In Which Jenn’s Race Medals Are Covered In Cat Pee

This is not the blog post I expected to write.

It seemed like it would be much more straightforward. I was going to tell you about how I used to put all my race bibs and medals on my cubicle wall. That looked like this.

Race bibs

But then we moved to Puerto Rico in 2019, and all those bibs and medals came down. They were packed away in a box and shipped to the island. With no clear display area, that box got shoved under the bed. That looked like this.

Medals in a box

Fast forward to last month, when Pat gave me a medal display rack for Christmas. Hooray! I had always wanted one of those! We set it up last weekend, and I pulled out my box of medals for display. Only as I started to unpack them, something seemed… off.

Some of the medals were discolored, somehow? The metal had corroded. But the box had been closed the whole time! Sure, Puerto Rico is humid, but not that humid, and anyway it was only about a quarter of them, not all. What the heck happened?

I had almost finished putting all the medals on the hooks when I got a whiff. A very distinctive whiff. If you have a cat, you know the whiff I mean. To me, it smells almost like something burning. Ammonia.


My stupid cat climbed under the bed and PEED ON MY MEDAL BOX.

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown: AUUUUUGH!!!!!

Cat pee medals

So. Cool. Cool cool cool cool cool. Cool! 

I mean, it’s okay. It’s just medals. Only a handful of them, even. And I think I can clean ’em up. I’m going to start by simply soaking them in water and then go from there. The ribbons on most can be readily removed and soaked as well. It’s gonna be okay.

But not exactly how I envisioned the triumphant return of my medal display, y’know?

Nevertheless, it’s the display I have. It looks like this.

Medal display

It might be a little overloaded. I should probably get another one. Two or three. Several.

I’ll tell you what I should not do, though. I should not store any more medals under the bed!

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The Fairest Week In Review (Of Sorts): 3/27

Oh boy. Okay. I’m in the middle of a pretty big move (more on that next week), and like 90% of my stuff is gone and I’m sitting on an air mattress nervously eyeing two cats who are currently sleeping angelically but THEY BETTER NOT PULL OUT THEIR CLAWS.

Please observing paws containing dainty claws.

Also while I was sweeping the apartment for inspection I got a bunch of dust in my lungs and it triggered some mildly asthma which really wasn’t too terrible except it gave me a cough that made it SUPER hard to sleep and most of my blankets are also gone with my stuff so I was soooo colllld and therefore I am kind of loopy and exhausted right now.

Also I still haven’t figured out a replacement workout tracker now that Daily Mile is gone and while I have it in my GPS watch I’m not, like 100% sure what happened but I can tell you I’m pretty sure I did, um, I want to say a 3 miler, a 7 miler, and two 5 milers last week and went to ballet twice.

Sorry this is such a weird week in review installment! I promise to get it together shortly. In the meantime, allow the roundup to introduce you to some much less whackadoodle bloggers. A lot of food posts this week; everyone likes those:

The Main Street Gazette examines DAK’s Harambe Market
– … while Disney In Your Day reviews the food.
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easyWDW reviews Jaleo in a way that makes it sound way better than my local Jaleo. My local Jaleo is, like, okay. But also very soon not my local Jaleo anymore, so, hmmm.
The Disney Tourist Blog takes the rare opportunity to dine at Aunt Polly’s.
Living A Disney Life dines at Skipper Canteen.

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The Fairest Week In Review: 12/13

Another week mostly spent not in Walt Disney World. 🙁 Eh. Roll the tape:

Sunday | ran 3.08 miles outside in 31 minutes; according to my phone walked an additional 10 or so miles around Walt Disney World
And then we left WDW. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Monday | ran 9.08 miles on the treadmill in 1:30

Tuesday | walked 2.33 miles outside in 40 minutes; 55 minute ballet class

Wednesday | ran 5.26 miles outside in 55 minutes

Thursday | walked 2.33 miles outside in 40 minutes; 60 minute ballet class
Or I just got stuck in Tuesday’s time loop.

