hot Topic, paired with Purple Potion ears, which are still available in the parks but I don’t see online unfortunately.
– My Li Shang’s Training Camp tank was from Box Lunch. The Mulan skirt is from Thredup; I’m afraid I don’t know the provenance. I believe the Spaceship Earth ears are still available in the parks but I don’t see them on the site.
– My Jack Skellington & Zero dress is also from Hot Topic. Once again, Disney has replaced the Sally ears with a new version. They sure have been shaking things up on the ear front lately!

As always, if you see me out in the parks, say hi! I promise I’m only a little bit awkward. >D

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In Which Jenn May Have A Minor Minnie Ears Obsession

Sooooo I seem to have developed a Minnie Ears problem.

It all started innocently enough. All I did was wander into Epcot’s Mouse Gears gift shop to pick up an ear hat for Pat’s niece. After some deliberation, I selected the pink version with Minnie Mouse in the patch, and had her name embroidered on the back. All according to plan.

While I was waiting for the embroidery to finish, though, I was drawn by a siren’s song to the rack of ear headbands. This was still back in the day when Minnie ears were in their nascent stages, and I had a scant half dozen or so to choose from. Under a sparkly spell, I popped the black-and-red sequined version onto my head.

I don’t need this, I told myself firmly. You can get more unique versions on Etsy for a comparable price. This is a Completely Unnecessary Purchase. I removed the ears and put them back on the hanger.

And then I picked them back up and bought them. I wore them during my next morning’s race, and it was all over. I was hooked.

In the ensuing years the world of Minnie ears has positively exploded, and Disney has released many tempting new versions. I’ve given myself a strict limit of one pair per trip at the most, but I’ve broken down and bought a new pair four times now. This is not including the bootleg versions I’ve gotten from other retailers, although I’m pulling back from those as I find they’re just not the same. I never did go down that Etsy road for the same reason – there are lots of amazing designs out there, but I just can’t imagine them having the same heft and perfect placement.

The original pair has been joined by Figment, rose gold (though it took me forever), Dia de Muertos, and Spaceship Earth. That seems like plenty, right? And yet I can’t help but keep the rainbow and purple potion editions in my sights…

It could be worse, right? I mean, it’s this or cocaine, wouldn’t you say? I’ve made the healthful choice! MORE MINNIE EARS!

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In Which Jenn Lets The People Dress Her For WDW

Well, I asked, and you answered: what should I wear? One Twitter poll later, I am proud to announce my 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend wardrobe!
  • First, my race outfit for the marathon. I toyed with the idea of building a new one, but in the interest of saving money I decided to reuse last year’s Figment ensemble. I don’t think anything in this outfit is currently purchasable, unfortunately, but you could probably find the ears on eBay for those exorbitant eBay prices. The tank and pants were both from Target, C9 and JoyLab respectively. (I snapped those pants up expressly for the Figment-style color blocks!)
  • Next, the overwhelming winner of the Twitter poll: my Peter Pan icons dress. It’s super cute and has pockets, so I’m not complaining. You can’t get this dress anymore, but here are some other Pan dresses from Hot Topic.
  • Second run up is my Ariel tattoo print dress. This was never fails to garner some compliments. You can’t get this dress anymore but here are some other Ariel dresses from Hot Topic.
  • Lastly, my personal pick: my floral Lion King dress. I heart it! You can’t get the dress anymore, but the same print is available on a sweatshirt from Hot Topic.
  • The rose gold and Dia de Muertos ears are both from WDW. You can get the rose gold pair on shopDisney. I got the DdM pair in Epcot – not sure if they’re still available or were special for the holiday.

Now that you know what I’ll be wearing, you can more easily murder me in my sleep. Or say hello. If you can’t decide, might I suggest a Twitter poll?

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In Which Jenn Earns Her Minnie Ears

Since I spent most of this WDW trip in a conference, I won’t be doing a traditional trip report, but I definitely still have a lot of stuff to tell you about that will be loosely collected under the July 2018 trip keyword. Read on!

I don’t usually put post-WDW trip haul posts – not because I don’t think they’re interesting, but rather because I rarely get enough to warrant the dedicated word count. I just don’t generally buy more than a souvenir at a time lest the percentage of my salary I give to Disney yearly dips from “inadvisable” to “unhinged” territory.

