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In Which Jenn Recaps The George Washington Parkway Classic

I approached the George Washington Parkway Classic, a ten mile race, with one goal: don’t die. I was coming off a pretty serious cold (or, if you believe Pat’s wild theories, chest infection) and still had something of a cough. I felt fit enough to run (or, if you believe Pat’s wild theories, I was not fit enough to run), but I didn’t have any lofty goals and didn’t expect anything much from myself beyond finishing in the allotted time. So despite Pat’s doubts about my general health, I hopped in the car at an ungodly hour Sunday morning,...

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The Fairest Week In Review: Sicky McSickerson Edition

This week I embarked on an experiment. I decided to see how much running I could do while mildly to moderately sick. To make things more interesting, I even threw a race day in there. Walk with me: Sunday | 10.05 miles outside in 1:45 I had quite suddenly developed a sore throat Saturday afternoon which did not dissipate after a night’s sleep. Nevertheless I knocked out a 10 mile run becauseĀ on Sundays I do a long run, dammit. It went well, all things considering. Monday | walked 2.04 miles outside; 60 minute ballet class My sore throat was...

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