Friday | ran 5.31 miles in 55 minutes

Saturday | rest

But at least it’s Christmastime now! Pat and I went and got a Christmas tree last Wednesday and we’ve been slowly decorating it and putting up presents and drinking hot chocolate around it and all the good stuff. 

Please pray that my cats do not ultimately end up destroying everything, though. Ruffian has been MUCH more bold about playing around the tree. Cats, man.

Pictured: trouble.


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The Fairest Week In Review: 5/04

Happy Star Wars Day! Please believe me when I say with the utmost nerd sincerity that STAR TREK IS WAY BETTER.

Now that I’ve alienated a bunch of my audience, you’ll be pleased to know that this may be a short one as I’m currently wrangling my cat while at work. It’s a long story, and even longer when I tell it, as Winnie the Pooh would say. Let’s just say Minxie says hi.

So let’s see – how has my running been going? Pretty uneventfully, I’d say, but I’m feeling solid. Not super fast, mind you, but good. It’s getting warm enough that I can sometimes get away with running outside, which is nice. Oh, and I have a race coming up! Yeah! Perfectly timed with my ballet-induced cutback week.

On to the roundup!

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Mouse On The Mind knows what (crayon) colors Princess Aurora looks best in.
Parkeology points out that you’ve got to wait in a lot of lines before you can get in a ride line.
The Disney Tourist Blog can save you money on the Disney gift card front.

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The Fairest Week In Review: 4/07

JENN: Been getting any running done lately?

MOON: Nope! But exercising, sure, just no running this week.

JENN: That’s good!

MOON: What about you?

JENN: Been knocking out my runs. The gym is getting a little old, though. I love my treadmill, but I’m ready for summer when I will have the schedule to accommodate speed runs and the weather to accommodate running outside if I feel like it.

MOON: I hear you.Who wants to run in a small room that smells when you can clearly see a nice day outside?

JENN: I just want to know I have the OPTION, you know? Like a cat. I don’t necessarily want to eat my food right now, but I want it in the bowl in case.

MOON: Speaking of cats: we ran out of wet food this morning.These don’t care if there’s normal, boring food in the bowl. They want the real food. There is unrest here. No peace since 8am.

JENN: Well, send up a flare as necessary and the Allies will storm the beaches.

Jenn may have recently watched Band of Brothers and developed
a massive crush on Damien Lewis.

MOON: As long as those allies have some whitefish and tuna in sauce, we have a victory.

JENN: That sounds disgusting. Cats are so weird.

Not at all weird? The roundup. (Or it could be very weird. I’m really not sure.)

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The Fairest Week In Review: 4/07

JENN: Okay, I know this isn’t REALLY relevant, but I want to start off this post by showing everyone the AMAZING thing Pat bought for my cats.
Yes? Fantastic? Unbeatable? Basically the best thing ever? Good. We can talk about running now. Moon, take it away!
MOON: This is relevant! About a month ago my old roommate informs me over dinner, “Did you know that long-distance running is supposedly worse for you than not exercising at all?” We frequently joke with each other over our extremely dichotomous lifestyles. WELL. A recently study has proved that these results cannot be verified! (Hooray for us runners!)
JENN: Ha! This totally justifies my multi-long-runs-per-week lifestyle!
MOON: Apparently, the study in question only sampled 36 strenuous runners (two of the runners died) out of 1,000 runners over 12 years against 4,000 healthy people who do not jog at all. So, you do the math.
JENN: That’s… a trifle uneven.
MOON: And ANYWAY. Even if “strenuous running” means you live just as long as a non-runner, I would still run. I’d rather spend time running than sitting about the house.
JENN: Amen. Although… lately I’ve been pondering cutting back a bit. MAYBE. I don’t know. But I wonder if maybe making almost every single run 7-11 miles on average isn’t the best strategy? Maybe? Possibly? I did a couple four mile speed work runs last month and it seemed like maybe a good idea…
MOON: Haha, well, my opinion on the matter is…. don’t have a strenuous run EVERY time you run.
JENN: I just feel so conflicted when I’m not burning a LOT of miles and calories!
MOON: What makes your body feel good? I like two strenuous runs with an easy speed run in between.
JENN: My body usual does okay… it’s just that I’m not getting faster or better AND sometimes my mental state is more NOOOOOOOOO THIS IS GOING TO TAKE SO LOOOOOONG than anything else.
MOON: Take a break! Do some speed. You have to make a new baseline to get faster in my experience
JENN: Well, my annual ballet performance is the beginning of May, so I’ll be doing another Severe Cutbacks week. I’m not as miserable as last year so I AM going to run, but it’ll only be one run on that Tuesday and then nothing for a week. Hopefully that recharges me!
You know what else recharges me? The roundup.
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The Fairest Week In Review: 3/31

