Goofy binoculars

In Which Jenn Uncovers A Surprise (FastPass)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who keeps a small shrine to Disney parks in their cubicle. Some of the more enterprising of you may have beautifully framed photographs and artfully fanned park maps. Me, I more or less slapped some schmatta on the wall with push pins and called it done.  Okay, so it’s not the most impressive display, but it definitely cheers me up to glance over once in awhile and see my old Annual Pass or the pin I got for helping train a porcupine at DAK.  Recently while casting an eye over my collection, I...

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George Washington Parkway Classic Logo

In Which Jenn Recaps The George Washington Parkway Classic

I approached the George Washington Parkway Classic, a ten mile race, with one goal: don’t die. I was coming off a pretty serious cold (or, if you believe Pat’s wild theories, chest infection) and still had something of a cough. I felt fit enough to run (or, if you believe Pat’s wild theories, I was not fit enough to run), but I didn’t have any lofty goals and didn’t expect anything much from myself beyond finishing in the allotted time. So despite Pat’s doubts about my general health, I hopped in the car at an ungodly hour Sunday morning,...

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The Fairest Week In Review: Sicky McSickerson Edition

This week I embarked on an experiment. I decided to see how much running I could do while mildly to moderately sick. To make things more interesting, I even threw a race day in there. Walk with me: Sunday | 10.05 miles outside in 1:45 I had quite suddenly developed a sore throat Saturday afternoon which did not dissipate after a night’s sleep. Nevertheless I knocked out a 10 mile run because on Sundays I do a long run, dammit. It went well, all things considering. Monday | walked 2.04 miles outside; 60 minute ballet class My sore throat was...

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Disney's Animal Kingdom

In Which Jenn Has A Favorite WDW Park

And now we honor Disney’s Animal Kingdom in its 20th birthday week. Dear DAK, I mean every single word of this. It can be hard for a Walt Disney World enthusiast to pin down a favorite thing. The categories are so broad that narrowing down even a top three can seem daunting. The hardest question of all may be this: which park is your favorite? I mean, how do you begin to compare them? Epcot’s got the World Showcase, and that’s incredible, but the feeling you get on Main Street, the castle on the horizon, is hard to match. Disney’s...

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Garmin GPS watch

In Which Case Jenn Cannot Trust Her Running Tech (Mostly)

I bought Bluetooth headphones a month or so ago, to free myself from the tyranny of all those connecting wires. The pair I got (affiliate link!) had largely rave reviews on Amazon, with one exception: there were multiple complaints that the headphones will interrupt your music with a “low power” warning every few minutes as soon as the batteries drain down to 30%. I heard this message for the first time about ten minutes into a recent morning run. Aha, I thought, no problem – I can suffer through the interruptions and then I’ll charge my ‘phones back up...

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Music notes

The Fairest Week In Review 4/18

So normally this would be the day I would come to you bashfully with the news that I had signed up for the WDW Marathon AGAIN because it is my one true love. But, once again, runDisney has mysteriously postponed registration. This one doesn’t have me as worried as I’ve never had trouble getting a bib, even when I put off the decision to run for months. But I AM curious as to why all the switcheroos lately.  Moving on to the workout log! Sunday | ran 13.2 miles outside in 2:20 My longest run since the Wrightsville Beach Marathon. This...

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Osborne Lights

In Which Jenn REALLY Misses Night Races

And don’t even get me STARTED on the Osborne Lights. I find it nuts that the Wine & Dine Two Course Challenge is still not sold out. But I have some theories as to why… A couple years ago, when the Wine & Dine Half Marathon became a regular morning race like all the others, we lost the last runDisney nighttime race. There are two main camps on this subject: the relieved and the enraged. The relieved are pleased to run in the morning like they are used to, to not worry about properly fueling and hydrating over the...

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Mickey waving

In Which Jenn Is Awkward Around Other Runners On The Trail

Years ago I remember reading a post by a blogger about waving to other runners on the trail. It has haunted me ever since. In this post, the author expressed offense that other runners she passed out on the trail didn’t wave to her. Specifically in cases where she waved and received no response, which is understandable, but also in the general sense. Should not old fashioned friendliness and the camaraderie of the running community dictate that we wave politely as we cross paths? Well… I dunno. I don’t wave to fellow runners as a rule, and there are...

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Wayfarer Logo

The Fairest Week In Review: 4/11

Ooh, hey! I come to this week in review bearing gifts. Want to run with me in Annapolis on June 2? The people behind the Wayfarer’s Half just sent me a discount code! JourneyMate will net you $10 off the half and/or $5 off the 5k. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to run with me. I mean, I’ll be there, but you don’t have to find me or anything.) Although, who wouldn’t want to run with this clearly very normal person? And on that happy note, let us adjourn to the workout log: Sunday | ran 7.2 miles outside in 1:15 Never...

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In Which runDisney Seems To Have Lost Its Unofficial Mascot

I have a serious question for you, runDisney blogosphere: whatever happened to Sean Astin? I don’t mean generally; I know he’s been around these past couple years, doing his acting thing. Pictured: Sean Astin’s acting thing. But there was I time when I swear Sean Astin was at every single runDisney race. How do I know this? Because he couldn’t run 1k without a runDisney announcer sticking a microphone in his face. I remember he was at my first event, The Princess Half Marathon in 2013. I remember him being interviewed on stage for The Tinker Bell Half Marathon in 2014, and if I...

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