The Fairest Week In Review: Sicky McSickerson Edition


This week I embarked on an experiment. I decided to see how much running I could do while mildly to moderately sick. To make things more interesting, I even threw a race day in there. Walk with me:

Sunday | 10.05 miles outside in 1:45
I had quite suddenly developed a sore throat Saturday afternoon which did not dissipate after a night’s sleep. Nevertheless I knocked out a 10 mile run because on Sundays I do a long run, dammit. It went well, all things considering.

Monday | walked 2.04 miles outside; 60 minute ballet class
My sore throat was a bit improved, but I definitely dragged through this day…

Tuesday | ran 5.09 miles outside in 55 minutes
… and then woke up to my alarm to run feeling lousy. Did I take a rest day like a sensible human being? NO I DID NOT. I ran in the cold and wind and felt miserable doing it. But after I finished running I felt a little better? Mind you, a cough was starting to set in…

Wednesday | ran 5.17 miles outside in 55 minutes; walked 2.08 miles outside in 35 minutes
I woke up feeling much better and had an improved run. But then over the course of the day a nasty cough was setting in…

Thursday | rest
Yup. Cough city. I skipped ballet.

Friday | ran 5.24 miles outside in 55 minutes
By this point Pat was giving me some serious side-eye regarding my continued running while sick. He even counseled bowing out of Sunday’s race. So I waited him to leave for work and THEN ran. >D

Saturday | rest
This was bib pickup day for the GW Parkway Classic. There wasn’t really an expo per se, but pickup was held in a Pacers running store in Old Towne Alexandria. I drove down at what I thought was pretty early in the morning, but I only lucked into a parking space and stood in quite a line for my bib. But it all turned out fine. There were some in-store discounts available for runners but I mostly just wanted to get back to my car before my parking meter expired.

At this point my cough was improving but still had some depth to it. Pat continued to implore me to not run. So? Did I run? Assuming I did, did I die? Tune in later this week to find out!

In the meantime, enjoy the roundup:

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