The Fairest Trip Report Of All: 2/25/24

WDW trip report - Electrical Water Pageant

It’s trip report time yet again! Come along on my long weekend trip to Walt Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon. You can see all the post in this report here. Onward!

When we last left off, I had just finished my 2024 Princess Half Marathon. Hooray! But there was no need to go hurtling off to the resort buses right away. I like to take my character photos after the race, when the lines are shorter. Therefore thing one was a photo with Flynn Rider and Rapunzel, so as to better highlight my race attire.

Princess Half Marathon - Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled

Thing two was the I Did It! photo op, on account of because I had Done It.

Princess Half Marathon - I Did It photo op

These vitally important Things done, I checked in via text with Becky, who had started further back in the corral waves than I. She reported that she was almost done, and thus I hunkered down in the post-race area to await her triumphant finish.

Specifically I texted her: “It’s not too cold – I’ll wait for you!” And then like two seconds later started feeling cold, because of course I did. 😅 Rather than engaging in Operation Post-Race Alcoholic Beverage, I resolved to enact Operation Post-Race Hot Beverage. I was excited to see a Joffrey’s coffee truck in the parking lot, only to have my hopes dashed when I saw a sign that they were only accepting cash and credit. All I had was Apple Pay. Curses!

Instead I took solace in a magical land that did accept Apple Pay: the official runDisney merch tent, home of expo leftovers. I indulged myself in a Princess Half Marathon ball cap on the strength of the theory that my nieces would think it was neat. Where there is a justification will, there is a justification way.

The Disney food and beverage tent was just next door and also offered coffee, so I bought a cup. It was DISGUSTING. Virtually undrinkable. I would lay down money they made a big vat at 2am it had been sitting for hours. It was, however, hot, so mission accomplished, I guess?

It was shortly after this dubious acquisition that Becky returned victorious from the field; it was at least good for toasting purposes. She got her own drink and souvenir, we picked up Kristin from the spectator area, and we all hopped in line for a photo with land Ariel and Prince Eric, because how often do you see them out and about?

Princess Half Marathon - Ariel and Eric from The Little Mermaid

After that we declared ourselves tapped and jumped onto a waiting bus to Wilderness Lodge. Boy was that a mistake. Turns out this bus route gets caught in the residual race traffic around the Magic Kingdom. It took us a good three times as long as it normally would to reach our first stop, Ft. Wilderness, and then it was another half hour or so to traverse the two miles to Wilderness Lodge. Next time we’ll just take the monorail-to-TTA-to-MK-to-boat route. It might not save us a ton of time, but at least we’ll keep it moving.

No matter, though! We eventually made it back, and that’s what counts. Snacks were first up; I ate the frosting off a cupcake and left the rest, as is my wont. Then Kristin split off to do some reading by the lobby fireplace while Becky and I bunked down for a nap. Not too long a nap, mind you, as we had brunch reservations as Whispering Canyon to make!

Now begins a super annoying through line for the remainder of this trip report, so get ready: I got up from my nap. I put in my contact lenses. The second one felt really weird, so I took it out. Then I went to take out the other one… and promptly lost it? I couldn’t tell if I had in fact manage to remove it and immediately dropped it without registering the action, or if it was, in fact, wedged somewhere inside my eye socket. A super fun game to play!

Neither Becky nor Kristin are opthamologists, but they were kind enough to take a look underneath my eyelids all the same because they are TEAM PLAYERS. They didn’t see anything, and so while I was still a little freaked out (I NEED MY EYEBALLS, GUYS), it was decided that I would just put my glasses back on for the time being and see how my eye looked as the day progressed. I was already making everybody late for brunch.

Turns out I needn’t have worried, however, because everybody was already late for brunch. The race traffic around the Magic Kingdom resorts had screwed the schedule up for a lot of diners, and Whispering Canyon was running at least 30 minutes behind. No worries; we weren’t in a hurry. We made ourselves comfortable amongst the cute rustic furniture and awaited our turn.

I’ll do a full review of Whispering Canyon Cafe in my next post, but for now let me say that if you like Mickey waffles, this is your spot. And who doesn’t like Mickey Waffles?

After brunch, Kristin decided to head over to Disney Springs, while Becky and I stayed put with a mind to exploring Wilderness Lodge. Well, after we got in the hot tub. Hot tub comes first, that’s my motto. Wilderness Lodge’s hot tub is right next to a cold tub, which is interesting. I guess the idea is that you jump back and forth between the two? To which I say: yeah, no thank you.

Once we were sufficiently warmed by the hot tub and only the hot tub, we took a little walk around the grounds and buildings, admiring the architecture and making note of the amenities.

The most interesting part of this expedition was a stroll around the Cascade Cabins, which are the faaaaaaaaaancy freestanding cabins with private hot tubs and multiple rooms and all that very rich person jazz. We didn’t get a peek inside, but they looked super cute if you have that kinda money. Do you? Let’s be friends!

All this exploration can tire a person out, especially if that person got up at 2:15am that morning, so we capped off our afternoon with a second nap. Kristin returned from her Disney Springs time about when we were emerging from our ancillary slumber, and we made the collective decision to drop-kick any previous plans to visit the Magic Kingdom in favor of chilling in the room. I love a good room hang!

We chatted about Disney things and we chatted about non-Disney things, but here’s what you might find most enlightening: we tried the new Hey Disney service wherein you can use your in-room Alexa unit to order more amenities/toiletries to your room. No more compulsory phone calls with the front desk! Sometimes living in the future doesn’t seem so bad.

Because I am an enormous dork, I timed this transaction. You know, for science. Disney science! From ordering on the device to Mousekeeping arriving with our requested coffee et al it was approximately nine minutes. Not bad, not bad. I’ll definitely be doing that again. I love not talking to people!

Ooh, not that you care, but we also did laundry with our in-room washer-dryer. Yeah, the Copper Creek one-bedrooms have that. Do you think I could convince Pat we should buy into DVC? (I don’t. 😂) And I poked at my eyeball here and there, in case it suddenly yielded a contact lens. (It didn’t.)

We ended the evening with a trip to the Territory Lounge (review on that to come) and a showing of the Electrical Water Pageant, one of the last remnants of the Vacation Kingdom of the World. If you’ve never stopped for this hidden gem, you absolutely should. Look up the showtimes in My Disney Experience and check it out from the Seven Seas Lagoon resort of your choice. It’s retro-fabulous.

Our final act of the evening was a quick walk through Roaring Fork to look for any compelling new desserts, then the gift shop for some room wine, a Jenn & Becky (Jecky?) tradition. Becky and I shared a glass in a toast to a successful race, then said goodnight as she retreated to the bedroom.

Out on the sofa bed, I had the living area to myself. I too was tired, but I found myself reluctant to go to sleep just yet. Only one day remained in this quick Disney trip. I wanted to stretch out the experience a little longer… which I accomplished in the most literal fashion possible by doing some stretching while watching TV.

Eventually, of course, I had to let go of the day. I cuddled my weird Munchling Remy plush under the blankets and lay my head down to sleep. My eyeball was Tomorrow Jenn’s problem.

And how well did Tomorrow Jenn deal with that problem? Check back soon to find out!

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  1. Although I love the Electrical Water Pageant, I miss the music from the 1980s. I guess whenever you see something first is when you fall in love with it, and that becomes the ideal? But now I am just making myself sound old lol

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