JENN: How was your week? Did you run at all?

MOON: Ja! I had two pretty good runs and yesterday I experienced a slow, excruciating run.

JENN: Oh, those are always good times. Outside or on the treadmill?

MOON: Ha, treadmill. The weather still plays with us.

JENN: So it does. I demand 60 degrees morning minimum or nice outdoor dice.

MOON: If the weather is still stupid by Cherry Blossom Run, I will be the saddest runner there. I mean, it SNOWED on Saturday.

JENN: Did it? Missed that. But it was certainly cold. It can’t possibly be worse than the WDW 5K – it was 37 degrees.

MOON: You’re more south than me, I was in Baltimore. I’ve begun the moving process once again…

JENN: Oh, right right!

MOON: I’ll be moving (the cat and I) the week leading up to the race. I must admit I’m a bit worried about training and stress.

JENN: It’s only ten miles, though – you’ve got this!

MOON: Yes, but my first outdoor run is always bllleeehhh. Andddddd, I have no access to a treadmill for a week.

JENN: Ah, yes. So hopefully it’ll be mild enough for outdoor running!

MOON: I hope so. I also hope my cat doesn’t kill me in my sleep. She’s a nervous lady and I think living with Christian permanently is going to be quite a change for her. Her version of adjusting last time was crying all morning and not pooping for four days >_>… Cats. Am I right?

JENN: You are indeed correct.


MOON: You ready for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler?! Team Tigerz, wot!

JENN: I am! I actually got my full 30 miles in last week AND I got new sneakers! (More on the latter later.) I’m going to do a slightly taper just so my legs are fresher but since ten miles is a standard distance for me I’m not too worried.

MOON: Standard distance for me is 5, so I’m working my way up there. Tonight or tomorrow I’m going to do a 10-mile run to see how it goes. Yesterday I’m going to blame my terrible run on tiredness.

JENN: Makes sense to me. Shake it out!

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The Fairest Week In Review: 2/24

MOON: So, what I thought was a cold turned out to be a respiratory infection and something else that Christian said (and you never want med students describing your illness with terms you’ve never heard before). :/ I did…. no running since the last time we spoke. XD

JENN: Awww. That’s icky. 🙁 I ran 30 miles but there was nothing remarkable about them. I don’t think I’ll make that again this week but I want to try to get close.

Feeling better, at least?

MOON: I feel so much better than I did over the weekend, but I’m still pretty gross. Yuck.

JENN: Well, definitely don’t do anything until you feel 100%. ESPECIALLY if it’s respiratory.

MOON: I had some pretty crazy fever dreams, though! My cat and I had many conversations.

JENN: That sounds awesome!

I did have a running question for you, though! As the new great believer in compression socks, can you fill me in on any secrets for putting them on? It feels like it takes me a thousand years of tugging.

MOON: Haha, yes. I scrunch them up first, then slide my foot through. Once the gathered “ring” of sock is past my heel, I pull rest of the sock into place.

JENN: Hmmm. I’ll give it a shot.

MOON: I can’t be sure about anything I say right now.I was very recently conversing with the cat, after all. I would be willing to upload a video, though!

JENN: I’ll leave that to the loyal readers to decide. Also for the loyal readers: the roundup!

