Happy One Year Anniversary To My Newest runDisney Fear

Dumbo sneezing

Great news, runDisney buddies! Per last year’s near miss where I almost had to skip the WDW Marathon, I now suffer from a new terror that even eclipses the dreaded Did Not Wake Up On Time paraoia that historically dominated the field. It is this: what if I get sick with COVID [or whatever] and can’t make the marathon?!

On the eve of tomorrow’s (knock on wood) Walt Disney World trip for marathon weekend, this question plagues* me.

* Rim shot.

I suppose getting sick is a fear at all times, for all the races. It’s an inherent danger in our post-pandemic world – we will more than likely never live blissfully free of it again. But the WDW Marathon, in addition to being the highlight of my year, also comes at a tricky place in time. The holidays inherently bring with them travel, parties, gathered families… aka potential super-spreader events.


To say nothing of the other stuff you can get. If you’re one of those people who says “I’m sick, but it’s not COVID, don’t worry” – STOP THAT. Whatever non-COVID thing you have, I don’t want that either!

Which is why I spent much of my holiday trying to avoid close proximity to… everybody. I was even more awkward in social functions than usual, which is saying something.

And yet I am still freaked out. Psychosomatic symptoms come and go. Terror grips me with every cough and sneeze. I mean, yes, I have cats knowing full well I’m allergic to them – you got a point? What if this is something else?

So I continue to hope and pray and try not to tempt the sickness gods. I have not yet packed for my trip. Nor have I 100% finished my race costume. You may have noticed I haven’t published my traditional pre-trip wardrobe post. I’m not evening putting the finishing touches on this post until just before I publish it.

Heck, we haven’t even touched on the people who get down to WDW and then get sick, sometimes halfway through their challenges. Eek! I won’t feel safe until I’m lining up in the corral for the full marathon.

All of which is to say… hey kids! I (should be) at WDW for the Goofy Challenge this weekend! It’s gonna be great! Follow me on Instagram to check out my race costume flat lays and, like, make sure I actually showed up and everything! See ya real soon… right?! Honestly, I’ll just be happy to be there.

runDisney Goofy Challenge

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