Oh, Wait, Hold On – I’m Going to WDW Again

WDW Trip Report - Frozen Singalong

I know! I can hardly believe it either! But it’s true: I’m already on my way back to WDW for the week. Which is crazy, because I’m not even halfway through my most recent trip report yet. You catch me at the very point of decadence!

Here’s the thing, though – I will NOT be doing a trip report for my Thanksgiving trip… YET. Like I said, I’m still working on my last trip report, and then in January there’s my marathon trip. Trying to jam another report between those would be kinda nuts. And what if you got sick of them?! What would be the point????

Thus I will be holding onto this festive jaunt… until July. That’s right, it’ll be a Christmas in July report! You’ll see all the holiday lights and decorations and foods and fun (gunning hard for Merry Menagerie over here) at a slightly more appropriate time of year. I’d like to think it’ll be a nice way to break up the summer lull.

WDW trip report - Disney Springs The Nightmare Before Christmas tree

So yeah! There WILL be a trip report. It will NOT be immediate. It will come in July, at which point you will have most likely forgotten all about it, in which case, fun surprise!

Oh, and one more thing: these pre-trip posts are usually a place for me to assemble trip goals and crud. This time I mostly just want to jot down the foods I want to try from Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays booths. Just hum and look around for a moment while I knock this out, okay? I will be quizzing myself later:

All right, I want to try as many of the holiday porters and stouts as possible. I want that cookie shaped like Spaceship Earth from the dessert booth. I want the smoked salmon latkes from L’Chaim. I REALLY want the mochi sweet potato cake from Japan. I want the fried pizza dough from Tuscany. I want the pimiento cheese from Wine & Wedge again. Also I feel like I saw hot spiced wine somewhere? Germany or something adjacent to it maybe?

Okay, good. Now I won’t lose track of my wits in World Showcase.

WDW trip report - World Showcase

So yeah! I’m going back to WDW now. You’ll hear all about it later. Well, except for some table service restaurant reviews; those tend to age quickly, so I’ll knock them out this winter. The rest, summer. If you dread the idea of later and need to know more about my trip now, do follow my Instagram! You’ll get one heck of a sneak peek. See ya real soon!

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