Kevin Sorbo is disappointed

The Fairest Week In Review: 2/25

Sorry, kids, still no Moon this week – she remains busy with this “real life” thing she keeps talking about (what a weirdo!). So you’re left with Jenn. Bummer.  But! You know what isn’t a bummer? All the live broadcasts the Disney Parks Blog has been doing! Yesterday they streamed Disneyland’s afternoon parade and while I wasn’t able to watch it myself I love the concept. I watched the Christmas parade and Osborne Lights streams, and while it’s no substitute for being there, it’s a definite step up from random YouTube videos. Anyway. This livestreaming, Disney. I love it. Keep...

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Running shoes

In Which Jenn Gets An Awesome Deal On Running Shoes

Hi, my name is Jenn, and I just got myself a brand new pair of Brooks Ravenna 6 running shoes, normally $110, for $56. I KNOW! I was psyched too! Pretty! But not the all time prettiest. How did I accomplish such an amazing feat? Well, Brooks recently came out with their Ravenna 7, so they’re unloading all their old 6 inventory. I definitely want to try the 7s eventually, but the 6s work fine and older shoe models go for much cheaper. For example, Brooks was selling its Ravenna 6s for $70. A good deal to be sure....

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Dr. Horrible status quo

In Which Jenn Rebels Against The Status Quo

There is a thing. There is a thing highly recommend to runners, especially after a race or hard workout. It’s a thing you could even say is considered practically mandatory. Well, I WILL NOT DO IT. NOT NOW, NOT EVER. What is this thing that I cannot accept? It is the cold shower. CAN’T. WON’T. HOT SHOWERS OR DEATH. MUSCLES, SUCK IT UP AND TAKE IT. Thank you, that is all. P.S. Ice bath? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no. Can you stomach a cold shower? How about a tepid-to-warmish one? How does it not make you want to cry? I’m asking. Don’t...

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Mickey running

In Which Jenn Finally Has A Race Schedule In Place

I’ve been putting this post off for quite a while due to chronic boredom. Not that I’m bored with running and racing, but rather my race schedule was boring. For some time my first planned race wasn’t until September. September. Ugh. What kind of runner can wait that long??? Well, the kind who didn’t enjoy last year’s Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and doesn’t want to brave the potentially perilous weather of March for Rock ‘n Roll anything. And more importantly, the kind of runner who is trying trying TRYING SO HARD to guard her wallet for once. (You’re still hurting...

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The Fairest Week In Review: 2/18

Heyyyy! Jenn again. Guess what I did on Tuesday? A FIFTEEN MILER! What with various taper periods, injuries, and a general lack of get-it-togetherness, this is my longest training run since August. Yikes. (In my defense, I did run two marathons and a twenty miler in the interim. But still.) Did you know Twitter can be a huge help when going for a long run? I do now! I tweeted some of my 15er ordeal and somehow got myself a cheerleader: ScootADoot, wherever you are, I love you. So yeah! That’s where I am right now, running-wise. Gotta build...

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Picard has seen it

In Which Jenn Does Blog Inventory

Internal roundup! Yes, it’s time once again for that favorite of posts: the one that links to all those other posts. I did it last year, but a lot (say, about a year’s worth) of stuff has happened since then, so here’s last year’s list augmented with new stuff. Woo! Let me know if you think I’ve missed any important post categories or are looking for something in particular. Onward! Here is a comprehensive listing of all my multi-day theme park (mostly Disney!) trip reports so far: Walt Disney World, December 2013 Disneyland, January 2014 Walt Disney World, November...

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Running wild

The Fairest Week In Review: 2/11

Another Jenn-only week in review, but this time as less of a downer – I had a GREAT run this week. Like, you know the kind of run where you say “I will run until X” and then you get to X and you keep going for awhile longer ’cause you feel good and know you can no problem? Yeah, one of those. Chasing those moments is what keeps me from quitting running altogether. Oh, who am I kidding; runDisney is what keeps me from quitting running altogether. It’s over a month away from registration but I’m already counting...

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Flogging Molly

In Which Jenn Knows Things Because Epcot

I am extremely proud of myself: I have converted my boyfriend to one of my favorite music genres! I’m talking Irish/Gaelic folk/punk/rock of the Flogging Molly persuasion. He’s been listening to the Flogging Molly Pandora station and dug up all sorts of awesome songs, some I don’t even know. One such song is the traditional “Mari-Mac,” specifically as performed live by Great Big Sea. He’s been working on learning the guitar chords, and as the music played one day I caught something in the lyrics: “hills of Banoffee.” Banoffee, I thought. I’ve heard that word before. You can get...

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Alice food

In Which Jenn Does Not Believe In Meal Replacement

Hey, remember that time I got an Influenster Vox Box? And how I was honest in my reviews? And how I said because of that I’d probably never get another one? Well, I was wrong. SO FAR. This may be the one to ruin it all. You see, this Vox Box was filled with Slim Fast products. And while I don’t mean to pick on Slim Fast specfically here, as a recovering disordered eater I am extremely leery of diet products. I don’t like the regimentation, I don’t like the limitations, I don’t like the emphasis on pre-packaged, processed...

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