WDW Trip Report Day 1 (Full Disclosure: I Haven’t Left Yet)

Princess Half Marathon trip report

How can you write the first day of your trip report when you haven’t even left your house yet? The explanation is simple: I already know what’s gonna happen, and also, it’s gonna be some form of boring.

See, I’m not leaving until mid-evening, so I won’t touch down in Orlando until the beginnings of night. (I’m trying to make this as dramatic as possible; is it working?) With little do except make it to my resort and try to go to bed as quietly as possible – sorry in advance for all my failures, Becky! Have a great 10K! – the first day of my trip is essentially a wash.

Now, if something unexpected happens (and I do hope it doesn’t), you’ll want to follow me on Instagram where I’m sure I’ll be detailing any mishaps in my Stories. Or I’ll just post pictures of the MCO carpet or whatever. You get the idea.

There you have it! The first day of my Princess Half Marathon Weekend trip report. I will/did arrive in Orlando, I will/did reach my hotel room, and I will/did go to sleep. One hopes.

I can’t/couldn’t wait. See you there! And obviously you’ll want to circle back in about a week for the next, actual day of my trip report, which will be in the proper past tense and everything. A good time will be had by all.

Anything else? Oh, yeah – have a nice flight, me.

This trip report begins with a flight

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