Mulan alarm

In Which Jenn Freaks Out About Race Morning Alarms

I skirted the edge of an honest-to-God panic attack the night before the 2016 Wine & Dine Half Marathon. Not because I was nervous about my performance. Not because I was missing any part of my gear. Not because I was sick or injured. I was terrified of sleeping through my alarm. To review: I had three alarms set on my phone. I also set up a wake-up call. But then I worried about sleep-answering it and/or sleeping turning off all the alarms. So I set ANOTHER alarm. Then I tried to add a second wake-up call, but as it turns...

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Running shoes

In Which Jenn’s Favorite Running Shoe Betrays Her

I was a Brooks Ravenna girl for a long time. I started with the Ravenna 4 running shoe and rode it out to the Ravenna 6 with no problems. Each iteration may have had some subtle differences, but for the most part they were unremarkable in that they continued to work fine for my feet. Then, a little over a year ago, I was fitted for the Nike Vomero 10. It was a switch from a support shoe to a neutral shoe and that took some getting used to, but after a rocky start we found a groove. I’ve...

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Doctor Who run

The Fairest Week In Review: 2/22

This week in Jenn’s training log: I begin to get overconfident. Sunday | rest That’s not why. Monday | 12.11 miles on the treadmill in 2:00 There it is. I’m, like, SMACK on goal pace. The goal-est pace. So I’m like, come at me, marathon! I need to keep reminding myself I’ve been hurt by goals before… I was going to go to ballet today as well, but I forgot my driver’s license at home and that is no way to get on the DC beltway, trust me. Tuesday | walked 2.08 miles outside in 35 minutes Skipped ballet...

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Jack Skellington is confused

In Which Jenn Has Questions About Theme Park Grammar

Here’s a question that’s been plaguing me for years: should you or should you not italicize the names of theme park rides? I’ve seen it go both ways and I just don’t know. Wikipedia suggests no. Ditto Yahoo Answers. Annnnd that’s about it, as far as an admittedly shallow Google search went. But I’ve seen posts and articles italicizing ride names, so I know there are dissenters. I thought if anything, an official Disney publication would be able to clear things up, but noooo. WDW sent me one of those “your vacation is coming up” booklets, and the style...

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Port Orleans Riverside

In Which Jenn Calls The WDW Resort Reservation System Out On Its Lies

And now for another story of the thought that goes into trip planning – and how the WDW online reservation system is FULL OF LIES. After two lovely solo trips, I am ready to tour WDW with a buddy again. Lucky for me, my pixie-dusted Disney aura has settled on Pat at least a little, as he has decided he’s coming with me for the Star Wars – Dark Side Half Marathon. Hooray! The first step in successful trip planning is of course your resort reservation. Were it just me, I’d be looking at three days in Pop, as...

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Mickey running

The Fairest Week In Review: 2/14

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s how I’m celebrating. Anyway. Now that Gene has walked us home we can discuss last week’s long run. I’ll tell you one thing: you want an empty gym, you go way early the morning after the Super Bowl. Sunday | rest We had a couple friends over for the Superb Owl. Still maintain I would much prefer a Superb Owl. Monday | ran 17.49 miles on the treadmill in 2:55 Perhaps you are thinking: maxing out at 17 miles and change before a marathon? That’s IT? What is wrong with you??? But I’m thinking I...

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In Which Jenn Posts About Her Posts

 Hey! You know how there are a lot of posts on this blog? Well, sometimes I like to curate them for you. Always assuming of course that your interests align precisely with my theories about your interests. As such, here’s my yearly roundup of the trip reports and race recaps that have graced this blog; I’ve marked those that are new since last year with an asterisk. Catch up at your leisure. Here is a comprehensive listing of all my multi-day theme park (mostly Disney!) trip reports so far: Walt Disney World, December 2013 Disneyland, January 2014 Walt Disney...

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WDW Marathon

In Which Jenn Is Still Overexcited About runDisney Photos

It’s trip report time again! I love trip reports! I’m recapping my January 2017 trip to WDW for the marathon. You can see all the posts in this report here. Onward! I am still an annual passholder. I still get free photo downloads. AHAHAHAHA LOOK AT THEM ALL!!!!! Megalomania with a side of slap-happiness ahoy: Does anyone else have no idea whether to look at their cell phone camera or the photographer’s camera during photo stops? This concludes my WDW Marathon trip coverage. Thanks for sticking with me – see you for the Dark Side! Don’t forget, you can follow FRoA...

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Aladdin Jasmine Rajah

The Fairest Week In Review: 2/08

Quiet week before my pre-marathon long run: Sunday | ran 5.13 miles on the treadmill in 50 minutes First speed run since before the Marine Corps Marathon, I think. Embarrassing. I need to get back on that. Monday | ran 6.2 miles on the treadmill in 1:05 Tuesday | walked 2.24 miles outside in 35 minutes; 70 minute ballet class Wednesday | ran 9.07 miles on the treadmill in 1:30 Thursday | walked 2.14 miles outside in 35 minutes; 70 minute ballet class Friday | ran 5.51 miles on the treadmill in 60 minutes Saturday | rest Quiet week...

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Flower & Garden

In Which Jenn Makes Her First-Ever Flower & Garden Festival To-Eat List

The Epcot Flower & Garden Festival food booth menus have been released AND – for the first time – I will be there to sample them. Oh, yes. Yes I will. You see, Epcot has Evening Extra Magic Hours the night after the Dark Side Half. I have PLANS. Do they involve taking a nap? Probably not. Do they involve riding Frozen Ever After while slightly drunk? I am not prepared to rule that out at this time. Anything to spice up this photo op. Yawn. What I can tell you is that they definitely involve the following foods:...

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