You’re Going To Walt Disney World AGAIN???

Before the Walt Disney World Marathon

I know! I can’t believe it either! I’ve never done this many runDisney races in this short a time period. But I’ve been sticking to my “register for ALL the races” insurance plan, and this time it’s panning out. So back to Walt Disney World we go!

This particular trip adds a fun layer of nostalgia, as I’ll be running the Princess Half Marathon. The Princess Half was not only my first runDisney race but my first ever half marathon and my first ever real race back in 2013! I’ve even dragooned Erika with doing this one with me too. I am a bad influence, budgetarily speaking.

Let’s see, what do I want to accomplish this time around?

• I don’t arrive until late afternoon the first day, so my plan is to go straight to the Studios, try to sneak into BaseLine Taphouse for a beer flight, and then see the Frozen singalong. Call me crazy but I think it’s gonna be a great combo.

• On Saturday we’re going to head to the expo and then Disney Springs, where I intend to hit up Gideon’s Bakehouse for a GIANT SLICE O’ CAKE to share after the race. Erika prefers the cake portion and I prefer the frosting portion. Everyone wins!

WDW trip report - Gideon's Bakehouse cake

Disney Springs also has Black musicians performing at various locations for Black History Month, including African dance music by Dockside Margaritas while we’re there. Obviously calling it “African dance music” covers a VAST diaspora in a glib phrase, but I’ve never heard an African beat that wasn’t a bop so I want to check it out. Bonus if there’s dancing!

• I snagged an ADR for my first meal at Steakhouse 71. It’s not on the menu, but I wonder if they’d make me that super awesome Paloma I got at the erstwhile Wave?

Honestly, I don’t have a ton of goals for this trip aside from having fun and enjoying the Princess Half. Having found Genie+ rather more stressful than it’s worth in many instances, I’m embracing wandering about and seeing what I find in the less well-populated and well-celebrated corners of the parks. We’ll see how that pans out for me.

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