In Which Jenn Is A Figment Of Your Imagination

The full trip reportĀ is over, but the details still need filling in. Read on for more May 2021 WDW fun!

It happened!!! It finally happened!!!! runDisney has officially announced new, in person races! Including Wine & Dine for this November. I KNEW holding onto my resort reservations was a good idea. Hooray!!!!!!

Now all I have to do is not have a nervous breakdown while wildly grappling for race registrations before they sell out. šŸ˜… But then: celebration!

So much of my year revolves around joyously training and planning for these races; as silly as it sounds, I feel like I just got part of myself back. You know? I have something to work toward again. Something to run about again. Something to make race costumes about again!

How was that segue? Didja like that? ‘Cause, yeah, we’re gonna talk about my new race costume. I’ve been holding back this post out of fear that I would jinx myself, but now I can fly free!

I say “fly” because my new race costume has wings… and horns.. and a dash of childish delight! That’s right, it’s Figment!

Figment race costume

“But wait,” you say, “you already have a Figment race costume. You’ve used itĀ more than once.”

That’s true, but this is the REMIX.

A: New extra-cute Figment ears with wings! (You can get your own pair in many Epcot gift shops but haven’t seen this one on shopDisney, yet anyway.)

Figment race costume

B: New tie-dye purple running pants that will enable me to wear color while hiding sweat! (These are by Joy Lab and no longer made but I’ve seen many pairs on resale sites like Poshmark and Thredup.)

Figment race costumeFigment race costume
C: An orange sports bra! Okay, well, actually, that’s kinda hard to see. I may need to ferret out a running shirt with smaller straps, but then it would all depend on race day weather anyway. It’s a Victoria’s Secret bra I got secondhand but heaven knows they have more.
Figment race costume

I’m super excited about this new, more exuberant, and hopefully more recognizable Figment costume. Here I am being extremely normal about it.

Figment race costumeFigment race costume

I am so so so so happy runDisney is coming back. It’s been a tough year for everybody, and this is just the inspiration we need. If I may be so bold as to make a request from you – if you’re not already vaccinated, PLEASE get the shot. We don’t want the Delta variant ruining everything again. Remember: with F-I-G-M-E-N-T, you can see things differently!

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The Nightmare Before Race Day

Remember last year when Pat bought me Spaceship Earth leggings just in time for my race costume? Well, he’s done it again!

Okay, yes, I haven’t had a runDisney race in… oh, dang, well over a year. No wonder I’m so depressed. But I have to believe they’re going to come back, and when they do, I need to be ready and I need to have race costumes.

Here’s another one: remember my Sally the Ragdoll race costume from WDW Marathon 2020? Because Pat did NOT. (Admittedly he wasn’t there.) But he knows that I love The Nightmare Before Christmas and particularly Sally, and he channeled that into my Christmas present. Behold: Sally/Jack Skellington pants!

(The first pose is meant to be Sally-esque. The second is, y’know, Sally if she were a runner.)

How perfect would that be for the Princess Half Marathon? I know Sally isn’t technically a princess, but I feel like she should still count. She’s a princess in my heart, anyway. 

The funny thing is, I was talking about something runDisney-related (when am I not) and showed Pat my Sally costume from that last marathon about a month before Christmas, after he had already bought the leggings for me. He later told me it was so hard not to give anything away but he was happy extra happy with his gift selection. šŸ˜Š

I’ve got more runDisney race costumes in the tank – stand by for my new, improved Figment!

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In Which Jenn Finds A Race Costume Loophole

I have found it! I have found my race costume holy grail! It’s… WHITE RACE PANTS THAT WON’T MAKE IT LOOK LIKE I PEED MYSELF ON COURSE!!!

Perhaps this seems like a frivolous request. Perhaps the solution should be simply to not wear white running pants; problem solved. But. Do you have any idea how many runDisney race costumes require some white for clear recognition?

Marie from The Aristocats! EVE from Wall-E! Baymax! Any iteration of Duck, be it Donald, Daisy, or an assorted nephew! Those first three in particular I have been pondering forever, but I was afraid to take the plunge because of my fear of sweat-through. 
Then I found them. The running pants to fix the problem. They’re Senita, I got them on Thredup,* and they circumvent the whole problem so neatly I immediately bought some Baymax ears to go with them.
Keep the top black and just put the white on the bottom, less-sweaty portions on the body? Genius! I’m so running as Baymax for the marathon – I have just the shirt for it.
I may have an EVE hat coming in the mail, too… A girl’s gotta be prepared.
What’s your latest race costume?
* Heads up: referral link.

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In Which Jenn’s Race Costumes Are Ready – With A Twist!