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We Run Disney considers the controversial race lottery system.
Mom’s Magical Miles feels my pain – why can’t we run ALL the races?!
Running at Disney CONFIRMS THE DISNEYLAND PARIS HALF EEEE! This is SO happening. (I hope. I definitely plan to try to make this happen!)
Inside the Magic sees the vestiges of when Kilimanjaro Safaris had a plot. I never saw the original, fleshed-out version, but I hear it was kinda cringe-worthy.
The Disney Hipsters hit the sake bar in Epcot. Hey, we did that too!
The Disney Tourist Blog visits the Cove Bar in Disneyland. Hey, we did that too!

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In Which Jenn Went to Puerto Rico

Okay, so, like I said before, I spent the long weekend in Puerto Rico. In an effort to make this somewhat more related to the mission statement of the blog, I will say: I did not run in PR but I saw several OTHER people out for a run, which means that if I ever move to Puerto Rico I don’t have to give up my hobby.

Also, I ate food! We like to talk about food around here. I wasn’t a huge fan of all the fried stuff – did you know that they fry a lot of stuff? – but we were within walking distance of this place called Kasalta and their food was awesome. They had Spanish tortilla, which is basically a glorious potato omelet, and chorizo stuff and media noche sandwiches and about a thousand dessert items including amazing chocolate-covered marzipan balls. I love marzipan (MARZIPAN MARZIPAAAAN*)! They are very proud about the fact that Obama was there once; there’s a big sign about it and everything.

Also, cafe con leche is awesome. Also, starfruit!

Also, did you hear the Puerto Rico is lobbying hard for a World Showcase pavilion? That’s why they had that massive Food & Wine Festival presence. That’s related!

Things I can no longer pretend are relevant to the blog but whatever: the beaches are all lovely. We were mostly staying in San Juan but spent a night in Luquillo and the water there was clear and warm and wonderful. San Juan had a slight touch of anarchy about it but Luquillo didn’t have that feel to me – I liked it a lot.

We also went to Old San Juan, which has a beautiful old world, European feel to it. With, y’know, touches of modernity.

The Christmas decorations were up in full force, which was a little weird because it was so warm out (like Christmas in WDW, anyone?). The Three Kings are VERY big there, although the governor took a more lights-intensive approach to his decorations.

But my FAVORITE part was when we walked down a little residential street and saw cats sitting on stoops. A big black cat came over to me, so I crouched down and he circled me, rubbing up against me and then rolling on his back. Then a smaller black cat wandered up, and THEN a stripey cat came over, and basically I was the Queen of Cats for like two minutes until my boyfriend pointed out that our friends were leaving us behind and no, he was not going to leave me alone in an alley with a bunch of cats.

Also, Latin Parking! (What does this mean?)

Also, iguanas!

Also, our flight back was on Penguin One!

Also, Puerto Rico was fabulous and I would totally go back. WEPA.

* You’we not a bwoom?

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In Which Jenn’s Language App Makes Subversive Suggestions

There’s a decent chance I’ll vacationing in Puerto Rico this December, so I’ve decided that just in case I should brush up on my Spanish. My roommate tipped me off to this app called Duolingo that puts you through your language paces; I’ve downloaded it and have spent the last week furiously working through the sections.

I’ve noticed something, though – the sentences the have you translate can be weird.

It started innocently enough – “El gato come la manzana.” I have never offered an apple to either of my cats but it does not strike me as something they’d be interested in eating. Still, they do like melon, so maybe Duolingo is on to something.

“El gato duerme cerca del pinguino.” I have never known either of my cats to sleep anywhere near a penguin. I sincerely doubt they know what a penguin is. Maybe Duolingo is confused about the nature of cats.

If that is the case, they are not confused about the nature of ME. I think Duolingo has stopped merely messing with me and is now actively mocking me, guys.

Given that the Marine Corps Marathon is in October and the Wine and Dine Half is in November, this isn’t going to work too well. What are you trying to tell me, Duolingo? That I should just quit?

Oh. I see. So my grandmother only takes ONE month off. She’s a better runner than I am. Nice.

I… I… I give up.

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