In Which Jenn Has A Weird Running Tan

It all started at the 2020 Walt Disney World Marathon.

I don’t know if it was record-breaking heat, but it was certainly the hottest WDW Marathon I’d experience, so much so that they cut the course short for some of the slower runners.

Thanks to that heat, I made the unusual choice to wear shorts. They worked out fine, but with the broiling sun I wound up with quite the shorts tan. Even weeks later I was rocking a distinct straight line across my thighs, like a farmer’s tan if farmers wore very pale bike shorts.

Weird running tan
Oh, and a KT Tape tan too, for good measure.

Of course, not too long after that the COVID shut down came, and I wasn’t able to hang out on the beach in an effort to combat this problem. I was, however, able to continue running outside in the mornings. In my shorts. Problem: compounded.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve been running more and longer in Puerto Rico, and in the summer the heat and humidity here is pretty brutal. I sometimes come in from perfectly dry runs looking like a just slogged through a rainstorm. One way to make this problem more bearable? Ditch the shirt.

This works great! Ladies, you should all ditch the shirt! Run in just the sports bra and be free! There’s no need to be weighed down by redundant torso fabric!

But you should know: you will get a weird band of tan around your abdomen. Unfortunately I can’t show you the overall effect because I can’t quite reconcile a Disney blog with nudity, so you’re going to have a trust me. Combined with the aforementioned thigh tan it’s an… interesting look.

Then again, what isn’t… interesting these days? Lean in!

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