Ruh roh, guys – I guessed wrong, a little. Looks like this marathon weekend is gonna be a pretty warm one. So much for all my long pants and gloves and heat packs!

Doesn’t matter too much, though, as my race weekend wardrobe has acquired a ringer. Behold:

– For the half marathon, I’m running as Spaceship Earth! I’ve shared this outfit before, with an important substitution – I originally included my black running pants with the colored stripes, as they felt rather Epcot-y to me. Well, check those SE leggings – Pat got them for me for Christmas! There’s a man who knows what I like.

They’re super soft and comfy, but they’re midrise and not really designed for running; I was skeptical they would stay up during runs. But I tested them on some training runs and lo and behold, they work! They’re long but I plan to run the half extra easy, and I think in the early morning and with such light fabric I’ll be okay. Anyway, how can I resist such a perfectly synergistic offering? You can get the tank here and the leggings here. I don’t see the ears on the Shop Disney site but I think they’re still in the parks.

– My Sally costume for the marathon is the bigger risk as it is – I’ve never run a race in shorts! But I didn’t bring any capris and I freaking LOVE these shorts so I think it’ll be fine; just some extra Vaseline for safety. The compression socks will be a game day decision, but Sally has striped socks so I had to get them, obviously. And the arm warmers are just throwaways for the morning (tune in the next month or so for super easy and cheap throways from tights!).

I got the Sally cosplay top from Thredup, but I betcha it was originally from Hot Topic. The Sally ears are no longer available but Disney has a new version. Shorts are from Old Navy and socks are from Amazon.

Pat did ask me “Why did you bring TWO pairs of sneakers?” but nobody’s perfect.

See you at the start line(s)!

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In Which Jenn Has A New runDisney Race Outfit

Y’know how I said that I’ve developed a Minnie ears addiction? Well, I have to justify those purchases SOMEHOW, and on my last trip I did it by planning a brand new runDisney race outfit around my new pair of ears!

Normally I wait to post these until it’s almost race time, but I’m just too excited to wait. Behold, during my next runDisney race I shall be running as…


You may remember those pants as the pair I stole off a mannequin that one time, and I think the stripes vibe old school Epcot.

The shirt I got off Etsy; there are lot of shirts available there thanking the Phoenicians and to be honest this wasn’t my favorite BUT I thought it was one of the more readily legible. That’s important for spectator callouts! I also like that it was available on a tank. Unfortunately it’s not tech material, but I did a test run in it and didn’t suffer any chafing so I think it’s fine.

As per usual with my race outfits, it’s less a costume so much as an homage, but I think it’s pretty evocative of the source material. I look forward to my next race and thanking the Phoenicians left a right!

P.S. Does anyone know if there’s a perfume that smells like Rome burning?

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In Which Jenn Lets The People Dress Her For WDW

Well, I asked, and you answered: what should I wear? One Twitter poll later, I am proud to announce my 2019 WDW Marathon Weekend wardrobe!
  • First, my race outfit for the marathon. I toyed with the idea of building a new one, but in the interest of saving money I decided to reuse last year’s Figment ensemble. I don’t think anything in this outfit is currently purchasable, unfortunately, but you could probably find the ears on eBay for those exorbitant eBay prices. The tank and pants were both from Target, C9 and JoyLab respectively. (I snapped those pants up expressly for the Figment-style color blocks!)
  • Next, the overwhelming winner of the Twitter poll: my Peter Pan icons dress. It’s super cute and has pockets, so I’m not complaining. You can’t get this dress anymore, but here are some other Pan dresses from Hot Topic.
  • Second run up is my Ariel tattoo print dress. This was never fails to garner some compliments. You can’t get this dress anymore but here are some other Ariel dresses from Hot Topic.
  • Lastly, my personal pick: my floral Lion King dress. I heart it! You can’t get the dress anymore, but the same print is available on a sweatshirt from Hot Topic.
  • The rose gold and Dia de Muertos ears are both from WDW. You can get the rose gold pair on shopDisney. I got the DdM pair in Epcot – not sure if they’re still available or were special for the holiday.

Now that you know what I’ll be wearing, you can more easily murder me in my sleep. Or say hello. If you can’t decide, might I suggest a Twitter poll?

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The Fairest Week In Review: 11/28

Hello. I am cold. It’s been a rainy, blustery, disgusting November, and I just want everyone who claims to love fall that you are WRONG. WRONG!!!

I’ve been distracting myself from the horrors of this god-awful season by trying to decide on a costume for the WDW Marathon. I could do Figment again, of course, which would be the easiest and most cost-effective option since I have all the pieces ready to roll. 

What a shocking idea!