I’m going to make an exception this time, though, for two related reasons:
  1. I have been chasing these items for the better part of a year now because
  2. I am sometimes what in the modern parlance we call a “basic bitch.”*

And that’s why I, yes, I, urbane and eccentric and unique though I obviously am, have been chasing those stupid rose gold Minnie ears across time and space. For the longest time unsuccessfully, because apparently millennials are obsessed with rose gold and everyone went nuts and bought them immediately? I don’t know about that; I just really like pink and colors adjacent to pink, cultural zeitgeists not withstanding.

Anyway, these have been so popular that even on three separate trips I’ve never been able to get my hands on them. I’ve just never been in the right gift shop at the right time. UNTIL NOW.

You see, the world has moved on. They now enjoy millennial pink and iridescence more instead (or so the official Disney blog assures me, and they have no reason to lie…?). Thus supply finally outran demand, and the rose gold ears can be readily had all over WDW property.

So I set out on my free night to Disney Springs, where I finally got my hands on these shiny shiny wonders. I bought my mom a pair too so that next time I bring her along we can match and be REALLY infuriating.

And just to really drive down the hammer on my basic bitchiness, I picked up a rose gold spirit jersey too. It’s BEAUTIFUL and I regret nothing.

I said I WASN’T unhinged.

Well, I do regret one thing: on my way home I discovered that both items were in the Disney airport store the whole time. I could’ve picked them up on my way into Orlando and had them all trip.

Ah well. What is beauty but pain?

P.S. While slumming it in the Springs, I also got some solid shampoos and conditioners from Basin. I’ll let you know how they work out!

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In Which Jenn Assembles Her Next WDW Trip Wardrobe

Hey, remember how I have turned into a WDW dandy and like to ramble on about all my Disney clothes and how Hot Topic is Disney mecca so goth kids step aside?

Anyway, here’s my planned wardrobe for my holiday trip (which begins NEXT WEEK, guys! EEE!!!!).

The red polka dot dress is something I picked up from Delia’s 6 or 7 years ago, when I, y’know, still shopped at Delia’s. It’s not technically Disney, of course, but I think it’s extremely evocative of Minnie Mouse. Paired with my sequined Minnie ears, it’s a Disneybounding slam dunk.

The Figment t-shirt is vintage 1998, baby! And the Figment ears were a hard-won limited edition. But you can still score the pants with the Figment color scheme at Target!

Ah, now for my Disney wardrobe bread-and-butter: the Jack Skellington and Zero dress is from Hot Topic. With a Santa Mickey hat, because character franchises, like metaphors, are as fun as they are confusing when mixed.

My final outfit is my contingency outfit – the skirt (the specific one I bought is no longer available but this one from Amazon is similar) is the constant but the top adapts to the weather. If we get a hot day, I’ll pair it with my Finding Nemo seagulls tank, which I picked up at Epcot 5 or so years ago. If we get a cold day, I’ll wear my long sleeved Remy shirt from the Wine & Dine Half Marathon 2016

The lace mouse ears are still available at Hot Topic; they also come in plum.

I challenged myself to change it up a bit this time around with some pieces that don’t make the rotation as frequently, and I think I succeeded!

It’s still a little too far out to know what the weather’s going to be like, and Orlando in winter is notoriously fickle (hi, WDW Marathon 2017!). I may have to swap in some leggings or something here and there. But this is the gist.

I’ll be packing all this up SO SOON. I can’t wait!!!

Do you meticulously plan your Disney parks wardrobe?

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In Which Jenn Gets By With A Little Help From Her WDW Friends

From the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew the limited edition Epcot Food & Wine Festival ears needed to be mine. Only one problem: I’m not going to the festival this year.

No problem, though! Lately Disney’s been putting 95% of parks merchandise on the Shop Disney Parks app. There isn’t much that can’t be had through the app, and the initial blog post revealing the merch promised most of it would be available.

So you can imagine my chagrin when I searched for the ears and saw this:


Of course there’s always eBay and such, but pricing tends to be so inflated there. My best hope was probably going to be waiting until after the festival ended to see if any stray unpurchased leftovers made it to the app. Not an impossible dream but I didn’t love the odds.

Enter Black Dog Runs Disney, the hero of the day! I saw her posting WDW pics on social media and mentioned my plight. One Paypal transaction later and here we are:

I. AM. SO. HAPPY. I’m going to wear these with my 1998 Figment shirt like a complete dork. And then I’m going to ride the Figment ride and the Cast Members will ACKNOWLEDGE THE AWESOMENESS. They must! They shall!

It’s gonna be a good trip, guys. Oh yeah.

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