Mickey Winking

Thoughts While Watching: The 1993 Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Video

I had thought for my next Thoughts While Watching entry I would look for something back in the early days of Disneyland again. But during my search I came up the 1993 Walt Disney World vacation planning video, and doesn’t that just sound fun? 1993! I mean, the fashion alone should be worth the price of admission! Do you think Eisner insisted someone perform a freestyle rap? I can only hope. Come along with me on this 45 minute journey to the perfect early nineties Disney trip. Was it really simpler back in the day? Even I’m surprised by...

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Confessions Of A Former Theme Park Commando

If you had told me fifteen years ago that I would one day write a post advocating against theme park commando touring, I would’ve laughed in your face. It’s the sort of thing a commando would do. THEME PARK COMMANDO TOURING: IT IS THE WAY I was totally that girl on my first Walt Disney World trip as an adult – we must all get up at THIS time so we can get out that door by THIS time so we can be there BEFORE rope drop at which point we shall proceed in an orderly fashion to this,...

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Jenn’s 2021 Epcot Food & Wine Festival To-Eat List

You know what’s the worst? Reading all the amazing reviews of foods and drinks at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival when you know you’re not going this year. You know what’s the BEST? Reading all the amazing reviews of foods and drinks at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival when you know you’re going this year! My hotel is booked, my race registration is complete, and now it’s time to get down to the real business: defeating the huns making my short list of snacks and sips to try. I used this DFB list as a resource if you wanna...

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Mickey Minnie

In Which Jenn Is Going HOME (aka Walt Disney World)

At last! At last! After over a year of grueling separation and two jabs of the COVID vaccine needle, I am finally going back to Walt Disney World! For a whole week and everything!!!! Alas, there’s no race attached this time, but I’ll be so busy applying the balm to the soul that is being on Disney property I might not even notice. (Just kidding; I’ll notice. But it’s okay!) Needless to say, a pre-trip list of goals is absolutely necessary. There’s so much pent-up demand! Run the newly-completed loop around Seven Seas Lagoon FINALLY ride Mickey & Minnie’s...

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Disney Wardrobe

In Which Jenn Simply Must Dress Up For Walt Disney World

I haven’t built up to it as much as I usually do, but it’s true – I’m going to Walt Disney World in the beginning of May! It’s been a nail-biter, what with COVID and vaccines and race cancellations, but I can finally say I’m going home. And you know me, Disney Dandy that I am: I simply cannot go to WDW without blabbing to anyone and everyone about what I plan to wear. If the clothes themselves aren’t enough to grab your attention, perhaps my experimental attempt at a new photo format will interest you? Hit it! So here’s...

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DJ Rex

In Which Jenn Has To Run For Oga’s Cantina

Okay, let’s pretend for a moment you’re me. (I’m sorry.) You are going to Walt Disney World, theoretically and vaccines willing, in April. Your travel buddy is on top of the vast majority of dining reservations, but just to be safe you have been given one, and only one job: secure the ADR for Oga’s Cantina. Mission date: February 16. You put a reminder in your phone and carry on your merry way. Of course, February 16 arrives. You remember nothing of your assignment. You get up at 5:30am, cheerily slap together your morning’s outfit and provisions, and set...

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runDisney logo

In Which Jenn Gets The runDisney Rug Pulled Out From Under Her

Hope springs eternal but reality kills it dead – the runDisney Star Wars Rival Run race weekend is no more. I think we can all agree that we saw it coming. Obviously I’m pretty darned sad about it. I mean, of COURSE I can see the necessity and of COURSE I recognize that as an ostensibly healthy person who already works from home I’m very very lucky right now. But also… I had such a good trip planned. 🙁 🙁 🙁 But in the face of a large problem, I like to turn my attention to solutions. Okay, I...

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Sad Marie

In Which Jenn’s Fifteenth Marathon Is Cancelled :(

Alas, my friends, add my name to the legions of the bummed out. I was all set to run my fifteenth marathon next Saturday, the Wilmington Marathon in North Carolina. But like so many events, the threat of coronavirus forced the race organizers to cancel it. I don’t begrudge them this – their hands were forced by a combination of government edicts and common sense. Race communications have been very promising; we’re assured that if we can just wait a bit while they organize their thoughts we’ll be given an array of options including at the very least a...

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Epcot beer

In Which Jenn Seeks Flower & Garden Festival Redemption

Remember last time I ran the Star Wars Half and was in WDW for the Flower & Garden Festival? Remember how I excitedly made a to-eat list in advance? Remember how I was so zombie-fied from the race that morning I didn’t try a single thing from the booths???? Dark days, my friends. Luckily, what I have on my hands now is the chance at redemption: another Star Wars Half trip, another Flower & Garden Festival, and another to-eat list. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list and items may change as the early reviews roll in. But for now,...

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Goofy Challenge

In Which Jenn Is Off To Walt Disney World Once Again

And away I go! (Almost.) Tomorrow is day 1 of my Walt Disney World Marathon (or in this case, Goofy) trip, and as always, I am JAZZED. There’ve been some hiccups – my MDE tags went to the wrong address; WDW sent my Magic Bands too late – but everyone knows that a bad rehearsal leads to a good performance. As we say in ballet: merde! As per usual, I shall now provide you with my bucket list for this trip: – Do not die during Goofy! I’m undertrained as hell BUT my KT Tape regimen seems to be...

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