I did briefly consider doing a Disney parks tour guide. but decided the plaid skirt I was eyeing to complete the look wasn’t worth the cost. Now I’m ruminating on attempting Marie from The Artistocats, but I’d need a white skirt or something. No way in hell I’m wearing white leggings.

All of this is keeping me going as I train in sub-optimal weather conditions, like so:
Sunday | ran 10.16 miles in 1:50
My first long run since the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. It was… okay.

Monday | walked 2.13 miles outside; 55 minute ballet class

Tuesday | ran 5.05 miles outside in 55 minutes

Wednesday | ran 5.14 miles outside in 55 minutes
Thursday | rest
Thanksgiving, so I spent a lot of time in the car. Oh New Jersey, why can’t I quit you? No, seriously I’m asking.

Friday | ran 5.21 miles outside in 55 minutes
I took the day off, so I dragged myself outside in the cold to run and then spent the entire rest of the day inside playing The Witcher. Balance!

Saturday | rest

Roundup time!

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In Which Jenn Reveals Her Upcoming Race Costumes

I am unlikely to ever be one of those really elaborately costumed runDisney people. Don’t get me wrong – more power to those guys! I am very impressed with your work! But the physical and monetary demands are too much for me to pursue such excellence at this time.

However, my Figment-y dip into modest costuming has made me hungry for personalized shout-outs from spectators. My Minnie ears are not enough because half the people on the course are Minnie Mouse. But if I can make it clear I’m channeling a character and put enough distance between me and the next Cheshire cat to know that encouraging cry was meant for me? That’s the business!

And so I give you my costumes for Lumiere’s Two Course Challenge:

Nothing groundbreaking, of course, but I’m pleased with my spread all the same. Bonus: my trip companion Erika might run as Alice for the 10K!

I would never leave you hanging if you want to make any of these items your items:
  • The sequined cat ears are from Forever 21. They don’t have these exact ears anymore but they do have an alternate selection.
  • The Cheshire cat dress is from Hot Topic. Unfortunately it’s no longer available but resellers might have it.
  • The shorts are from Target’s C9 by Champion line. These are similar.
  • The mint green lace mouse ears are from Hot Topic. I pondered getting some more personalized Little Mermaid ears but elected to save the money. I think these are right for the Ariel color scheme, at the very least. Unfortunately they’re no longer available but resellers might have them.
  • The Ariel workout tank is from Hot Topic; note that it runs VERY big – hence the fit-altering knot in the front. Although now that I’ve figured that out I think it’s a cute look. Unfortunately it’s no longer available but resellers might have it.
  • The running pants are from Victoria’s Secret Sport and are my new favorite! They have a waistband key pocket AND side pockets.
I can’t wait to slip these babies on at 2:45am and pound some magical pavement!

Are you running Wine & Dine? Will you be wearing a costume?

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In Which Jenn Makes Her First Running Costume EVER

I just counted, and here are how many runDisney races I’ve done, not counting Sunday’s Dark Side Half: eleven. And here’s how many of those races I’ve run costumed: zero. I mean, my focus has been primarily on making it through the race something semi-akin to the right temperature and without chafing my thighs off. I’ve historically left the cosplay to others.

That ends this week with the Star Wars Dark Side Half.

No more halfhearted Minnie ears plus whatever I was gonna wear anyway. Instead, I’m dressing up! By moderately augmenting a regular race outfit. Whatever. Shut up.

You’ve heard of Star Wars villain Grand Moff Tarkin…

For comparison. And appreciation. Because he’s awesome.

Peter Cushing’s bone structure is INSANE.

Now get ready for… GIRL MOFF TARKIN.

Yeah, no. Not super impressive stuff. No light-up skirts or elaborate props here. On the low end of good. But being easy and not too cumbersome, I think it’s a good entry-level effort.

If you’re looking to nab a cartoonish but passable Grand Moff title of your own, the process is pretty simple and relatively cheap. I got a suitably dark gray running outfit from Marshalls for $19. The rank insignia is made out of foam board, which I purchased in the necessary colors, cut, and glued. The pen caps or whatever the hell he’s got are pipe cleaners wrapped around safety pins (I know I’m missing one on either side; this will be corrected before the race). It all came to less than $10 at Michaels. The belt buckle is just tinfoil wrapped around leftover foam board and attached to a running belt. And although the Grand Moff rarely wears a hat, I’ve got a military-style cap in my arsenal just in case it looks like rain.

The one thing I do NOT have and cannot get are Peter Cushing’s cheekbones. Do you think I should try to contour them on?

See you at the Dark Side Half Marathon!

Will you be at the race? Are you dressing up? 

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