Princess Half Marathon trip report

The Fairest Trip Report Of All: 2022 Princess Half Marathon Recap

It’s trip report time again! Read all the posts in this trip report here. Onward! First thing first: I woke up on time for the Princess Half Marathon. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it forever: this is by far the scariest part of any race. Once you’re awake, you’re home free, baby! Despite the adrenaline shot to the heart that is the shrill voice of the WDW wakeup call, I woke up feeling reasonably rested and alert considering it was 2am. I bopped through race prep, Erika did the same, and we headed out into the cold...

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Before the Walt Disney World Marathon

You’re Going To Walt Disney World AGAIN???

I know! I can’t believe it either! I’ve never done this many runDisney races in this short a time period. But I’ve been sticking to my “register for ALL the races” insurance plan, and this time it’s panning out. So back to Walt Disney World we go! This particular trip adds a fun layer of nostalgia, as I’ll be running the Princess Half Marathon. The Princess Half was not only my first runDisney race but my first ever half marathon and my first ever real race back in 2013! I’ve even dragooned Erika with doing this one with me...

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runDisney logo

runDisney Race Registration Has NOT Been A Nightmare?!

Back in 2020, when runDisney was still operating as though races would continue in the coming year, the 2021 WDW Marathon (RIP) sold out in record time. How fast, you ask? My race buddy was thirty minutes behind registration opening and the marathon was already sold out. And that’s the full marathon, which historically has been a waltz. Yikes! Mind you, that was with alleged COVID-induced registration caps and such, and anyway the race ended up cancelled. But when runDisney relaunched the race season, I was scared. With pent up demand for an already popular race, how hard would...

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runDisney logo

In Which Jenn Mourns More Lost runDisney Races

Annnnnnnnnnd there it is. I was just about to sit down and type up a cute little post about my latest Disney dress, but NO – the universe had to go ahead and hit me where it hurts. As you are more than likely aware, both Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and Princess Half Marathon Weekend are cancelled. To quote myself expressing my feelings on the matter: Blarg. Blarg, I say!!! I know, I know. It’s not the end of the world. But boy am I bummed all the same. The WDW Marathon is my favorite day of the...

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IT Crowd Princess

In Which Jenn Is A Princess

Alrighty, let’s jump back in. I’M A PRINCESS, EVERYBODY! Yes, for the first time since my very first half marathon and runDisney event in 2013, I’m running the Princess Half Marathon. I outlined my thought process in this post, but basically I’m so afraid of 2021 race FOMO I’m willing to throw caution (and money) to the wind in order to mentally insure myself against potential cancellations. As I’ve said as recently as the last paragraph, I haven’t run the Princess Half since its 5th anniversary in 2013, so I’m woefully out of the loop as to what to...

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Cardio fashion

The Fairest Week In Review: 2/28

Greetings, citizens! How’s it going? I’m currently riding the high of finding running capris on clearance for $10! They’re size small but they FIT ME by some miracle AND they have TWO side pockets AND they have a high waist which I find helps leggings stay up better AND man, it sure doesn’t take much to please a runner, does it? Workout log:  Sunday | ran 17.1 miles outside in 3:00Great success! Monday | rest Tuesday | walked 2.07 miles outside in 35 minutes; 60 minute ballet class Wednesday | ran 5.29 miles outside in 55 minutes; walked 2.45...

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WDW Marathon

The Fairest Week In Review: 5/27

JENN: So, just saying: the WDW Marathon is still only 72% sold. No pressure! Merely stating a fact, in case anyone is interested. MOON: Ha, point taken! If I were definitely training for a marathon right now then I would be failing miserably… This week I went for… ONE run? It’s been very busy! Too many graduations, parties, first-world problems. JENN: Hey, one run is better than no run! Registration for the Princess Half doesn’t open for a couple weeks yet, so there’s still time to ponder our next runDisney adventure. MOON: Haha, have you had any luck persuading...

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Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

In Which Jenn Engages In Race Schedule Speculation

It feels like I JUST put together my 2014 race plans – April was yesterday, right? What, it’s practically tomorrow? Jesus. Anyway, given that I just knocked out the last of those goals, it seems logical to jot down the new ones, right? Unfortunately, I don’t have that much ahead of me, not officially – I’m only registered for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler in April and then from there it’s just a bunch of theories. Help me flesh them out! Theory #1. We should find a fun 5 or 10K or two to do, right? There’s an 8K at Busch Gardens...

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Running shoes

The Fairest Week In Review: 1/27

JENN: How’s your training lately? MOON: It’s been good! I actually have news. JENN: Oh? MOON: So, I’ve been alternating between running one day, doing something else the next day for a few weeks. This is because I have been having pain in my legs. For some reason, even though I am not tired, it was hard for me to run two days in a row. Well, I updated my shoes. Was planning on just trying out the fit of a few a buying later, but you know how that goes. Because I bought shoes, I got a discount on socks, so I...

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The Fairest Week In Review: 7/15

JENN: Ready for bloggery? MOON: I’m ready! JENN: Yay! Okay, how was your training this week? MOON: Good! Nothing too special to report, but I did try out a new route near my future home. It was crazy humid that morning, but it was nice and not a lot of traffic. JENN: Oooh, any good trails or anything? MOON: Not trails, really… just roads. However, they aren’t too frequently traveled! How was your training week? JENN: Much better than last week, where mileage is concerned. Hard in some ways because my runs were all outdoors and as we all know I am still working on not...

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