The Fairest Week In Review: 3/31

Eddie Izzard running

JENN: How was your week? Did you run at all?

MOON: Ja! I had two pretty good runs and yesterday I experienced a slow, excruciating run.

JENN: Oh, those are always good times. Outside or on the treadmill?

MOON: Ha, treadmill. The weather still plays with us.

JENN: So it does. I demand 60 degrees morning minimum or nice outdoor dice.

MOON: If the weather is still stupid by Cherry Blossom Run, I will be the saddest runner there. I mean, it SNOWED on Saturday.

JENN: Did it? Missed that. But it was certainly cold. It can’t possibly be worse than the WDW 5K – it was 37 degrees.

MOON: You’re more south than me, I was in Baltimore. I’ve begun the moving process once again…

JENN: Oh, right right!

MOON: I’ll be moving (the cat and I) the week leading up to the race. I must admit I’m a bit worried about training and stress.

JENN: It’s only ten miles, though – you’ve got this!

MOON: Yes, but my first outdoor run is always bllleeehhh. Andddddd, I have no access to a treadmill for a week.

JENN: Ah, yes. So hopefully it’ll be mild enough for outdoor running!

MOON: I hope so. I also hope my cat doesn’t kill me in my sleep. She’s a nervous lady and I think living with Christian permanently is going to be quite a change for her. Her version of adjusting last time was crying all morning and not pooping for four days >_>… Cats. Am I right?

JENN: You are indeed correct.


MOON: You ready for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler?! Team Tigerz, wot!

JENN: I am! I actually got my full 30 miles in last week AND I got new sneakers! (More on the latter later.) I’m going to do a slightly taper just so my legs are fresher but since ten miles is a standard distance for me I’m not too worried.

MOON: Standard distance for me is 5, so I’m working my way up there. Tonight or tomorrow I’m going to do a 10-mile run to see how it goes. Yesterday I’m going to blame my terrible run on tiredness.

JENN: Makes sense to me. Shake it out!

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